Life Changing Healing Crystals

Crystals can help change your life in the most beautiful and positive of ways. The beauty of these stunning, timeless and utterly unique gemstones is that they work for different people in different ways. Crystals come in an almost infinite number of variations and one of the most exciting components of crystals is that within these variations come infinitely different healing and stimulating effects. If you are determined to change some aspect of your life through the powerful, pleasurable and spellbinding qualities of crystals, take a look at some of the most life changing crystals there are in existence.

Stimulate the Mind, Body & Soul with Agate

Agate has a long tradition as being used as a powerful stimulant in healing and meditation. The wonderful spiritual powers of agate means this beautiful stone strengthens your physical body, unlocks new levels of awareness in meditation. The mineral composition of Agate not only determines its distinct and thoroughly unique colour and pattern but it also crafts life-changing capabilities. In short, using agate crystals to complement meditation or merely wearing Agate jewellery or having it in the home can help stimulate the mind, body and soul and change your life forever.

Agate Slices Look Gorgeous on Display

Remedy Feuds with Carnelian Crystals

The very nature of human existence and the complexity of the human mind and sensitivity means it is only natural that we disagree, argue and even fall out with one another from time to time. Unfortunately arguments can easily translate into lifelong feuds that are seemingly unresolvable. Perhaps you fell out with your father several years ago and are both reluctant to make the first move in rectifying the problem. Or maybe you got divorced from your husband and would love to have an amicable relationship for the kids sake but sadly can’t be in the same room as one another. Long-term feuds can shatter and destroy relationships, casting a murky shadow on our lives.

The good news is that with carnelian we can mend what seems like unresolvable relationships. The unique properties found in the brightening and beautiful stone of Carnelian helps remove tension between human beings. What’s more, the calming and soothing qualities of Carnelian can help prevent any major bust ups from occurring again. In rectifying the bond between you and someone you once considered close, Carnelian crystal will change your life forever.

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Find a Soul Mate with Rhodochrosite

What could be a more life-changing event than finding your soul mate? Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, fifties or even seventies, finding a soul mate will change your life forever. Perhaps you’ve never found a soul mate before. Or perhaps you are looking for a new soul mate? Either way the smooth, vibrant and unrivalled look and tone of Rhodochrosite not only looks great but the magnetic powers of this potent crystal is believed to be able to help those who utilise its powers bewitch anyone they desire – life changing qualities, that’s for sure.

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Learn About Crystals & Energy Bonds

From helping boost your career, tuning psychic skills, improving your memory to bringing some passion back into a relationship, is there anything crystals don’t have the power to do? Crystals have had a long tradition with aiding healing and promoting energy and power. Due to a gemstone’s unique internal structure, energy bonds formed vary from crystal to crystal. Consequently, different crystals create different energising effects. Take a look at some of the most powerful energy bonds and effects caused by different crystals.

Empower Love Bonds With Rubies

Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.
Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.

Do you dream of rekindling some passion into a now stagnant relationship? Are you looking for a handsome prince to come and sweep you off your feet? Or maybe you strive for someone to love you and show you some affection. Whatever love and romance quests you may seek, Rubies could be the answer.

The passionate energy bonds Rubies are renowned for means that wearing a Ruby pendant around your neck or placing some Ruby Tumblestones in your bedroom can help unleash your inner sexual desires and make you irresistible to your dream partner.

Deepen Friendship Bonds With Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.
Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.

The smooth and polished texture of Rhodonite with its warm and vibrant tones of pinks and reds look both stunning and uplifting. Asides its obvious aesthetic qualities, Rhodonite possesses unique eternal energy bonds, which can help its owners connect with others. Perhaps you had a fall out with your Mum some time ago and would like to arouse the bond you once had? Or maybe you feel yourself and your best friend are drifting apart? Whatever relationship you are unhappy with Rhodonite can help you form a closer bond. The unique energising structures Rhodonite possesses are believed to help strengthen a sense of compassion, empathy and respect for those around you.

