Top 5 Crystal & Mineral Holiday Destinations

With hundreds upon hundreds of uniquely-formed crystals winking intermittently in the light, crystal destinations have long been a favourite haunt for gemstone lovers. If wearing a beautiful crystal necklace round your neck or the Amethyst cluster that sits pride of place on your mantel piece simple isn’t enough to satisfy your insatiable thirst for crystals, you may want to think about going on a crystal and mineral holiday.

But where would you go? Take a look at the following five top destinations that are a big hit for crystal lovers around the world.

Cox’s Cave, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, UK

For more information about Cox’s Cave visit the Cheddar Gorge website.

This celestial underground world is brimming with wonderful crystal sculptures, mirror pools and almost fantasy fountains. This spiritual universe of crystals and other fascinating cave life is enhanced by gentle choral background music.

What’s more you can even go on The Crystal Quest, which will take you an underground journey based on the ancient beliefs of Norse sagas and Greek odysseys. This magical world is a real treat for adults and children alike, but especially those who have a penchant for crystals.

Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014

For further information on a such a captivating and interesting crystal event visit the website.

Each year the second largest crystal and mineral event in Europe is held in Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, a small town in the Alsace Mountains in France. This year this fascinating show is being held on 26 June – 29 June.

Nearly 900 exhibitors from around the world gather at this mesmerising show, pulling in a crowd of more than 25,000 mineral enthusiasts. The streets of this quintessential French village are full of tents and marques brimming with a diverse range of minerals, gems, meteorites and fossils. Crystal and mineral enthusiasts simply cannot miss the Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014.

The Crystal Caves, Niaca Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico

For more information about The Crystal Caves, visit the website.

Unbelievably, miners only discovered Mexico’s Crystal Caves which lie 1,000 feet below the Niaca Mine in Chihuahua 13 years ago. Home to crystals believed to be 600,000 years old, these caves a without question a top holiday destination for crystal lovers.
With its specific climate, icy-coloured gems of huge sizes really are a sight for sore eyes. Conditions are so harsh here, that tourists visiting the caves have to be supervised by scientists – An unforgettable crystal experience for any fan of these sparkling formations.

Houston Fine Mineral Show 2015, Texas, USA

For more information about the Houston Fine Mineral Show visit the website.

From Somerset to Mexico, France and now Houston, crystal lovers really do have an excuse to travel the world. From 24 – 26 April 2015, crystal champions should head to Houston, Texas, for the Houston Fine Mineral Show, one of the biggest highlights of the crystal show calendar.

Some of the biggest names in crystal and mineral dealing present their wares in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Houston is of course also home to the internationally-renowned Houston Museum of Natural Science, which is one of the finest crystal museums in the United States.

Crystal Cave, Bermuda

For more information about The Crystal & Fantasy Caves, visit the website.

Situated on the island of Bermuda this compelling cave features a 55-feet deep blue underground lake. At the bottom of the lake are a diverse variety of stunning crystal formations. As the water is so translucent, visitors can view these beautiful natural entities at their leisure – Quite simply a must for crystal aficionados everywhere.

Learn About Crystals & Energy Bonds

From helping boost your career, tuning psychic skills, improving your memory to bringing some passion back into a relationship, is there anything crystals don’t have the power to do? Crystals have had a long tradition with aiding healing and promoting energy and power. Due to a gemstone’s unique internal structure, energy bonds formed vary from crystal to crystal. Consequently, different crystals create different energising effects. Take a look at some of the most powerful energy bonds and effects caused by different crystals.

Empower Love Bonds With Rubies

Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.
Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.

Do you dream of rekindling some passion into a now stagnant relationship? Are you looking for a handsome prince to come and sweep you off your feet? Or maybe you strive for someone to love you and show you some affection. Whatever love and romance quests you may seek, Rubies could be the answer.

The passionate energy bonds Rubies are renowned for means that wearing a Ruby pendant around your neck or placing some Ruby Tumblestones in your bedroom can help unleash your inner sexual desires and make you irresistible to your dream partner.

Deepen Friendship Bonds With Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.
Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.

The smooth and polished texture of Rhodonite with its warm and vibrant tones of pinks and reds look both stunning and uplifting. Asides its obvious aesthetic qualities, Rhodonite possesses unique eternal energy bonds, which can help its owners connect with others. Perhaps you had a fall out with your Mum some time ago and would like to arouse the bond you once had? Or maybe you feel yourself and your best friend are drifting apart? Whatever relationship you are unhappy with Rhodonite can help you form a closer bond. The unique energising structures Rhodonite possesses are believed to help strengthen a sense of compassion, empathy and respect for those around you.

