Crystals for Beginners

Types of Crystals
Types of Crystals

The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘Krystallos’, which means frozen light.

With their distinctive pattern, shape and composition, beautiful tones and flickers of sparkle in certain lights, there is something compellingly fascinating about crystals. From draping them around our neck to enhance an outfit to putting them pride of place on the mantle piece for all to see, or using them as a potent aid for crystal healing and meditation, these divine precious stones have a multitude of uses.

If you are keen to start utilising the unique powers of crystals but are unsure where to start take a look at the following guide to crystals for beginners.

The Different Type of Crystals

There are essentially seven different types of crystals. They are classified according to their shape, which are cubic, trigonal, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, triclinic and monoclinic. The atoms of a mineral form the geometric shapes that make up the crystals. Minerals are defined by their chemicals that make them up and the way in which they crystallise.

When crystals are categorised by their physical/chemical properties there are four types of this precious stone: Covalent crystals, which has real chemical covalent between all of the atoms in the precious stone. Metallic crystals refer to gemstones that are made up of individual metal atoms that sit on lattice sites while outer electrons flow freely around the lattice. Ionic crystals are where the individual atoms are held together by electrostatic forces. Molecular crystals are held together by a chemical bond. These types of gemstones tend to be soft and have lower melting points.

The Different Uses of Crystals

Red Agate Crystal Beads
Red Agate Crystal Beads

When we think of crystals, beautiful jewellery such as stunning crystal pendants and exquisite crystal beads immediately spring to mind.

As well as buying ready made pieces of crystal jewellery to compliment and enhance an outfit for a special occasion, incorporating crystals into your jewellery can be a lot of fun.

With their stunning natural tones and striking patterns, agate beads are the perfect accessory to make your own unique and vibrant crystal beads. Agate
is one of the most attractive crystals that comes in a wide range of colours, from pale blue to black and white stripes.

Crystals & Feng Shui

Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen
Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen

Crystals are by no means just for wearing and are used as sacred objects in a number of healing activities.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese process that examines how people are affected by the environment in which they live. In Feng Shui, crystals are used to help create good energy in a home.

For example, rose quartz crystal is used in Feng Shui to attract romance and love or to help heal a broken heart. Citrine crystals help heal those with low self-esteem while black tourmaline has strong protective energies.

Crystals & Meditation

Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere
Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere

Meditating with crystals brings a whole new dimension to this ancient healing practice. You will need to choose what type of crystal you want to meditate with.

It is believed that if you choose a crystal with patterns or fault lines in it, you will ‘lose yourself’ within the crystal whilst meditating. For anyone interested in spirituality and crystals, meditation utilises both.

Using crystal balls can be a great way to radiate the energy of crystals in all directions while meditating. For example, beautiful calcite crystal balls are considered particularly spiritual and uplifting and have unique physical healing powers.

Citrine, the Stone of Joy

Citrine is one of the most popular of crystals – not just because of its sunshine sheen but because of its association with joy and happiness.

What exactly is citrine? Part of the quartz family, natural citrines are rare and are found at the base of amethyst mines where the heat from volcanic caves transmute it into orange or golden coloured citrine. Brazil is the leading producer of citrine, with much of its production coming from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Citrine can also be made artificially by heating amethyst in a kiln, producing a brighter orange colour than can be achieved naturally.

Citrine for Crystal Healing

The metaphysical properties of citrine include optimism, happiness and self-esteem; these very positive attributes are what makes this mineral so popular. Crystal healers say that citrine aligns us with our spiritual self and allows our bottom three chakras (that is, the physical chakras, below the heart) to line up. This is purported to affect everything tangible in one’s life – family, home, car, bank account, etc. – to align into safe balance so that we can activate the highest chakra, the Crown chakra, which deals with all things spiritual.

When using citrine for healing you can use it to cleanse your body of toxins, energizing the body in the same way as the sun. Citrine has a great affinity with the sun and its power.  Due to its golden colour, citrine is also said to attract wealth. It is the birthstone of Gemini (21st May – 21st June) and secondary birthstone for Aries, Leo, Libra and Scorpio.