Develop A Forgiveness Bond With Topaz

Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.
Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.

Topaz was valued deeply by ancient cultures, which considered it aligned with the sun. Over the centuries this stunning precious gemstone has retained its unique capacity to heal and energise. As well as strengthening self-confidence and instilling ambition, creativity and drive in its wearers, topaz can help master forgiveness. It is said that wearing a Topaz pendant close to your heart will augment the empathy you feel towards those around you. It can help you overcome any negative feelings you have towards someone, ultimately promoting forgiveness even in the most stubborn of relationships.

Energy Bonds To Eliminate Adultery With Jade

Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.
Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.

The smooth touch and calming tones of Jade has meant this beautiful crystal has long been prized for its ability to calm the nervous system and focus the mind. It is also said that the distinct bonds formed by Jade can help protect a relationship and help lovers remain loyal. Known as the stone of fidelity, wearing a Jade piece of jewellery or merely having a piece of Jade stone in the home can prevent partners’ eyes and hands from wandering elsewhere. With Jade, all affections remain where they should be.

Amazing Bismuth Crystals

There are plenty of things in the world that can be described as an adventure for the eyes, such as great works of art, sprawling landscapes and a star-filled night sky, just to mention some of the more obvious ones. A less obvious one, however, is a little something discovered deep in the earth’s crust a long time ago.

Bismuth crystals are intricately unique and incredibly flamboyant as if nature has spent centuries carefully crafting them just to impress our artful human minds. And while Mother Nature might need a little help in finishing off this particular masterpiece, she has certainly provided us with one of the most aesthetically wonderful elements we could possibly hope for. The beauty of Bismuth crystals can be mind-bending, but it’s not just a pretty face.

The Many Uses Of Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth has many commercial uses in cosmetics as a pigment, in pharmaceuticals such as Pepto-Bismol and perhaps most notably as a replacement for lead in the casting of printing type and potable water systems.

It is often overlooked for the more well-known crystals such as Quartz or Amethyst, but Bismuth crystals have actually been around for an extremely long time as it is counted as one of the first ten metals ever discovered (due to its classification as one of the ‘other metals’, which are weaker metalloids that display significant non-metallic chemistry as opposed to ‘true metals’ such as iron and gold).
Despite its storied history and many valuable uses across various industries, it is still the jaw-dropping structures and vibrant rainbow hues caused by Bismuth’s iridescent oxide tarnish that captures our imaginations the most.

Bismuth Crystals - 2
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Natural And ‘Grown’ Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth exists naturally in the earth’s crust with its abundance estimated to be about twice that of gold and it’s often produced as a by-product of smelting other mined metals. It can also be artificially ‘grown’ which allows the producers to create magnificently unique Bismuth crystal structures that deny comparison to anything else that exists today. This ‘growing’ process is important as Bismuth can struggle to crystallise in the earth’s crust due to being spread too thinly throughout its host rock. But with a little laboratory assistance, the amazing Bismuth structures can be brought to spectacular life.

It’s these ‘stair-stepped’ spiral structures of Bismuth that give the crystals their unique appearance, which is produced by the element having a higher growth rate on its outer edges than on its inside edges. The amazing colourings of Bismuth crystals are formed by the variations in thickness of the oxide layer on the surface, which produces that awesome variety of colours when reflecting light.

Bismuth Crystals - 3
Learn More About Bismuth

The Healing Properties Of Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth healing crystals can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially in an emotional sense. They also have properties that stimulate physical and mental energy, as well as having a spiritually calming influence.

Bismuth crystals can be used in conjunction with all of the Chakras, though they are especially dynamic in energising the Crown and Base Chakras. It is sometimes referred to as ‘The Transformation Stone’ due to its calming qualities and connection to the earth. It can help you focus on tasks and enable clear thought processes as well as aid meditation and shamanic journeying. Physical travel is also said to be energised by Bismuth crystals, promoting and encouraging the enjoyment of travelling from place to place, especially over long distances. Bismuth also has properties that facilitate teamwork, helping groups of people work together more efficiently.