Develop A Forgiveness Bond With Topaz

Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.
Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.

Topaz was valued deeply by ancient cultures, which considered it aligned with the sun. Over the centuries this stunning precious gemstone has retained its unique capacity to heal and energise. As well as strengthening self-confidence and instilling ambition, creativity and drive in its wearers, topaz can help master forgiveness. It is said that wearing a Topaz pendant close to your heart will augment the empathy you feel towards those around you. It can help you overcome any negative feelings you have towards someone, ultimately promoting forgiveness even in the most stubborn of relationships.

Energy Bonds To Eliminate Adultery With Jade

Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.
Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.

The smooth touch and calming tones of Jade has meant this beautiful crystal has long been prized for its ability to calm the nervous system and focus the mind. It is also said that the distinct bonds formed by Jade can help protect a relationship and help lovers remain loyal. Known as the stone of fidelity, wearing a Jade piece of jewellery or merely having a piece of Jade stone in the home can prevent partners’ eyes and hands from wandering elsewhere. With Jade, all affections remain where they should be.

Experience the Love Effect with Opal Rings

Opal has been referred to as a stone of inspiration. As well as releasing inhibitions and enhancing the memory, opal augments imagination and creativity. Opal’s inspiring qualities are coupled with the fact it is an extremely spiritual stone. As well as crafting happy dreams, opal’s multiple proficiencies have also been attributed to crafting “invisibility”, whereby its wearer can become ‘invisible’ in situations where they don’t care to be.

The Stone of Love

Opal is also said to be the stone of love. When worn close to the heart, this fascinating gemstone can revive a stagnant heart chakra and provide inspiration of love. The love that opal arouses can take on different forms. Unconditional ‘gentler’ love can be evoked through opal, as can fiery, sensual love. Having the ability to destroy the barriers of inhibitions, opal ignites passion putting emotionalism at its core. This thoroughly beautiful stone is also said to calm turbulent emotions and bring fidelity to love, with wearers of opal being compelled to refrain from straying down a path of infidelity.

Opals are a great choice for anyone interested in crystal healing

A Gem of Many Colours

Asides its strong associations with healing and love, opal owes much of its timeless popularity to its unrivalled beauty. Unlike other gemstones, opal combines a variety of colours, each tone as beautiful and compelling as the next. The various hues of opal have different emotional, spiritual and healing capabilities. Opal’s multitude of colour is fascinating to look at. Unlike other gemstones which are predominantly one colour, opal stones display all the colours of the rainbow. The iridescent movement of reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples and more, take on many different forms.

Silver & Opal Ring
Opal & Amethyst Gold Ring
Opal Silver Ring


Spiritual Connotations of Opal Colours

The numerable tones of this ‘stone of love’ exemplify different spiritual and emotional meanings. For example, blue opal provides physical reality. Wearers of a blue opal ring are said to be able to view the world with stronger clarity and meaning. Whereas fire opal is believed to awaken the wearer’s inner fire and protect them against danger. A symbol of hope, beautiful fire opal amplifies energy, supports the wearer through emotional turmoil and helps people let go of the past. Stones that possess natural pink properties never fail to be popular. The pink in opal not only augments the stone’s distinct aesthetic qualities but is also said to have powerful healing capabilities. As well as promoting feelings of love and affection, the pink in opal is particularly helpful in healing headaches caused by “unopened third eye chakras.”

These different colours are integrated into jewellery, resulting in simply stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. With multiple colours being offered in one stone, it is easy to understand why opal jewellery is a favourite choice for anyone wanting to show their love and affection. There is no item of jewellery quite like rings to symbolise romance and love and there is no gemstone quite like opal to represent deep and eternal love. Put the two together and the result is a stunning piece of jewellery. Opal ring wearers should be prepared to experience the unique feelings of love only something as beautiful and hypnotic as opal can enthuse.

Opal rings are the perfect addition to your look


How Are Crystals Found?

We’ve all seen stunningly beautiful crystals twinkling up at us in shops and online but how are they actually found? How are the highly polished and flawless crystals that we know and love today mined from the earth and what treatment processes do they have to go through before they can be sold?


