Experience the Love Effect with Opal Rings

Opal has been referred to as a stone of inspiration. As well as releasing inhibitions and enhancing the memory, opal augments imagination and creativity. Opal’s inspiring qualities are coupled with the fact it is an extremely spiritual stone. As well as crafting happy dreams, opal’s multiple proficiencies have also been attributed to crafting “invisibility”, whereby its wearer can become ‘invisible’ in situations where they don’t care to be.

The Stone of Love

Opal is also said to be the stone of love. When worn close to the heart, this fascinating gemstone can revive a stagnant heart chakra and provide inspiration of love. The love that opal arouses can take on different forms. Unconditional ‘gentler’ love can be evoked through opal, as can fiery, sensual love. Having the ability to destroy the barriers of inhibitions, opal ignites passion putting emotionalism at its core. This thoroughly beautiful stone is also said to calm turbulent emotions and bring fidelity to love, with wearers of opal being compelled to refrain from straying down a path of infidelity.

Opals are a great choice for anyone interested in crystal healing

A Gem of Many Colours

Asides its strong associations with healing and love, opal owes much of its timeless popularity to its unrivalled beauty. Unlike other gemstones, opal combines a variety of colours, each tone as beautiful and compelling as the next. The various hues of opal have different emotional, spiritual and healing capabilities. Opal’s multitude of colour is fascinating to look at. Unlike other gemstones which are predominantly one colour, opal stones display all the colours of the rainbow. The iridescent movement of reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples and more, take on many different forms.

Silver & Opal Ring
Opal & Amethyst Gold Ring
Opal Silver Ring


Spiritual Connotations of Opal Colours

The numerable tones of this ‘stone of love’ exemplify different spiritual and emotional meanings. For example, blue opal provides physical reality. Wearers of a blue opal ring are said to be able to view the world with stronger clarity and meaning. Whereas fire opal is believed to awaken the wearer’s inner fire and protect them against danger. A symbol of hope, beautiful fire opal amplifies energy, supports the wearer through emotional turmoil and helps people let go of the past. Stones that possess natural pink properties never fail to be popular. The pink in opal not only augments the stone’s distinct aesthetic qualities but is also said to have powerful healing capabilities. As well as promoting feelings of love and affection, the pink in opal is particularly helpful in healing headaches caused by “unopened third eye chakras.”

These different colours are integrated into jewellery, resulting in simply stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. With multiple colours being offered in one stone, it is easy to understand why opal jewellery is a favourite choice for anyone wanting to show their love and affection. There is no item of jewellery quite like rings to symbolise romance and love and there is no gemstone quite like opal to represent deep and eternal love. Put the two together and the result is a stunning piece of jewellery. Opal ring wearers should be prepared to experience the unique feelings of love only something as beautiful and hypnotic as opal can enthuse.

Opal rings are the perfect addition to your look


Celebs Who Love Crystals

Sparkling, magnificent and enchanting, it’s no wonder celebrities love crystals. Known for their extravagant dress sense, which catches onlooker’s attention, you don’t have to wait too long before a celebrity is snapped draped in stunning crystal jewellery. Not only do many of our favourite celebs have a penchant for crystal jewellery but it’s also not unusual for many a famous name to be associated with alternative medicine, including crystal healing.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following celebrities who, by all intents and purposes, appear to love crystals.

The Beckham’s Back Black Tourmaline

With its chic, modern and highly polished look, the most stylish among us are seen wearing a stunning Black Tourmaline necklace or a shiny Black Tourmaline ring. What’s more, this mystifying crystal is used for protection against negativity and is said to exude a relaxed and safe environment.

World-renowned trend-setters Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly big fans of Black Tourmaline. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Whilst his designer wife spoke of her love of Black Tourmaline and Pink Quartz. “We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive,” Mrs Beckham has said.

The Beckhams are proponents of crystals
The Beckhams are proponents of crystals

Angelina Jolie and Crystal Healing

According to several sources, Angelina Jolie is a big believer of crystal healing. The American online American magazine, Entertainment Wise, states that Angelina has been collecting crystals for years and is a firm advocate of their healing power. “She [Ms Jolie] believes they [crystals] hold sacred, ancient energy and she wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on them,” a friend of Angelina’s told the online magazine.

Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings
Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings

Kate Hudson’s Adores Rose Quartz

Being the stone of love, protection, confidence, self worth and peace and being utterly gorgeous to look at, it’s no wonder rose quartz is adorned by thousands, including a long line of celebs. Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson are often seen wearing a rose quartz pendant, ring, earrings or some other delightful piece of jewellery. “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me,” Kate Hudson said.

Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz
Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz

Sheryl Crow Positively Loves Citrine

Containing a solar quality of energy, citrine has traditionally been considered a good healing crystal. It is believed citrine can strengthen self-esteem and create a positive flow of energy around the body. Being one of the world’s most successful singer/songwriters, Sheryl Crow naturally requires lots of positive energy to be able to perform as sensationally as she does. A self-confessed citrine enthusiast, Sheryl Crow is believed to enjoy this beautiful crystal’s tension-releasing powers.

Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals
Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals

Meet the Quartz Family

Quartz is the name applied to crystallised and compact forms of silica. This hard mineral is widely found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Despite quartz calling forth images of rich tones of red, green, purple and blue, quartz typically occurs as white or colourless hexagonal prisms. This beautiful mineral usually acquires its colour by imperfections. So what are the most common quartz crystals?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz possesses a pinkish tone, which has been attributed to being caused by traces of titanium or magnesium. With its gentle pink essence rose quartz is a highly desirable type of quartz crystal that is a popular jewellery accessory.

Rose quartz information:

A common variety: Being a silicon dioxide crystal, rose quartz is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. This softly-coloured crystal is typically found in a huge form and is occasionally found in clusters of small prismatic crystals.

Spiritual attributes: Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. Carrying a feminine and soft form of energy, this delicate quartz is associated with healing, peace, tenderness and comfort.

The purposes of rose quartz: This calming and reassuring type of crystal is often used as a means of creating reassurance at times of crisis. Being the stone of love, rose quartz is also a powerful aphrodisiac, rousing sexual desire.

Rose Quartz, the 'Love Stone'
Rose Quartz, the ‘Love Stone’

Milky Quartz

Milky quartz is a white-coloured crystal which is created by tiny fluid inclusions of liquid or gas trapped when the quartz was formed.

Milky quartz information:

A common variety: Milky quartz is possibly the most common variety of crystalline in the quartz family, which can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Spiritual attributes: Sometimes referred to as the ‘snow quartz’, this attractive-looking crystal is associated with peace, tranquillity and innocence. It is believed that milky quartz has a harmonising effect on those who utilise its unique crystal healing.

The purposes of milky quartz: Being a naturally beautiful type of crystal, milky quartz can be found on many forms of jewellery. Also, being a popular spiritual aid to combat chronic fatigue and metabolic disorders, milky quartz tumblestones  and other decorative healing aids are not uncommon.

Milky Quartz for peace
Milky Quartz for peace

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stunning black/brown variety of the quartz family. Its unique colour derives from free silicon, which is formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

Smoky quartz information:

A common variety: Like other quartz crystals, smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide gem and is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. This beautiful crystal is found in many parts of the world including China, Australia, Brazil and the U.S.

Spiritual attributes: Smoky quartz is believed to provide a subtle energy of balance and protection.

The purposes of smoky quartz: Because smoky quartz is often naturally irradiated, it is not uncommon for it to be used for treating radiation-related illnesses or to help people undergoing chemotherapy. Its many positive healing qualities are often unlocked through wearing smoky quartz jewellery, such as pendants and power bead bracelets.

Smoky Quartz for protection
Smoky Quartz for protection

Best Crystals for Love and Romance

A new year, a new romance. If you are looking for a new romance in 2014 or are looking to rekindle some romance in an existing relationship, let crystals lend you a helping hand. For centuries crystals have been associated with building strong and positive relationships and being a source of aiding love and romance.

Whether it is to mend a broken heart, express love, attract a soul mate, nurture eroticism or to help build a healthy relationship, crystals have long been considered as a potent love and romance stimulus. That’s not to say all crystals and gemstones are associated with being a positive relationship-builder. Take a look at the top five crystals that are believed to have romance- motivating properties and what they can do for someone who is looking for love.

Malachite & Silver Pendant
Malachite & Silver Pendant
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Rose Quartz Pendant
Rose Quartz Pendant

Rose quartz

With its gentle pink essence, rose quartz is widely known as a crystal which helps heal the heart chakra, the crystal of unconditional love. This beautiful type of crystals is believed to have a gentle energy that helps you accept, respect and love yourself, all essential qualities that help you love someone else. Known as the heart stone, rose quartz has been used as a symbol and token of love since 600 B.C. When worn close to the heart in the form of a pendant, it is believed that rose quartz can help you fall in unconditional love.


If you are looking for passion then ruby is associated with having the power to ignite or rekindle passion in a relationship. With its six-sided crystal prisms, rubies are purported to cleanse the chakras, promoting love and commitment as well as passion and romance. Use a ruby crystal massage wand to inspire passion and deepen emotional bonds in 2014.


Moonstone is widely referred to as the “Goddess Stone”, which has been traditionally related to emotional feelings, intuition, the heart and fertility. This softly toned crystal is often worn as a pendant to encourage acceptance and heighten physical capabilities. Being aligned to the moon, moonstone is said to be ideal for men who want to get in touch with the their softer ‘feminine’ side and for women who like to dominate in a relationship.