As you can see from its healing properties, Bismuth crystals are one of the most useful and rewarding healing crystals available and their unique beauty provides a wonderful accent to any room or space you care to keep or display them.

Increase Your Energy with Healing Crystals

Whether it’s a post-lunchtime slump, an early-evening stupor, or unable to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning due to intense lethargy, we all have time we feel zapped of energy. Much has been written about certain ‘superfoods’ that can help us combat lapses of energy and bouts of tiredness. Comparatively less has been written about the effectiveness of crystals in fighting fatigue and providing a boost in energy. Take a look at the following ten crystals which have proven to be potent assets in uplifting energy and spirits.

Top 10 Energy Boosting Crystals

Citrine is Believed To Be One Of The Most Energy-Boosting Crystals

Green Tourmaline

With its rich green hue, tourmaline is a popular gemstone in the making of jewellery. As well as looking unduly beautiful, tourmaline is said to be a potent energy provider. Its healing properties help dispel toxins from the body, restore balance and bring back positive energy, making us feel more energised.


Ranging from lighter yellows to darker browns, citrine crystals are one of the most aesthetically stunning crystals in existence. It is also believed to be one of the most energy-boosting. Citrine works as a powerful regenerator of the cells of the body and by regenerating the cells it acts as an effective chakra activator and energiser.

Emerald Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline Crystals are Said to Boost Power


It is widely believed that crystals which are naturally red, orange and yellow are the most effective in terms of boosting energy and power. When we think of citrus-coloured gemstones, amber immediately springs to mind. With its golden hues, this stunning crystal is meant to be one of the most dynamic and stimulating and when placed in our presence can make us feel much more energised and positive.


If you are wanting to boost your energy levels through crystals, carnelian is a fabulous crystal to work with. This slightly translucent stone was considered to be the symbol of life in Ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures. Today this beautiful gemstone is still used to boost stamina and energy. For some, wearing a pair of carnelian earrings is more effective in heightening energy levels as a cup of coffee.

Amber is Associated with Luck, Good Health, Pain Relief & Powerful Healing Energy


Ametrine is one of the lesser known crystals but is one of the most powerful when it comes to boosting power and energy. Being a potent amalgamation of citrine and amethyst this stunning yellow and purple gemstone helps improve clarity and focus. Being able to think straight and in harmony ultimately helps boost our confidence, energy and optimism.


The properties in seraphinite are believed to effectively heal brain cells, the nerves, eliminate toxins and purity the blood, organs, kidneys and liver. Having the ability to cleanse and heal such a multitude of organs and remove toxins from the body, seraphinite is one of the most energy-boosting crystals in existence.

Ametrine is Said to Regenerate the Physical Body & Strengthen the Immune System

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is regularly cited by healers as being the “battery of the soul” . Similar to green tourmaline, clear quartz jewellery or pieces of stone help dispel toxins in our body. By ridding the body of sludge-enhancing toxins, quartz restores energy in our body, making us feel more spirited and ready to tackle what life throws at us.


One of the most popular and well-known of the crystals, amethyst has been the ‘stone of spirituality’ for quite some time. As well as helping people overcome addictions, the unique properties of amethyst creates a protective field of energy around its wearer, which assist in transforming negative energy into positive energy.

Clear Quartz is One of The Most Popular Crystals as a Healing Crystal

Ocean Jasper

Known as the stone of “joy and high spirits”, ocean jasper helps lift wearer’s moods. The circular patterns in this aesthetically-stunning crystal help regulate breathing and by doing so boosts our energy levels. Ocean Jasper also assists with the removing of toxins, making us feel significantly more energised and on top of the world.