CrystalAge has a remarkable range of citrine crystal gifts for you to explore and add to your collection!

Citrine Crystal Gifts

A wonderful way to start your citrine collection is with our citrine Crystal Beads. Each bead radiates a rich golden colour and possesses a unique shape. Bring the positive qualities of citrine with you wherever you go with these beautiful beads – supplied on a temporary 16” string.

Enhance your outfit with the energy of the sun! By adding our faceted Citrine Pendant to your collection you have not only a gorgeous golden gemstone to light up your style but a gemstone known to encourage wealth and abundance as well. Set in solid silver, this citrine pendant is perfect to spoil yourself, or as a thoughtful gift.

For the real crystal enthusiast, the Citrine Crystal polished point is not only a beautiful show-piece but a superb healing crystal as well. Measuring 7.5cm by 4cm, this honey-coloured polished point is perfect for meditation or simply for home décor (try placing it on a window sill where the sun can shine through it). The positive healing energy of this citrine crystal gift will be welcomed in any home.

Citrine Crystal Beads
Citrine Crystal Beads
Faceted Citrine & Silver Pendant
Faceted Citrine & Silver Pendant
Citrine Polished Point
Citrine Polished Point


Crystals For The Home

Crystals are a wonderful way of decorating your home, and are said to have the added benefit of clearing your domicile of negative energy. Crystals for the home can be any size, shape, or colour – the choice is up to you and your own personal taste.  Not only will they bring colour and shine to your space, they are superb conversation pieces as well!

Crystal Hearts
Crystal Hearts

The gorgeous violet brilliance of amethyst looks wonderful in any home. It is believed to absorb negative energy and to fill the room with its own positivity. Try setting an amethyst cluster on your living room table or any room where people gather. Not only is it highly decorative it is said to clear and calm the energy of the room.

You could also consider quartz crystals for your home. Like amethyst, this is also used to bring vibrancy to the house.

As stated in our blog entitled Crystals In The Workplace, the energy of tourmalinated quartz (quartz with black tourmalene rods running through it) is said to bring both clarity and protection into one’s abode. A Selenite gypsum lamp can be used in a room where you want to keep the energy lively and is ideal for a treatment room if you work from home.

Crystal Energy at Home

If you are looking for something ornamental of a more recognisable shape, you will love our charming collection of crystal animals. If you’re an animal lover you’ll love browsing through our great range of crystal animal figures. You may also want to have a look at our sweet crystal hearts. Have them on their own, or in a line, or even filling a bowl.

A very popular little item is the energy dome. Small and discreet, they can be key areas in the home (or workplace). The benefit you want depends on the crystal you choose. Sulphur, carborundum, clear quartz, and amethyst energy domes are just a few suggestions and all are said to have clearing and calming effects on the surrounding space.

So, if your desire is to make your home beautiful, interesting, and brimming with positive energy, have a look at what CrystalAge has to offer.

Amethyst Cluster
Amethyst Cluster
Rose Quartz Crystal Duck
Rose Quartz Crystal Duck
Sulphur Energy Dome
Sulphur Energy Dome

New Heart Shaped Crystal Beads

Here at Crystal Age we love our crystal beads and we have just added a great new range of heart shaped crystal beads. These beads come in two varieties – side drilled and top drilled. The former have a hole that passes laterally through the bead – like the fluorite beads below – and the latter have a hole at the top of the heart – like the tiger eye beads below. The side drilled beads are better for making necklaces where the beads lie side by side, whereas the top drilled beads are better for designs where the bead will drop down. You can also wear both types of crystal beads as simple pendants – just string one on a cord or chain.

Latest Heart Shaped Crystal Beads

We have these new heart shaped crystal beads in ten different crystal varieties: amethyst, blue tiger eye, carnelian, fluorite, mookaite, new jade, opalite, quartz, rose quartz and tiger eye. They start at £5.99 and they make a great choice for making jewellery and crystal collecting.