Jade is considered to be the crystal of wisdom, which promotes nurturing and love. It is believed that jade helps its wearer recognise who they are spiritually, sending them on a journey of self-discovery. It helps attract a loving and fulfilling relationship, protecting the wearer from emotional harm.


Malachite is named after the Greek word for “mallow”, a type of herb. With its soothing and calming properties, this polished green crystal is said to be the bringer of balance and harmony. From malachite mosaics to a malachite and silver pendant, this unique stone brings feminine power and opens the heart to unconditional love, the perfect crystal to help you find your soul mate in 2014.

Festive Crystal Gift Ideas

If you are determined to get your loved one a truly special and unique gift this Christmas then why not opt for a beautiful and stunning crystal? Men, women and children of all ages, backgrounds and tastes can’t seem to resist the electrifying charms of opening an aesthetically beautiful and spiritually healing crystal. Whether your loved one is a veteran crystal collector, is a Feng Shui master or has never owned a crystal in their life, take a look at the following festive crystal gift ideas to help make Christmas 2013 a memorable one.

Calymene Gift Box
Calymene Gift Box
Moonstone Pendant
Moonstone Pendant
Quartz Dragon Turtle
Quartz Dragon Turtle

The Seasoned Crystal Healer

If your loved one has a penchant for exploiting the unique healing powers of crystals then why not indulge their spiritual senses further by presenting them with a crystal pendulum this Christmas? Crystal pendulums are meticulously crafted using superior crystals that are renowned for their healing attributes. For exceptional soothing powers give your loved one an Amethyst Egyptian Pendulum, a beautiful stone that has calm yet powerful healing energy.

The Feng Shui Fanatic

If your partner, daughter, cousin, friend or anyone you buy a Christmas gift for is into Feng Shui then why not whet their appetite for this ancient form of art and science further by giving them a stunning quartz hand-carved dragon turtle. This ancient Chinese symbol has been used for decades in Feng Shui as a means of creating more energy and spiritual power. It is believed that by positioning this symbol of power in a home will protect its inhabitants, bringing them luck, wealth and security. The symbol of the dragon-headed turtle carved out of quartz is also believed to protect the home from negative energy.

A Special Crystal Gift for a Child

It’s no secret that a lot of children get showered with too many toys than they can realistically play with on Christmas Day. Instead of adding to the long list of noisy, flashing toys a child is often overwhelmed with during the festive period why not give them a thoroughly unique gift they are likely to have and cherish in many years from now?

For example, if you child is showing an interest for science and archaeology, stimulate their interest by giving them a fossil gift box set. These stylish gift boxes contain a range of stunning fossils, meaning you will give someone a little piece of natural history. For example, this Calymene Trilobite is between 400 and 440 million years old and provides a truly wonderful gift for anyone fascinated by natural history and fossils.

Moonstone Jewellery for Her

If you want to show the lady in your life just how much you love and respect her this Christmas then giving her a piece of moonstone jewellery this year will certainly show your love and appreciation. Moonstone is a feminine crystal that is believed to nurture and protect. Asides its unique spiritual powers, moonstone jewellery looks absolutely stunning. This moonstone pendant for example, with its wonderfully ethereal and misty exterior, would complement an elegant Christmas outfit impeccably.

The Use of Crystals Throughout History

Turquoise & Silver Ring
Turquoise & Silver Ring

The history of crystal healing stretches as far back as historical records themselves, with every indication that they were utilised by human societies all around the world for a long time before records began.

The Mayans, for example, are known to have used crystals for physical and spiritual healing as well as for diagnosing illnesses, while the healing power of crystals is described in detail in the Vedas, Hindu holy texts that are thousands of years old.

Ancient Egyptian culture also embraced crystals for healing purposes as well as for protection, with their use by the famous civilisation documented in the Ebers Papyrus, a preserved medical text dating back to 1550 BCE which can still be viewed today in the library of the University of Leipzig, Germany.

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt also lined their heafddresses with gemstones and crystals which encouraged wisdom and protected them against various weaknesses, with the intention of making them better rulers of the people. Their tombs have also been discovered to contain many different types of crystals embedded in their sarcophagi and ornaments surrounding their final resting places.

Crystal Healing

Chinese Crystal Healing
Chinese Crystal Healing

An ancient practice that is still relevant today is Chinese medicine, which again is thousands of years old, and also used crystals for their healing energies.

Today, crystals are still used in Chinese acupuncture and they are vital to the processes of Pranic healing. Tibetan Buddhists, alongside Hindus, also use crystals in their healing methods, with the Ayurvedic traditional medicine system still very popular on the Indian sub-continent.