Ruby Zoisite

Wear a ruby zoisite pendant round your neck and feel your physical vitality be rejuvenated. This stunning green and purple tinged stone is well-known for relieving lethargy, boosting physical energy and turning negative energy into positive energy. If you are lacking in energy, can you afford not to be in close proximity to ruby zoisite?

Ruby Zoisite is Said to Strengthen our Spiritual Connections

Crystal Display Ideas

Healing crystals can make perfect ornaments for decorating your home or office with as they have a natural beauty which will shimmer and shine under various lights and the many varied colours that crystals produce mean you can find some to match any type of home décor or office design. Stand alone crystals can be mounted and take pride of place on a mantelpiece or shelf, while another great idea is to arrange a collection of complimenting crystals in a creative formation for display.

The options are endless. Many people like to construct hanging ornaments bedecked with various crystals such as amethyst healing crystals, which will dangle down and sway to and fro with the airflow of the room, allowing the light to catch the crystals’ edges and add a little sparkle to the area. Other crystal lovers will dedicate entire cabinets to the display of their crystal collections, taking much pleasure from arranging them in perfect harmony. If you prefer a less crowded way of displaying your crystals, it’s a good idea to spread them around the whole home so wherever you are and whatever room you’re in, there’s always a reminder of the beauty and positive energy that crystals provide.

Your home will benefit from crystal display
Your home will benefit from crystal display

Your Favourite Crystals on Show

One of my personal favourite ways of displaying crystals is on a large plate or tray where the crystals can be artfully arranged in an ornamental display, which also allows the entire collection to be moved easily from room to room. If you know your crystals and the healing energies they have then having a couple of different trays allows you to arrange your crystals with their various properties in mind. You can then experiment with different combinations in different rooms to discover which ones work best for your environment.

Perhaps a particular room in your house is a little dreary and needs some upliftingly positive energy implemented, so display the crystals that are particularly useful in that regard (such as a Blue Apatite Healing Crystal) while keeping the rest of your collection elsewhere.

The restorative qualities of some crystals can be ideal for the rooms you spend the most time resting in like your bedroom. But whatever your plan is regarding the influences of the healing crystals, keeping them portable by displaying them on a suitable tray is a wise choice if you know you will have cause to move them from room to room. Of course, if you know you’re not going to need to move them around then a special shelf set aside for all your crystal healing paraphernalia can make for a wonderful display piece, especially if it’s in the room where you will relax the most to reap the benefits of the crystals’ energies.

Clear a Shelf for your Crystal Collection
Clear a Shelf for your Crystal Collection

Pride in your Crystal Collection!

Another way to arrange your crystals will certainly appeal to the very organised among us. Find a box which you can compartmentalise and assign a compartment for each crystal. This method might not be very useful to those of us who have lost count of how many crystals we have, but it can be a great way of starting out as you can label each compartment so you never forget which crystal is which. Another way to remember all of your different crystals is to take a digital photo of them all together and then use a picture-editing program (even MS Paint will suffice) to log which each crystal’s name is and its various properties.

You can also go online to share your crystal collections and the different ways you store or display them. You can compare the different crystals you have and discuss the various beneficial combinations that are possible. The crystal healing community is very friendly and will always be welcoming as well as providing plenty of inspiration for how to display your crystals in your own home.

Crystals look great displayed in a group
Crystals look great displayed in a group

Discover Crystal Waters

We all know drinking water is good for us. In fact we can barely open a health and beauty publication without being reminded about the ‘eight glasses a day’ recommendation. But what about drinking crystal water? Comparatively less has been written about this spiritually cleansing and fortifying drink. So what exactly is crystal water, how is it made and what benefits does it have on our health?

Placing crystals in water effectively charges the water with the energy of the crystals. For some, drinking water infused with crystals is empowering. Leaving quartz crystals in water is said to ionise the water and produce an excellent drink for healing. Unlike water from the tap which can be ‘polluted’, the high silica content of some crystals means the water keeps its structure which prevents it from becoming weak and polluted. Thus crystal water helps cleanse the mind and body more effectively than ‘conventional’ water.