Fluorite Heart Crystal Beads
Fluorite Heart Crystal Beads
Tiger Eye Heart Crystal Beads
Tiger Eye Heart Crystal Beads
Carnelian Heart Crystal Beads
Carnelian Heart Crystal Beads
Quartz Heart Crystal Beads
Quartz Heart Crystal Beads
Rose Quartz Heart Crystal Beads
Rose Quartz Heart Crystal Beads
Opalite Heart Crystal Beads
Opalite Heart Crystal Beads

Charoite Crystal

If you are looking for a crystal with transformation powers then you might like to try Charoite Crystal, these are considered by crystal healers to be soul stones, often used to overcome fear. Inner vision, spiritual insight and large spiritual level changes are said to be influenced when using charoite crystal. Many people use charoite crystal to help them overcome bad experiences, it is believed to help acceptance of the present moment being perfect. Some use charoite crystal to overcome stress and worries, whilst others find it useful when fighting compulsions and obsessions. Those people who find themselves driven by other people’s thoughts and programs rather than their own could also find charoite crystal help them to better become their own person.

Charoite Crystal Healing

Negative energy can be transmuted into healing when using charoite, as it is believed that charoite can convert disease into wellness. Those suffering from exhaustion can use charoite crystal to heal and regulate blood pressure as well as to treat eyes, heart, liver and pancreas. Liver damage caused by alcohol is said to be reversed by using charoite crystal, as well as cramps, aches and pains being alleviated.

Charoite Crystal Products

You can enjoy the beautiful charoite crystal in many forms such as tumble stones, massage wands, jewellery and beads.

Charoite Tumble Stones
31mm Chariote and Silver Pendant
Round Charoite Beads

Turquoise Beads Could Refresh Body & Spirit

Turquoise is considered a very important crystal and you can use turquoise beads in jewellery making, healing and simply decorating your home and accessories. Crystal healers say that turquoise is the most efficient healer, being beneficial to the spirit and body. Turquoise Beads and other forms of the crystal have been used for many years as a protective stone, as well as for making amulets due to the stunning bright colour.

Turquoise Beads Psychological Effects

Many use turquoise for its strength, it is said to dissolve martyred attitudes and self-sabotage which could be crucial in helping those who suffer from these issues. Turquoise can help to restore inner calm, whilst keeping you alert to danger, it is also believed to help people express themselves creatively. In an emotional sense turquoise has been used in the past to control mood swings as well as to stimulate romance and love.

Turquoise Beads Physical Effects

If you are exhausted, depressed, or suffer with panic attacks then you could find turquoise to help with it. One of the many protective functions of turquoise is said to be against outside influences and pollutants in the atmosphere.

10mm China Turquoise Beads
Mini China Turquoise Beads

Tourmaline Crystal Beads

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Beads

If you want to add a warming pretty tone to your look or benefit from the associated positive benefits tourmaline crystal beads are believed to have then try them out. Tourmaline Crystal Beads are said to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into light vibrations. Many use tourmaline crystal beads and other forms of tourmaline for the beneficial effect it is said to have on gardens and plants. It is said that tourmaline can in-fact act as an insecticide, keeping pests at bay, if you bury tourmaline in the ground, it could encourage growth and health of crops.

Tourmaline Crystal Beads Apparent Psychological Effects

Some people believe that using tourmaline crystal beads can help in the understanding of oneself and others, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. Others use tourmaline crystal to banish feelings of being a victim, attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Beads

Those who love beadwork will love these gracefully coloured 3mm half round watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. As the watermelon tourmaline crystal beads hit the light they look incredibly beautiful. You can see pink, green and white in these gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. It is said that watermelon crystal heals emotional imbalances due to confusion and conflict, so those who have experienced such imbalance could find them very useful in healing.

