Carnelian Beads Attributes

Many people believe that by using the summery warming carnelian beads you can be anchored in present reality, rather than dangerously living in the past. It is also said that carnelian is great for restoring vitality and motivation as well as stimulating creativity. Psychologically it is thought that carnelian beads can impart the acceptance of the cycle of life, making a fear of death disappear if it is present. People in ancient times used carnelian to protect the dead in the afterlife, using carnelian could also provide courage, promote positive life choices, dispel apathy and motivate you for success in business and personal matters. There is also a belief that carnelian beads or other forms is useful in helping to overcome abuse of any kind, helping you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

Carnelian Beads Healing

You can also use carnelian beads to heal, or so crystal healers say, it’s well worth a try. Metabolism can be stimulated, female reproductive organs influenced and fertility increased it is thought. Other healing benefits associated with carnelian are the overcoming of frigidity, impotence, lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It is also said that carnelian crystal improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, ensuring a good supply of blood to the organs and tissues.

Carnelian Beads

Heart Faceted Carnelian Beads
Puff Rectangle Carnelian Beads
Faceted Olive Carnelian Beads

Tumble Stone Carnelian Beads

Oval Carnelian Beads

14mm Carnelian Beads
20mm Carnelian Beads

Bronzite Beads Attributes

The natural warmth of bronzite is particularly apparent in bronzite beads, these beautiful beads can be used for beading and jewellery making, as well as stress stones. Bronzite Beads are made using unusual crystals which have a gorgeous bronze metallic sheen to them, the crystal is said to bring complete serenity. Many believe that by using bronzite beads or bronzite in other forms is effective against curses and can be sold as a magical protector. Negative thoughts and ill-wishing are said to be turned back when bronzite beads are on the scene, returning them back to the source extremely magnified. If you use black tourmaline beads with bronzite this is said to absorb ill-wishings, stopping the interaction and taking attention from the source immediately which is much more effective.

Bronzite Beads Psychological Benefits

As bronzite is a protective, grounding crystal it can be used to help when you feel powerless, or are part of events that are out of your control. If you hold bronzite it is thought to increase self-assertion, restore composure and help to keep the head cool. By using bronzite many believe objective perspectives can be taken, allowing you to see the bigger picture. You can use bronzite beads to help you overcome stress, reverse wilfulness and to know how to go with the flow of divine will. Any negative patterns that people get stuck in is said to be released by using bronzite.

Bronzite Beads Products

Bronzite Beads 45mm Oval
Bronzite Beads 45mm

Aventurine Beads Are Associated With Plentiful Benefits

Using these gorgeous aventurine beads you can de-stress or make jewellery, the pretty beads have been tumbled so feel smooth to touch. Due to the calming tranquil colour of these aventurine beads they could have a soothing effect on you, with each bead a slightly different shape to the last. It is widely believed that aventurine crystal brings harmony and balance into lives, both to groups and individual lives. These aventurine beads are provided on a temporary 16″ string, ready for use.

Green Aventurine Beads

Green Aventurine Tumble Stone Beads

Aventurine Beads Attributes

Crystal healers say that aventurine crystal is a very positive stone, with a strong connection to the devic kingdom which is a realm where devas or elementals are thought to reside. It is also believed that by wearing aventurine beads absorbs electromagnetic smog, protecting against environmental pollution. If you tape some aventurine to a mobile phone, it is said to protect you from the emanations. In addition to these great attributes, aventurine is also said to turn negative situations around, diffusing negativity.

Aventurine Beads Healing

As many people use crystals for healing, you might like to know the healing qualities of aventurine and how using aventurine beads can help you. It is said that aventurine helps the thymus gland, connective tissue and the nervous system, balancing the blood pressure and stimulating metabolism. It has also been claimed that aventurine can prevent arteriosclerosis and heart attacks, making it well worth while testing out for yourself. Migraine headaches, eyes and the skin could also be helped by using aventurine as well as the lungs, adrenals, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Aquamarine Beads

One of the most tranquil of crystals is aquamarine, you can enjoy this wonderful crystal in the form of aquamarine beads, using them as they are or to make jewellery items. There are a range of soft blues in the aquamarine beads which will compliment all skin tones in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. In addition to using aquamarine beads on their own, you can also use complimentary beads such as purple amethyst or yellow carnelian.