Drinking crystal waters is believed to be a powerful healing ritual.
Drinking crystal waters is believed to be a powerful healing ritual.

Preparing Crystal Water

  • Use a transparent jug that has been thoroughly cleaned. Make sure the crystal you use are cleaned thoroughly as well.
  • Place the crystal in the jug and fill it with water, filtered tap water will suffice.
  • In order to keep out impurities cover the jug, preferably with a clear glass plate. . . Place it on a windowsill so the daylight can enhance the crystal’s energy.
  • Leave the jug on the windowsill for 12 – 24 hours, giving the crystal time to energise the water.
  • The crystal water is now ready to drink.
  • Crystal water helps cleanse the mind and body
    Crystal water helps cleanse the mind and body

    An Alternative Method

  • Instead of just using a clear glass jug use a tall-sided clear drinking glass as well.
  • Place the crystal inside the drinking glass and place it in the jug.
  • Fill the bowl with water without submerging the top of the glass into the water.
  • Place the clear plate over the top of the jug.
  • The energy vibrations of the crystal will reach the water without it being in direct contact with the water.
  • Quartz crystals are the best type of crystallised stone to make crystal waters.
    Quartz crystals are the best type of crystallised stone to make crystal waters.

    Which Crystals to Use?

    It is important to know that only certain types of crystals can be used when making crystal water. In fact using some types of crystals may prove hazardous to your health. Plain rock or quartz crystals are the best type of crystallised stone to make this purifying type of water.

    Crystals that contain copper should be avoided. This is because the copper might release some harmful impurities into the water. Crystals that comprise of copper properties include Azurite, Galena, Chalcopyrite and Malachite. Hematite should also be avoided as it is an iron-based stone, which could cause the water to rust. Follow the procedures correctly and stick to using plain rock crystals and you’ll soon be enjoying the unique benefits of drinking crystal water.

    Which Crystals Are Used In Reiki Healing?

    If you are a regular Reiki practitioner you will probably know that the word Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life energy.’ This spiritual practicewas developed in the early twentieth century by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. While there are several variations of Reiki, this healing tradition is designed to nurture uninterrupted energy flows to foster balance and harmony.

    Reiki Treatment

    Reiki Treatment uses the transerance of energy
    Reiki Treatment uses the transerance of energy

    Reiki is centred on the power of touch. Treatment involves the client lying or sitting on a couch or chair and a practitioner gently placing their hands on a number of non-intrusive positions across the body. Unlike massage, which involves rubbing and manipulating the body, with Reiki there is no kneading of the skin. The principle is that the whole body is treated rather than specific areas.

    The Benefits of Reiki

    One of the most unique aspects of Reiki is that individual participants report varying reactions and experiences after they have undergone treatment. One of the most common benefits reported is the feeling of peacefulness and calm Reiki creates, as well as a powerful sense of well-being. Others report sensations of tingling and heat and intense emotional feelings. Some Reiki patients have said they saw unusual colours when undergoing treatment.

    Reiki Healing for well being
    Reiki Healing for well being

    How are Crystals used in Reiki?

    Crystals have long been attributed to having intense healing properties. Similar to Reiki, healing with crystals is executed through energy. Crystals are used to remove toxins from the body, eliminate negativity and magnify positive energy. But how is the healing properties of Reiki and crystals entwined?

    According to Reiki for Holistic Health, crystals used during Reiki healing will help the healing and energy balancing. In short, they will speed up the healing process.

    Crystals are used in Reiki Healing
    Crystals are used in Reiki Healing

    Chakra Balancing

    Chakras are described in Hindu tradition, as being a series of seven energy wheels that are located along the centre of the body. Each of these chakras are associated with different energies, attitudes and body parts.