Tiger Eye Beads Brighten & Uplift

Tiger Eye is considered a very special crystal as it is said to enhance psychic abilities in earthly people and to balance the lower chakras, this is probably why tiger eye beads are very popular. Many people like to make jewellery from tiger eye beads, transforming them into bracelets, necklaces or earrings to brighten up their outfits whilst enjoying the benefits they are said to bring those close to them. Tiger Eye Beads are protective, stemming from the tradition of carrying the stone as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.

Tiger Eye Beads Mental Healing

Crystal healers say that tiger eye integrates the hemispheres of the brain, enhancing practical perception. Many people use tiger eye to collect scattered information, helping them make a coherent whole. Tiger eye beads can also be used to help resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts, particularly those caused by pride and wilfulness.

Tiger Eye Beads Psychological Benefits

The brownish yellow tiger eye beads, which also come in turquoise are also believed by some to heal issues of self worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity.

10mm Facet Roundel Tiger Eye Beads
10mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

12mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

14mm Facet Flat Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Heart Tiger Eye Beads

25mm Facet Fan Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Twist Fan Tiger Eye Beads

8mm Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

5-10mm Tumble Stone Tiger Eye Beads

Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

10mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads
8mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

Sugilite Beads Have Deep Alluring Colour

When it comes to love and crystals, sugilite beads are a great way to encourage happiness. Crystal healers say that sugilite beads represent spiritual love and wisdom, opening all the energy points or chakras of the body. Some people use sugilite beads and other forms of the crystal for inspiring spiritual awareness and promoting channelling ability. Others who use sugilite beads do it for the believed teaching of how to live from your truth, reminding the soul of its reasons for incarnating. Some believe that sugiite has the answer to all the big questions such as “Why am I here?”, “Where did I come from?” and “Who am I?”. Experts say that using sugulite can help to bring light and love into the darkest of situations, aid forgiveness and eliminate hostility.

Sugilite Beads Healing

Some use sugilite beads in crystal healing practices, it is said to be an excellent pain reliever, able to clear headaches and discomfort at all levels. Using sugilite beads could also help those with epilepsy, motor disturbances, lymph and blood.

Sugilite Beads Products

8mm Roundel Sugilite Beads

8mm Roundel Sugilite Beads

These beautiful blackcurrant coloured 8mm roundel sugilite beads make fantastic jewellery items and can also be used as stress beads. The beautiful deep purple and lilac shades of sugilite beads have an elegant glossy finish to them and they compliment all skin tones. You can buy the 8mm roundel sugilite beads supplied on a temporary 16″ string.

Sugilite Beads Chip Crystals

Chip Sugilite Beads

If you prefer the full on rugged gemstone look then you’ll love these pretty chip sugilite beads, displaying a great range of purples, shapes and sizes. Anybody who loves beadwork will enjoy working with these sugilite chip beads and wearing them could even soothe migraines, headaches and anxiety. These chip sugilite beads come supplied on a temporary 16″ string.

Sodalite Beads

Sodalite is a very interesting crystal which makes sodalite beads very popular as they can be taken with your wherever you go, or made into jewellery and worn. Crystal experts say that sodalite beads and other forms of the crystal unite logic with intuition, opening spiritual perception and information from the higher mind to a physical level. Many people use sodalite beads whilst meditating to help them with understanding and openness. Sodalite Beads can instil a drive for truth and urge people towards idealism, allowing you to stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

Sodalite Beads Psychological Effects

It is said that sodalite beads can bring about emotional balance, calming panic attacks and high tension. Those who use sodalite regularly also find that it helps to transform defensive or oversensitive personalities, releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms which hold people back from being who they truly are.

Sodalite Beads Healing

Many use sodalite for healing, it is believed to help the metabolism, overcome calcium deficiencies and cleanse the lymphatic system and organs. Some use sodalite to help with the immune system, whilst others find it combats radiation damage and insomnia. Other healing claims of sodalite are treatment of the throat, vocal cords, cooling fevers, lowering blood pressure and stimulating absorption of fluid in the body.

Sodalite Beads Products

4mm Round Sodalite Beads
5mm Round Sodalite Beads