Crystals have also been popular in Christianity and Islam, with the former’s holy book, the Bible, featuring over 200 mentions of crystals throughout its scriptures.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad was thought to wear several symbolic rings, among them being an opal crystal ring for beauty and dignity, a turquoise ring that represented victory and invoked divine assistance in battle, and a carnelian ring for protection from enemies and misfortune.

Another modern use of crystals that has its roots in ancient lore is Feng Shui, which is the practice of manipulating and influencing the energies, or Life Force, that exist in everything around us. The Universal Life Force consists of five elemental components which can be reduced or enhanced by crystals to increase or decrease the flow of certain energies in a room.

Dependence on crystal healing has lessened over the centuries as scientific and medical advances have provided modern human society with so many more options when it comes to physical healing, but the mental and spiritual aspects of crystal healing are still relevant as their current popularity will testify. People still turn to crystal therapy to enhance their spiritual well-being and improve their mental capacity due to the incredible effects that positive thinking can have on our daily lives. It’s not just about thinking good thoughts, but surrounding ourselves with particular positive energies which influence and encourage certain aspects of our spirituality and mental health.

The fact that crystal healing has endured throughout the ages is evidence that its effect on these important elements of being human should not be underestimated.

April Birthstone Diamond Gifts

A Birthstone (short for ‘birthday stone’) is a gemstone traditionally associated with each of the 12 months of  the Gregorian calendar. For those who were born in the month of April, the Diamond is the traditional birthstone.

The Diamond is a beautiful gemstone that is surrounded by romance, mystery, and passion. Giving a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone gem will bring the wearer with good luck and protection, so now is the perfect time to find a very special Diamond Birthstone Gift.

Black & White Diamond Wrapped 9ct White Gold Ring
Black & White Diamond Wrapped 9ct White Gold Ring

Diamond Birthstone Properties

There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers. The April Diamond birthstone is believed to enhance relationships and increase inner strength.  The traditional metaphysical properties are balance, clarity and abundance.  The Diamond is also used to draw out toxins and therefore was used as a remedy for poison.

The April Birthstone Poem

The Gregorian calendar has poems matching each month with its birthstone, which were published for the first time in 1870. The month of April is as follows:

She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known.

Herkirmer Diamond & Silver Pendant
Herkirmer Diamond & Silver Pendant

With their dazzling clarity, Herkimer Diamonds are a type of quartz crystal, with similar properties to clear quartz. The Herkimer Diamond stimulates psychic gifts and because of the pure light it brings in, it is used to clear the Chakras. This beautiful pendant makes a sensational birthstone gift for those born in April. A truly unique, one-off piece for a very special someone.

Fascinating facts about the Diamond

  1. The ancient Greeks believed that the fire of a diamond reflected the flame of everlasting love.
  2. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamastos,” which means “invincible.”
  3. The Diamond is the hardest substance in the world.
  4. Pure diamond is completely colorless and transparent.
  5. Diamond conducts heat better than any other substance.
  6. Diamonds may be nearly any color in the rainbow plus browns, grays, and white.

Learn more about the wonderful world of Birthstones on Wikipedia.

Gemstone Earrings

With so many stylish and contemporary designs, our Gemstone Earrings are the perfect way to enjoy the positive energy and natural beauty of crystals every day. Simple and beautiful, these fashion earrings are the ideal finishing touch to any outfit.

Silver & Amethyst Earrings
Moonstone & Garnet Silver Loop Earrings
Silver & Amber Loop Earrings

Save 20% on Gemstone Chip Necklaces!!

Add natural colour and flair to your look with our gemstone chip necklaces. These stylish necklaces are made with tumbled chips of crystal, polished to show off the wonderful colours of the stone. Gemstone chip necklaces are easy to wear and they really refresh an outfit.  With over 50 different gemstones to choose from and 20% off the sale price, now is the time to buy.

Amber Gemstone Chip Necklace with Clasp
Amethyst & Quartz Gemstone Chip Necklace with Clasp
Chakra Gemstone Chip Necklace with Clasp
Blue Tiger Eye Gemstone Chip Necklace with Clasp
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Chip Necklace with Clasp

Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces for Capricorn

Birthdays are the ideal time to buy Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces. The Capricorn birth sign lasts from 21st December to 19th January and is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac.   The important crystal  Obsidian is presented in a gift box making an ideal present for those born under the sign of Capricorn.  Each crystal used in Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces have been chosen according to their Zodiac alignment and beauty. The properties of Obsidian  Bracelets and Necklaces are believed to portray the characteristics of the Capricorn sign. Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces can be worn for special occasions or as part of everyday wear, they will brighten up your outfit nicely too as an added bonus.

Capricorn Birthstone Necklace


Zodiac Birthstone

Capricorn Birthstone Bracelet