    Reiki treatments can help clear the chakras of negative energy and blockages. It can restore the harmonious flow of energy. Crystals can play an important part in restoring this flow.

    One of the easiest ways to restore balance throughout the chakra system in Reiki treatment is to place a crystal of the appropriate colour on each of the chakra areas. In Reiki practice, placing a different stone on each of the chakra points will strengthen and heal the whole system.

    The seven colour chakra/Reiki rule

  • A red, brown or black crystal should be placed near the base of the spine.
  • Balance the heart chakra in the middle of the chest with a green stone. Add a pink one for additional emotional healing.
  • Place a light blue stone on the throat chakra.
  • For the sacral chakra and orange coloured crystal needs to be positioned on the lower abdomen.
  • Place a yellow stone between the ribcage and the naval to remove any tension at the solar plexus.
  • Use a clear stone at the crown chakra, which should rest just above the top of the head.
  • In the centre of the forehead, where the brow chakra is found, place and dark blue or indigo chakra.
  • Implement these chakra crystal rules in Reiki tradition and the positive energy will come flooding in.
  • Celebs Who Love Crystals

    Sparkling, magnificent and enchanting, it’s no wonder celebrities love crystals. Known for their extravagant dress sense, which catches onlooker’s attention, you don’t have to wait too long before a celebrity is snapped draped in stunning crystal jewellery. Not only do many of our favourite celebs have a penchant for crystal jewellery but it’s also not unusual for many a famous name to be associated with alternative medicine, including crystal healing.

    Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following celebrities who, by all intents and purposes, appear to love crystals.

    The Beckham’s Back Black Tourmaline

    With its chic, modern and highly polished look, the most stylish among us are seen wearing a stunning Black Tourmaline necklace or a shiny Black Tourmaline ring. What’s more, this mystifying crystal is used for protection against negativity and is said to exude a relaxed and safe environment.

    World-renowned trend-setters Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly big fans of Black Tourmaline. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Whilst his designer wife spoke of her love of Black Tourmaline and Pink Quartz. “We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive,” Mrs Beckham has said.

    The Beckhams are proponents of crystals
    The Beckhams are proponents of crystals

    Angelina Jolie and Crystal Healing

    According to several sources, Angelina Jolie is a big believer of crystal healing. The American online American magazine, Entertainment Wise, states that Angelina has been collecting crystals for years and is a firm advocate of their healing power. “She [Ms Jolie] believes they [crystals] hold sacred, ancient energy and she wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on them,” a friend of Angelina’s told the online magazine.

    Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings
    Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings

    Kate Hudson’s Adores Rose Quartz

    Being the stone of love, protection, confidence, self worth and peace and being utterly gorgeous to look at, it’s no wonder rose quartz is adorned by thousands, including a long line of celebs. Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson are often seen wearing a rose quartz pendant, ring, earrings or some other delightful piece of jewellery. “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me,” Kate Hudson said.

    Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz
    Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz

    Sheryl Crow Positively Loves Citrine

    Containing a solar quality of energy, citrine has traditionally been considered a good healing crystal. It is believed citrine can strengthen self-esteem and create a positive flow of energy around the body. Being one of the world’s most successful singer/songwriters, Sheryl Crow naturally requires lots of positive energy to be able to perform as sensationally as she does. A self-confessed citrine enthusiast, Sheryl Crow is believed to enjoy this beautiful crystal’s tension-releasing powers.

    Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals
    Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals

    Which Crystals Are Used In Magic?

    Crystal healing is not the only way in which the various properties of crystals, precious stones and gems are utilised, as Wiccans and Pagans also use them for their magical rituals.

    Where crystal healers will exploit the energies emanating from the crystals through the natural vibrations of their molecular structure, Wiccans or Pagans use the stones in their workings due to their magical properties as well as their therapeutic value. Different Pagan traditions assign different properties to different crystals, but the intent is the same and Wiccans are often advised to experiment in order to discover which combinations work best for them.

