A Suede Crystal Pouch Allows You To Carry Crystals Safely

Some people collect crystals for their outstanding beauty, to decorate the home and add colour to their dècor, others collect them in belief that they can benefit from the healing qualities that each one is said to withhold, whatever the reason you can keep them safe and portable by carrying them in a suede crystal pouch. You can store tumble stones, gemstones or use a suede crystal pouch to present a gift in for someone special. There are various stunning colours of suede crystal pouch to choose from, so you can compliment the colour of the crystals inside, or simply buy your favourite colour.

Suede Crystal Pouch Colours

Purple Suede Crystal Pouch
Red Suede Crystal Pouch
Blue Suede Crystal Pouch

Black Suede Crystal Pouch

Complimentary Suede Crystal Pouch Crystals

You might like to put some of the following crystals in your suede crystal pouch to get you started.

Purple Howlite Tumble Stones
Red Jasper Tumble Stones
Blue Agate Tumble Stones
Black Apatite Crystal Tumble Stones

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