Aquamarine Beads 12mm Facet Roundel

Aquamarine Beads 12mm Facet Roundel

You can add irresistible glamour to your beadwork by using these gorgeous 12mm facet roundel aquamarine beads. The icy cool colour of the aquamarine beads will go very well with any colours whether dull or bright. Crystals have attributes associated with them, the aquamarine crystal is said to soothe the nerves, combat phobias and encourage tranquillity. The 12mm facet roundel aquamarine beads are supplied on a temporary 16″ string.

Aquamarine Beads Alternatives

Aquamarine Beads 10mm Faceted
Aquamarine Crystal Beads 18mm Oval
Aquamarine Crystal 8mm Round Beads

Apatite Beads Are Said To Encourage Extrovert Behaviour

Apatite Beads

The rare and unique apatite crystal which you can enjoy in the form of apatite beads has gorgeous turquoise colours to it and can also be found in yellow, green, grey, blue, white, purple, brown, red and violet. It is believed that apatite beads have inspirational properties to them, promoting a humanitarian attitude to those who use them. Crystal healers say that apatite beads and other forms of apatite crystal are attuned to the future, whilst also connecting to past lives.

Apatite Beads Psychological Benefits

Many believe that apatite beads can increase motivation and build up energy reserves, making it great for those who lack the power to ‘get up and go’. Using apatite beads may also encourage openness and social ease, encouraging extrovert behaviour which can be great for shy withdrawn people. Another fantastic benefit of using apatite beads that is worth mentioning is the belief that it can aid hyperactive children and those with autism.

Apatite Beads Healing

As with all crystals apatite has numerous healing qualities associated with it, some of the most notable are the healing of bones and encouragement of the formation of new cells. It is said that apatite helps the absorption of calcium, good for cartilage, bones, teeth and arthritis, joint problems and rickets. Those trying to lose weight could also find apatite useful, it is believed to suppress hunger and raise the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating.

Other Apatite Crystal Products

You can also enjoy apatite crystal in other forms besides apatite beads, many of these products make great crystal collection additions and gifts.

Blue Apatite Tumble Stones
Blue Apatite Crystal Massage Wand
Blue Apatite Crystal Healing Stone

Amethyst Beads

A colourful and artistic way to brighten up your look is by using the beautiful collection of Amethyst Beads. There are various types of amethyst beads which vary in size, shade and shape, so you can either use one string, or several in conjunction with each other. Some of the amethyst beads you can choose from include drum, round, irregular and flat oval.

Chevron Amethyst Beads 22mm Flat Oval

Chevron Amethyst Beads 22mm Flat Oval

These pretty Chevron Amethyst 22mm Flat Oval Beads are probably the most visual type of amethyst beads available due to the large surface area which displays great detail of the crystal. As there are various degrees of markings on the beads they are great for special types of beadwork, projects or for making jewellery gifts. Amethyst has been prized throughout history for its colour and supposed healing powers and each bead has individual high grade colours throughout it.

Amethyst Beads 8mm Drum Crystals

Amethyst Beads 8mm Drum Crystals

For an unusual yet pleasant way to play with or use crystal beads is with these 8mm Drum Crystals Amethyst Beads. The 8mm Drum Crystals Amethyst Beads are a brilliant way to brighten up your jewellery or beadwork. The 8mm drum crystal amethyst beads come on a temporary 16″ string.

Agate Beads Come In Many Shapes & Sizes

Get creative with the stunning range of agate beads, you can use agate beads to make large earrings, slinky necklaces or chunky bracelets, adding neutral style to your look. Agate Beads come in various colours, from pale blue and sandy grey to warm orange and floral pink. By using agate beads you can benefit from the believed attributes that agate is associated with such as a good base for grounding you both emotionally and physically, striking an intellectual balance.

Agate Beads Psychological Effects

It is said that agate beads can facilitate the acceptance of one’s self and build self confidence. Some use agate beads for self analysis and the perception of hidden circumstances.

Agate Beads Emotional Qualities

Some use agate beads to overcome negativity and bitterness that may reside in the heart or mind. It is thought that inner anger can be cured by using agate, love can be fostered and courage to start again provided after traumatic experiences.

