How to Clean Your Crystals

Crystals are all about the energy they attract and this is why it’s vital to cleanse them every so often as there are both positive and negative energies which the crystal can collect. A particular crystal might be a potent attractor of positive energy but over time the negative energies can build up.

It is especially important to cleanse your crystals when you first receive them and before you start using them to remove all the energies that gathered in the crystals before they came into your possession. It’s vital to only use crystals that are responding to your own energies, rather than some unknown factor you have zero control over. Luckily, cleansing them is a pretty simple process and there are several ways which you can go about it.

Crystals can be cleansed in sunlight
Crystals can be cleansed in sunlight

There is no absolute rule when it comes to this process and you are at liberty to employ one or several of the crystal-cleaning methods until you are comfortable that they are fully cleansed. Trust your own instincts and feelings regarding your crystals and whether or not you have done enough to remove all the negative energies. The more you work with your crystals, the more you will become attuned to when they need cleaning, though a general guideline would be to cleanse them every few weeks.

Crystal Cleaning Methods

Cleansing a Fluorite wand in sea salt and water
Cleansing a Fluorite wand in sea salt and water

The simplest crystal cleansing technique is to place them in out in the sun for several hours at least to allow the cleansing powers of sunlight to remove the negative energies. Alternatively, some people prefer using moonlight, as it’s regularly available every month (a good schedule for cleaning crystals) and so long as the moon isn’t obscured by cloud cover, you can leave your crystals out over night to cleanse them in the refreshing lunar light.

Flowing water is a very popular method, though it should be noted that this generally means a flowing river or stream. You can use tap water but the effect will be reduced. If you live near a babbling brook or other natural source of flowing water, then this would be the method I recommend. If there’s no natural source nearby, then the water from a tap will suffice as a quick fix, but perhaps should be combined with another cleansing ritual such as using sun or moonlight.

Many crystal healers utilise salt to clean crystals, burying them in dry sea salt and leaving overnight. The salt absorbs the negative energies and thus should be discarded the following day, and certainly not ingested. Some crystals such as malachite and fluorite have softer surfaces and so using salt on them is not recommended due to their susceptibility to scratches. You should also avoid using salt water as it can damage crystals due to its corrosive nature.

Crystals Clean Crystals

Selenite cleans other crystals
Selenite cleans other crystals

Cleanse and recharge your crystals by placing them on the special cleansing crystal Selenite, which is a variety of the mineral Gypsum. Another variety is Satin Spar, and both are ideal crystals for cleansing other crystals due to their extremely high vibrations and the fact that these crystals will not need cleansing themselves. Other crystals with a similar effect are Quartz and Amethyst, although their vibrations are not as high as Selenite.

An all-in-one cleansing method which will not only cleanse your crystals of any negative energy but also the space around them, is to use a singing bowl or clean-ringing bell as the clear tones and chimes will immediately disperse the negativity. An even more spiritual version of this method is to use Buddhist Tingsha prayer chimes which can be purchased online.

Once you have plenty of experience practicing crystal healing, then you will also be able to cleanse your crystals with a visualisation technique which involves picturing a clear blue or white light emanating from within your hands and penetrating the crystal. The visualised light will cleanse the crystal of its negative energies and recharge it ready to be used for some quality crystal healing once again.

How to Prepare for a Crystal Healing Session

Crystals have been used for healing around the world for thousands of years. Different cultures have used various crystals as a means of thwarting ailments and illnesses. According to practitioners of crystal healing, when the stones are placed in the area of the chakras, the crystal will bring energetic properties for those seeking healing.

Before you start your crystal healing make sure you research crystal properties and all the positive actions the different stones are used for. If you want to start exploring and experimenting with this age-old curative method, take a look at how to prepare for a crystal healing session.

Choose your Crystal

Different crystals have different energies and properties. Crystal healers believe that between the different energies and properties we can affect the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects of ourselves. Before you begin a crystal healing session, you will need to use the right crystal for the ailment you are aspiring to combat. For example, a Tigers Eye crystal is used as an aid for those seeking clarity. Rose Quartz is a popular type of stone in crystal healing, which is used as a tool to nurture calming and instigate romance, while Lapis Lazuli is said to expand awareness and help us attune to our intuition. Lapis Lazuli was prized by the Ancient Egyptians who believed this crystal protected them from the evil eye. If you are serious about practising crystal healing on others, it would be wise to have a diverse range of crystals in order to be able to target and relief different conditions.