    A good example is the popular Amethyst crystal, which is considered a master healer in crystal healing and used in line with the Third Eye Chakra to aid meditation and the expansion of consciousness. In Wiccan magic, Amethyst crystals are used for enhancing the user’s intuitive powers as well as for cleansing and consecrating sacred spaces. Wiccans also associate it with both the Aquarius and Pisces due to its connection with the element water.

    Crystal spheres have been used for divination for centuries
    Crystal spheres have been used for divination for centuries

    Crystal Magic Traditions

    Another crystal popular in Wicca Magic is Agate, and while in crystal healing Agate is considered a stabilising stone which brings about balance, Wiccans use it in rituals intended to expose a truth or introduce a new perspective on a particular situation. A balancing stone in Wicca is the Garnet, which is associated with moon magic and used to find balance between the spiritual and physical elements of our humanity. It is strongly associated with femininity, though beware acquiring one through dishonest means as many Wiccan traditions believe that the deep red or purple stone will deliver a curse to the possessor should they have used deceit to obtain it. The belief is that the curse, the exact details of which are unknown (let’s keep it that way, folks!), will remain upon the possessor until the stone is returned to its rightful owner.

    On a more light-hearted note, magic practitioners whether Wiccan or Pagan will often use a Jade crystal like these Jade Tumblestones when intending to symbolise true love and innocence. Jade is also popular among Wiccans for its influence on truth and serenity. However, where crystal healing relies solely on the natural energy present in the crystals, Wiccans and Pagans will complete their rituals with a combination of various items or ingredients.

    Crystals used in conjunction with nature suit magical practices
    Crystals used in conjunction with nature suit magical practices

    Wiccan Correspondences

    Wiccans and practitioners of esoteric magic use these combinations of various items such as crystals and herbs in what they describe as ‘correspondences’. Their rituals will involve combining different ingredients, which may also include certain numbers, colours and flowers among many other items with magical properties which have a particular significance in their relationship with each other. It’s this correspondence between the particular crystal and other elements that will ultimately influence the outcome of the working or ritual. It is highly recommended to try different combinations to seek out the right correspondence that will be successful for each individual and their own particular working.

    While crystal healing can and indeed often does involve combining the different energies of certain crystals to maximise a desired effect, it is usually the effect itself that differs from the magical practices of Wiccans and Pagans. While there are many similarities with regard how both Wiccans and crystal healers view the positive and negative influences of natural energy, there is a marked difference between both the expectations and application of these special stones.

    A scrying crystal on display at The Museum of Witchcraft located in Boscastle, Cornwall
    A scrying crystal on display at The Museum of Witchcraft located in Boscastle, Cornwall

    Wicca Magic vs Crystal Healing

    Crystal healing intends to make simple but effective use of the energies through contact and close approximation with the crystals, while Wiccans will perform rituals with the crystals and other elements which will directly bring about the intended effect. And again, the desired effects can differ massively between the two practices, as the Agate and Amethyst examples showed above.

    Another great example of this difference is the most famous gemstone in the world: the diamond. Crystal healers consider the diamond to aid in relationships and help clear emotional pain or mental anguish. It is also considered an excellent tool for blocking geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Wiccans, on the other hand, consider the diamond to be the perfect stone to aid them in scrying and astral projection, which is travelling through the astral plane after inducing an out-of-body experience. These aren’t the only associations that this particular gemstone has, but it’s a clear indicator of the sometimes small, but occasionally massive differences between Wicca magic, Paganism and crystal healing.

    Agate Slice
    Agate Slice
    Jade Tumblestone
    Jade Tumblestone
    Red Almandine Garnet
    Red Almandine Garnet

    Unusual Uses for Tumblestones

    Tumblestones are many people’s favourite kind of crystal due to their smooth, rounded and pebble-like appearance, which allows them to be employed in a wide variety of imaginative ways. They’re created inside a tumbler machine which constantly turns them while various grades of sand and grit are introduced to slowly work away the rough edges until you have a perfectly smooth and rounded crystal.