Types of Agate Beads

Agate Beads Red Flat Oval 20mm
Agate Beads Puff Heart 15mm
Agate Beads Blue Lace Irregular Faceted

Kunzite Beads Are Believed To Hold Many Healing Qualities

Many people use Kunzite Beads for making jewellery such as earrings and necklaces, the pale yet lively colours of Kunzite Beads uplift outfits, whilst brightening the mood. Kunzite Beads are said to have high vibration, believed to be capable of awakening the heart centre and assisting with unconditional love. Those who like to meditate but find it difficult can use Kunzite Beads to help more effective meditations, considered a protective stone, Kunzite crystal works on the individual as well as the environment.

Kunzite Beads Characteristics

Those who have grown up too quickly for one reason or another may find Kunzite Beads a useful healer and is thought to bring back lost trust and innocence. Many believe that psychiatric disorders such as depression can be helped by using Kunzite due to the lithium content, this is said to be particularly effective when taken as an elixir.

Kunzite Beads Healing

Crystal healers use Kunzite for strengthening the circulatory system and heart muscle, it is also thought to be useful for conditions which affect the nerves. Epilepsy and joint pain is said to be improved by using Kunzite crystal and it is also said to neutralize the effects of anaesthesia.

25mm Natural Kunzite Beads
8mm Irregular Faceted Kunzite Beads
10mm Barrel Kunzite Beads

Sodalite Beads Can Be Used To Make Jewellery & to Combat Stress

You can create a stunning piece of jewellery by using Sodalite Beads, these string of beads are available in round beads of 4mm and 5mm and boast gorgeous deep blues which compliment a variety of other colours. Sodalite Beads are thought to withhold many beneficial qualities such as being good in helping more effective communication, as well as providing a balance between intellect and intuition. You can either treat yourself to sodalite beads, or buy them as a gift for somebody else who you know enjoys crystals or jewellery making.

5mm Round Sodalite Beads

5mm Round Sodalite Beads

Add calm and collectiveness with these pretty 5mm Round Sodalite Beads, featuring lovely blue tones which compliment all skin colours. The round shape of the 5mm Round Sodalite Beads are very comfortable to use in the hands and are very easy to work with as a result. Many people use these 5mm round sodalite beads for beadwork and jewellery making, others simply to eliminate stress and communication difficulties.

4mm Round Sodalite Beads

4mm Round Sodalite Beads

For smaller hands, you may prefer the 4mm Round Sodalite Beads, these beads are slightly smaller than the 5mm beads but just as beautiful, featuring a marbled speckle appearance in deep sea blues. The 4mm round sodalite beads are supplied on a temporary 16″/40cm string, ideal for later changing around or replacing with a tougher clasp arrangement for jewellery.

Rose Quartz Beads Can Be Carried Anywhere

Many people believe that rose quartz crystal has beneficial healing qualities this is why many people use them in the form of rose quartz beads which gives you the option to make jewellery or simply to use them as they are. There are many different shapes and sizes of rose quartz beads to choose from, with each attached along a piece of string. The various rose quartz beads include Madagascan drop, facet roundel, twist oval, tumble stone, rectangle, long oval and puff heart. Rose Quartz Beads make lovely gifts for anybody who is into crystal healing or jewellery making, they are also said to be complimentary to those who are Libra star signs.

Rose Quartz Beads Healing

It is said that rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, very important in regards to the heart in general and energy that surrounds it. Those who use crystals on a regular basis believe that rose quartz crystal can open the heart on all levels, bring a deep inner healing and encourage self love. Many people use rose quartz crystal for calming themselves, reassuring and when they have experienced trauma or crisis of any kind. Rose quartz crystal is also believed to be able to attract love, by simply placing some by your bed you can test this theory out which is said to be very powerful, often requiring amethyst to calm things down. People already in a relationship can use rose quartz crystals in the form of beads or any other to restore trust and harmony. Said to strengthen the physical heart and circulatory system, many also place rose quartz crystal on the thymus to aid chest and lung issues.

Rose Quartz Beads Options

Rectangle Rose Quartz Beads
Puff Heart Rose Quartz Beads
Facet Roundel Rose Quartz Beads