Specific crystals are used in directed crystal healing
Specific crystals are used in directed crystal healing

Crystals for Pain Relief

Crystals are commonly used as an aid to help individuals overcome back pain. Apatite is one type of crystal that is used as an instrument to ease back pain. The apatite crystals should be placed at various points of the back in align with the chakra points. By utilising these points, healing energy will be implemented in the body which will fight the source of pain.

You may be trying to overcome insomnia, stress, alcoholism or nervousness. Whatever ailment you are tackling you will need to be aware of the different properties of each crystal. For example, the purple, lilac or mauve shades of the amethyst gemstone are associated with reducing withdrawal symptoms. In fact the word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and is believed to protect one from poison. This soothing, healing stone is said to encourage spiritual development, clear the aura and refresh the spirit, body and mind.

A competent practitioner can help you with your crystal healing.
A competent practitioner can help you with your crystal healing.

Jade, the Dream Stone

Jade has also been serving mankind for nearly 6,000 years. For the primitive people of the British Isles, the toughness of this stone and the ability to sharpen and polish it, made jade a favourite stone for knives, weapons and axe heads. The indigenous tribes of Mexico took this further and carved jade into deity masks and other ritual artefacts and then cast it into wells as an offering to the water spirits. Today this stunning crystal is still valued for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to be the ultimate “dream stone”, promoting sleep, sweet dreams and encouraging creativity.

Jade Healing Stone
Jade Healing Stone

Top 10 Crystals for Protection

Crystals don’t just make eye-catching jewellery and stunning ornaments. Many believe these beautiful precious stones have protective powers and can help keep us and our loved ones safe. Although one crystal’s powers to protect and look after can vary significantly to another crystal’s spiritual capabilities. To ensure that you choose the right crystal for the right kind of protection read the following top ten guide to what kind of safety and security different crystals reputably bring.

Carnelian Pyramid
Carnelian Pyramid
Peridot & Silver Pendant
Peridot & Silver Pendant
Smoky Quartz Crystal Beads
Smoky Quartz Crystal Beads

1 – Carnelian
Ancient Egypt used to exploit the alleged protective powers of carnelian. This beautiful and fiery carnelian stone is believed to provide strength, courage and protection to individuals who have been undermined, feel weakened or who have lost their confidence. As well as bringing courage to those who feel frightened, this polished precious stone protects the body and the mind of all who own it.

2- Peridot

Its stunning green and shimmering look means peridot is a popular choice of jewellery embellished with crystals. Apart from its obvious aesthetic qualities, traditionally peridot has been used to ward off the evil eye. As well as the ancient Egyptians using peridot to keep evil spirits at bay, it is also believed that this stunning emerald crystal comforts its owners and rids the heart of bitterness and negativity.

3- Smoky Quartz

From smoky quartz crystal beads to smoky quartz drilled tumblestone, this classy and traditional looking type of crystal has long been associated with providing protection and uplifting depression.

4- Jet

Jet black, shiny and smooth; if there’s one type of crystal that looks like it has healing powers, it’s jet. Traditionally used as a mourning stone, jet is believed to have protective powers and to neutralise any negativity.

5- Black Tourmaline

Another crystal with a dark and mysterious exterior, black tourmaline is a compelling looking crystal that looks like it means business and according to spiritual crystal folklore, it does mean business. When it comes to crystals that have the power to protect against negative energy, promote relaxation and eradicate tension, black tourmaline is supposed to be one of the most potent. Reap the protective powers of black tourmaline by wearing it round your neck. This stunning black tourmaline crystal pendulum with its high polish and subtle sparkle when it catches the light, certainly looks like it means business in the protection stakes.

6- Bloodstone

This dark crystal which is flecked in red is one of the most aesthetically-unique crystals in existence. According to legend, this ‘spiritual warrior’ can help a person find courage to tackle all kinds of obstacles that lie in their path.