    Marrying a crystal’s natural beauty with this tumbling process creates a crystal whose purpose stretches far beyond being used simply as a healing crystal. Of course, tumblestones with particularly flat sides are especially useful for the laying on stones method of crystal healing as they will remain in place more easily, but the tumbled smoothness also lends itself to crystal massage for example, as you can use smaller tumblestones to knead and relax the muscles throughout your body.

    Tumblestones Inspire Tons of Fun
    Tumblestones Inspire Tons of Fun

    The main purpose of the crystal tumbling process though is to accentuate their aesthetic appeal. Smoothing out the rough edges that form naturally in most rocks, crystals and minerals creates a beautiful ornamental object the uses of which are only limited by our imaginations.

    Tumblestones In The Home

    One popular use for tumblestones is as vase fillers and many people use them to fill flower vases not only to enhance the decorative effect of the vase but to help hold the flowers at a particular angle by securing their stems between the stones. Similarly, this method can be utilised for items other than flowers, such as a pen or pencil holder as filling a jar or glass with smaller tumblestones lets you insert thin items to keep them in place. It’s hard to deny the value of a beautiful ornament that also serves a useful function. Create a jar filled with tumblestones that match the colours of your bathroom and use it to hold your toothbrushes in place. It’s a much better looking way of storing them when they’re not being used, which is roughly 23 hours and 50 or so minutes of every day, and it can also be cleaner as the brushes won’t rattle around in the glass spattering bits of toothpastey water drops everywhere for a moment after they’re hurriedly replaced.

    Tumblestones as Vase Fillers
    Tumblestones as Vase Fillers

    You can also secure candles within a jar using a small layer of tumblestones around the base of the candle. The smooth surface of the stones means any wax residue that collects on them is easily removed with no damage to the stone, while you can rest assured that the candle is secure and won’t topple over in the wind or after a nudge from a stray elbow. Talking of bases, why not decorate the bottom of your fish bowl with a few tumblestones which will transform a previously bland fish bowl into an interesting and magical-looking underwater realm for your pet fish to explore.

    Have Fun with Tumblestones!

    Have fun with the kids using tumblestones as well by getting hold of some googly eyes and attaching them to the stones to create lots of cute little creatures. Using hot glue, you can also attach antennae, some little feet or anything you can think of and make a whole bunch of different characters to play with which the kids will have loads of fun helping to make as well as imagining all sorts of adventures for the tumblestone critters to have afterwards.

    Tumblestones Googly Eyes
    Tumblestones Googly Eyes

    Create photo or card holders by attaching one end of some thick but bendable wire to a large tumblestone and twisting the wire at the other end into a paper clip effect which will hold the picture in place. It’s a simple but very effective ornamental device which can be used for all sorts of things from permanent photo displays of your loved ones to temporary reminders, perhaps to hold a wedding invitation or flyer for that show you’ve always wanted to see.

    More Tumblestone Ideas

    Wire can also be used to make a ‘crystal cage’ which can then be attached to a necklace so you can wear the tumblestones around your neck or smaller ones as bracelets. They glue quite easily and so can be attached to other types of jewellery such as brooches and barrettes, as well as being attached to magnets so you can benefit from the beauty of tumblestones as you’re fetching food from the fridge. You can make all sorts of cool fridge magnets by cutting out shapes like stars or half moons from card and gluing the card to the magnet. Then just glue several small stones to the card in whatever fashion pleases you and voila.

    As I said before, the only limits are those set by our own imaginations, so it’s up to us to get creative while experimenting and exploring all the different uses of tumblestones.

    A Crystal Cage Pendant
    A Crystal Cage Pendant