Diamonds are one of the most sought after crystals. They are mined by crushing diamond ore or by using the Alluvial method which involves sifting through river bank sand and soil. This technique is particularly common in the Sierre Leone and Liberia African Diamond mines where host rock is washed away by streams and rivers and diamonds are deposited as sediments in the sands.

Diamonds are largely sorted by hand
Diamonds are largely sorted by hand

Mount Ida Quartz/h2>

According to geologists, Brazil and Arkansas is home to the highest quality quartz in the world. Today, rock collectors from around the world head to the hot springs of Mount Ida with the hope of mining their own quartz crystal. The mines of Jessieville, Story and Mena comprise of deep pits of exposed hillsides in which bulldozers have removed the clay and soil to expose the quartz crystals that are channelled through these ancient mountains.

In these mines, often the only tool you’ll need to dig up the crystals is a garden trowel. While most mines are open year-round to let people dig for crystals, the best time to mine is during the spring and the autumn when the temperatures are cool.

Quartz found at the Arrowhead Mine in Mount Ida
Quartz found at the Arrowhead Mine in Mount Ida


What’s incredible about mining sapphires is that they are mined today as they were thousands of years ago. The majority of sapphires come from countries which have strict regulations about how the mining can proceed. For example, in Sri Lanka mining is regulated so that the land is protected from being over-mined. Heavy machinery is forbidden and the mining is restricted to small-scale operations.

Natural untreated sapphires are extremely rare and are meticulously mined to ensure future generations of supply will remain.

Sapphires from Roberts Yogo Sapphire Mine
Sapphires from Roberts Yogo Sapphire Mine

How are Crystals Treated?

For hundreds of years stone cutters have been using a number of treatments to enhance a crystal’s beauty. For example, Tanzanite in its original form is a not too attractive shade of grey. The stunning hues of blues and purples we now associated Tanzanite with only emerge after heat treatment. It is unlikely that Tanzanite would demand much more than a few pounds if it was left in its original lacklustre state but after it has been treated with heat, this stone is transformed into one of the most sought-after stones on the market.

Laboratory Crystals

Not all crystals are mined. Gemstones can also be grown in laboratories. Alexandrites, emeralds and sapphires cut from laboratory grown crystals have the same chemical composition, durability and other physical properties as their corresponding natural gemstones. In this BBC video, cave scientist Penny Boston, who studies ancient forms of life trapped inside the earth’s largest crystals talks with biophysicist Elspeth Garman who spends 12 months developing one flawless protein crystal in her laboratory.

Our Top Crystals for Love

Here at CrystalAge, we know how important it is to have a healthy love life! First of all, you want to attract love. Once you’ve found it, you want to hold on to it. Not always easy! So, because we’re in a romantic mood, we present to you our top crystals for love.

Rose Quartz Hearts
Rose Quartz Hearts

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love stone’ and the crystal of unconditional love.  This lovely soft pink crystal is said to help you to learn the importance of loving yourself and how to accept love from another person.

Rose Quartz tenderly reminds you that you are worthy of love and that love is not far away. You’ll want Rose Quartz with you at all times; our drilled Rose Quartz hearts are ideal for making your own pendants.

Malachite Heart Pendant
Malachite Heart Pendant


Beautiful green Malachite is believed to offer protection and relieve pain. With the colour of a deep green sea, the patterns in this stone help to swiftly wash away painful memories and clear the way for new love.

If you’re a fan of Malachite try sleeping with the crystal on your heart chakra to cleanse yourself of doubts and fears. Our Malachite Howlite Two Stone Heart Pendant can also be worn close to your own heart so that you can benefit from the powers of this handsome stone at all times.

Aventurine Crystal Heart
Aventurine Crystal Heart

Green Aventurine

For confidence and self esteem that will aid you in attracting love into your life, Green Aventurine is an inspired choice. Known as the stone of love and luck, this is another green mineral that is useful to carry with you or to have at your bedside. Not only is it believed to create harmony and love in your life, it is also said to attract abundance.

What better way to keep this stone’s favour with you at all times than with the Green Aventurine Crystal Heart? Keep it in your pocket, car, or shelf at home and live the adventure of Aventurine!

Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant


Larimar is said to be a powerful healer and a superb stone for attracting a soul mate. Larimar radiates love and peace and encourages communication in relationships. Wear gorgeous green Larimar every day and watch to see the new friendships you attract.

