Cats Eye Tumble Stone

Cats Eye Tumble Stone

If you want tumblestones that really stand out and add vibrancy to your home then look no further than cats eye tumble stone, these gorgeous stones have an iridescent glow to them hence where the name comes from. What’s more by having cat eye tumble stone nearby it is said to offer you insight and understanding. You can enjoy cat eye tumble stone in various colours, or buy several, which compliment each other. Having cats eye tumble stone in the home brings you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones in a smoothed and polished state.

Cats Eye Tumble Stone Polishing

Many crystals including cat’s eye tumble stone are polished to bring out their full beauty and detail of crystal formation. The practice of polishing crystals has been carried out for thousands of years, associated with spiritual and healing properties.

Cats Eye Tumble Stone Colours

• Blue
• Pink
• Turquoise
• Mauve
• Orange
• Yellow

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