A Crystal Ball Makes Any Mantlepiece Look Spectacular

The Crystal Ball is believed by many people to be an aid to clairvoyance, otherwise known as a shew stone. Celtic tribes, namely the Druids priesthood were one of the earliest peoples to use the crystal ball. After the druids who were known to exist as early as 2000 BC, seers, wizards, sorcerers and other types of fortune tellers used the crystal ball to see into the past, present and future. There are many types of crystal ball available, with each having specific attributes according to which type of crystal it is.

Amethyst Medium Crystal Ball

Medium Amethyst Crystal Sphere

This marble effect Amethyst Medium Crystal Sphere is a beautiful crystal accessory to have around the house, believed to contain a soothing energy which is said to help with healing. The high polished finish of the Amethyst Medium Crystal Sphere will add beauty to any room you place it in, the amethyst medium crystal sphere is considered to be spiritually helpful for development and releasing emotional trauma, unhealthy thoughts and behaviour patterns. As the Amethyst Medium Crystal Sphere is circular, energy is thought to be able to be released in all directions.

35mm Quartz Crystal Ball

35mm Quartz Crystal Ball

Another way to enjoy the stunning magic and aesthetic beauty of a crystal ball is with this pretty 35mm Quartz Crystal Ball. It is thought that with this gorgeous crystal you can see the past, present and future, simply by gazing into it, this has been practised since 2000 B.C, said to have originated from the Celtic druids. The practice of looking into the past, present and future in this way is called Crystallomancy, often used to bring concepts into focus. Also said to cleanse the mind and spirit the Quartz Crystal Ball is believed to channel energy and reveal the truth in all.

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