The Silver & Larimar Pendant is just one way to benefit from the crystal’s beloved properties. Its dreamy turquoise colourings make for a truly beautiful piece of jewellery in its own right.

Morganite Diamond Ring
Morganite Diamond Ring


Morganite is said to attract love and also to nurture it. Believed to have a stress-relieving effect and a happy energy, fans of Morganite love to use it in a variety of ways during crystal healing. Not only that, Morganite encourages loving thoughts and actions that in turn help you to have a stress-free life.

Enjoy Morganite in the form of the Morganite & Diamond White Gold Ring! This beautiful combination of stones will make you feel special and loved.

Crystals For The Home

Crystals are a wonderful way of decorating your home, and are said to have the added benefit of clearing your domicile of negative energy. Crystals for the home can be any size, shape, or colour – the choice is up to you and your own personal taste.  Not only will they bring colour and shine to your space, they are superb conversation pieces as well!

Crystal Hearts
Crystal Hearts

The gorgeous violet brilliance of amethyst looks wonderful in any home. It is believed to absorb negative energy and to fill the room with its own positivity. Try setting an amethyst cluster on your living room table or any room where people gather. Not only is it highly decorative it is said to clear and calm the energy of the room.

You could also consider quartz crystals for your home. Like amethyst, this is also used to bring vibrancy to the house.

As stated in our blog entitled Crystals In The Workplace, the energy of tourmalinated quartz (quartz with black tourmalene rods running through it) is said to bring both clarity and protection into one’s abode. A Selenite gypsum lamp can be used in a room where you want to keep the energy lively and is ideal for a treatment room if you work from home.

Crystal Energy at Home

If you are looking for something ornamental of a more recognisable shape, you will love our charming collection of crystal animals. If you’re an animal lover you’ll love browsing through our great range of crystal animal figures. You may also want to have a look at our sweet crystal hearts. Have them on their own, or in a line, or even filling a bowl.

A very popular little item is the energy dome. Small and discreet, they can be key areas in the home (or workplace). The benefit you want depends on the crystal you choose. Sulphur, carborundum, clear quartz, and amethyst energy domes are just a few suggestions and all are said to have clearing and calming effects on the surrounding space.

So, if your desire is to make your home beautiful, interesting, and brimming with positive energy, have a look at what CrystalAge has to offer.

Amethyst Cluster
Amethyst Cluster
Rose Quartz Crystal Duck
Rose Quartz Crystal Duck
Sulphur Energy Dome
Sulphur Energy Dome

Crystals in the Workplace

Energies are all around us, at home, work and in the street. You don’t choose who you work with and so many employees find themselves trapped in an office environment with some highly negative people. Stress levels can be high, as can the constant exposure to the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated from your office PC. It can affect your energy, preventing positive energies from penetrating and negative energies from escaping.

Many people combat these problems with the use of crystals. The energies of crystals are believed to cleanse negativity and amplify positive vibrations.

One method to try is to take a crystal into the workplace and place it between yourself and your monitor. As well as being a striking decorative piece for your desk, it is said to absorb the harmful EMF generated by your PC . Alternatively, try wearing your crystal of choice close to your body as a shield against negative energies. Crystal earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are perfect for this.

What Crystals for the Office?

Crystals Absorb Electromagnetic Energy
Crystals Absorb Electromagnetic Energy

Knowing that crystals can help protect from electromagnetic frequencies is half the battle. But what crystals are best to use?

Black tourmaline will reflect away electromagnetic energy and protects you if you are under attack by a boss or unhappy workmate.

Rose quartz (associated with love and compassion) and Rutilated Quartz (quartz with inclusions of titanium or other ores) are said to be very useful in healing negativity. You can also have a clear quartz cluster which will help dissipate bad energies.

Amethyst will help with electromagnetic stress and looks attractive on your desk. A tumblestone is sufficient but a cluster is better for dispersing negativity.

Fans of Tourmalinated Quartz speak of its effectiveness. It is a beautiful mineral and you will enjoy having it on your desk at work. For the budget conscious, a carborundum or amethyst energy dome will do the job for a very affordable price.

So to make your working day happier and healthier, consider the amazing properties of crystals.

Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz

Crystals for Stress & Anxiety

We live in a stressful society. Work, bills, debts and the economic situation all contribute to a mass of problems which clutter the mind and reduce focus. Even our day-to-day tasks at home can result in over thinking things and one’s health is inevitably affected. CrystalAge has a wide selection of crystals to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Best Crystals to Combat Stress

Purple crystals are best associated with healing the symptoms of stress. There is Charoite, Fluorite and Amethyst.  Amethyst is the most popular of the purple crystals and is widely considered one of the most effective crystals for healing. It is known as a master healer for all systems of the body, very spiritual and aligned with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. Amethyst is said to help you to think at your highest level and remain focused in all situations. Fans of amethyst say that it is perfect for meditation and recommend keeping an amethyst stone or two in the bedroom as they calm down the pineal gland and help adjust sleep patterns.

Staying grounded and centred is very important when dealing with people and their energies, as you don’t want them to affect you in a negative way. Black Tourmaline – also known as Schorl – is seen as one of the best crystals to protect you from negative energy, and is believed to promote a relaxed outlook and disperse tension. Did you know that many crystal users counter electromagnetic stress from office PCs by placing a piece of Black Tourmaline between themselves and their computer monitor? Try it for yourself and see how it affects your working day and mood.

Amethyst - Adjust Sleep Patterns
Amethyst - Adjust Sleep Patterns
Black Tourmaline - Disperse Tension
Black Tourmaline - Disperse Tension
Blue Tiger Eye - Relieve Stress
Blue Tiger Eye - Relieve Stress

Tiger Eye, especially Blue Tiger Eye, is known as a fantastic stone for grounding and relieving stress. Also called Falcon’s Eye, Blue Tiger Eye has been used for protection for centuries. Calming Blue Tiger Eye Palm Stones are the perfect shape to hold in the hand or to place on the body as part of your crystal healing regime.

Other de-stressing crystals to consider are Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Jet, and Obsidian.  Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate are extremely calming stones, and hailed as effective for anyone suffering from insomnia and other sleep disturbances. CrystalAge has everything you need if you are looking to centre and de-stress your life – choose the stone that your own energy leads you to and feel the tension start melting away.

Easy Ways to Reenergize Crystals

Crystals are known for their energizing and healing properties, but sometimes, just as when a person is overworked or overstressed, there needs to be a release. Crystals absorb energy-both positive and negative—from all around. If passed from person to person, the crystal will absorb the specific energies from that person and hold them within its structure.

And so, for a healing crystal such as amethyst that has been passed around from person to person or exposed to negative energies, those healing properties will falter. A crystal functions best with its own innate energy intact. This is why it is always important to clean and then re-energize your crystals. This should not be seen as a difficult task; in fact it can be extremely simple.

Healing Crystals

Cleansing can be as easy as holding your crystal under a tap of running water. Leaving it in the sunlight is also effective, though certain stones like amethyst will fade, so keep that in mind. Many people prefer cleansing crystals in moonlight as a safer and equally effective alternative.

Possibly the simplest solution is to leave your crystals and jewellery on a cluster crystal, such as quartz which will dissipate energies away in different directions. So,  for best results, consider placing your collection on a large quartz cluster overnight, or on a selenite gypsum crystal.

Selenite Healing Crystal
Selenite Healing Crystal
Crystal Healing Card
Crystal Healing Card
Selenite Crystal Massage Wand
Selenite Crystal Massage Wand

Even sound can be used as a cleansing agent. The use of chimes can clear the energy away with ease. If you are a channeller or Reiki worker, using these methods to direct energy at crystals will help to clean and awaken them. Cleansing crystals is important but sometimes re-energizing is needed so a good idea is to utilize tuning forks to realign your crystals’ own specific frequencies.

Whatever you decide to use, your intention is all-important. Cleansing and re-energizing will not be effective if you fail to use your intention and visualize the removal of negative or unwanted energies. Keep this in mind and your collection of crystals will function as perfectly as if just taken from the earth.

Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces for Taurus

Birthdays are the ideal time to buy Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces. The Taurus birth sign lasts from 21st April to 20th May and is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac.   The important crystal Rose Quartz is presented in a gift box making an ideal present for those born under the sign of Taurus.  Each crystal used in Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces have been chosen according to their Zodiac alignment and beauty. The properties of Rose Quartz Bracelets and Necklaces are believed to portray the characteristics of the Taurus sign. Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces can be worn for special occasions or as part of everyday wear, they will brighten up your outfit nicely too as an added bonus.

Zodiac Birthstone Crystal Gift - Taurus
Taurus Birthstone Necklace
Taurus Birthstone Bracelet