Azurite Specimen
Azurite Specimen
Jet Tumblestone
Jet Tumblestone
Black Tourmaline Pendulum
Black Tourmaline Pendulum

7- Azurite

This beautiful blue crystal is associated with Vishuddha, the centre which governs our speech and creative expression. The highly spiritual Azurite is purported to encourage a deep meditative state, which is detoxifying and will aid intellect and communication, thus protecting us from communicative ailments.

8- Ruby

With its natural red tones ruby is one of the most popular types of crystals in existence. Being associated with passion ruby is a popular choice of crystal for lovers but what are its protective powers like? Apparently ruby is associated with root chakra, which is linked with grounding and protection, particularly when it comes to libido.

9- Hematite

In helping to absorb negative energy, hematite is associated with having calming powers in times of stress and worry. This beautiful crystal has a glittery and sparkling surface which augments its intrigue and mystery. This compelling-looking crystal certainly looks like it would have the power to dispel negative energy.

10- Malachite

Another stunningly green crystal, malachite is also widely believed to have potent protective powers. Malachite is said to possess equalising and balancing agents, which can help protect brittle and fragile bones.



Best Crystals for Love and Romance

A new year, a new romance. If you are looking for a new romance in 2014 or are looking to rekindle some romance in an existing relationship, let crystals lend you a helping hand. For centuries crystals have been associated with building strong and positive relationships and being a source of aiding love and romance.

Whether it is to mend a broken heart, express love, attract a soul mate, nurture eroticism or to help build a healthy relationship, crystals have long been considered as a potent love and romance stimulus. That’s not to say all crystals and gemstones are associated with being a positive relationship-builder. Take a look at the top five crystals that are believed to have romance- motivating properties and what they can do for someone who is looking for love.

Malachite & Silver Pendant
Malachite & Silver Pendant
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Rose Quartz Pendant
Rose Quartz Pendant

Rose quartz

With its gentle pink essence, rose quartz is widely known as a crystal which helps heal the heart chakra, the crystal of unconditional love. This beautiful type of crystals is believed to have a gentle energy that helps you accept, respect and love yourself, all essential qualities that help you love someone else. Known as the heart stone, rose quartz has been used as a symbol and token of love since 600 B.C. When worn close to the heart in the form of a pendant, it is believed that rose quartz can help you fall in unconditional love.


If you are looking for passion then ruby is associated with having the power to ignite or rekindle passion in a relationship. With its six-sided crystal prisms, rubies are purported to cleanse the chakras, promoting love and commitment as well as passion and romance. Use a ruby crystal massage wand to inspire passion and deepen emotional bonds in 2014.


Moonstone is widely referred to as the “Goddess Stone”, which has been traditionally related to emotional feelings, intuition, the heart and fertility. This softly toned crystal is often worn as a pendant to encourage acceptance and heighten physical capabilities. Being aligned to the moon, moonstone is said to be ideal for men who want to get in touch with the their softer ‘feminine’ side and for women who like to dominate in a relationship.


Jade is considered to be the crystal of wisdom, which promotes nurturing and love. It is believed that jade helps its wearer recognise who they are spiritually, sending them on a journey of self-discovery. It helps attract a loving and fulfilling relationship, protecting the wearer from emotional harm.


Malachite is named after the Greek word for “mallow”, a type of herb. With its soothing and calming properties, this polished green crystal is said to be the bringer of balance and harmony. From malachite mosaics to a malachite and silver pendant, this unique stone brings feminine power and opens the heart to unconditional love, the perfect crystal to help you find your soul mate in 2014.

Beginners Guide to Crystal Healing

Laying on of Stones
Laying on of Stones

Crystal healing and the use of crystals has been around for a long, long time, with the earliest known references to crystal use having been recorded by the Ancient Sumerians who date back further than three thousand years.

The Ancient Egyptians also made great use of crystals and gemstones in their amulets and jewellery, with their main purpose being to either protect against evil or to boost their health. They even had a particular crystal for curing nightmares and purging evil spirits, Chrysolite, which has since been translated as both topaz and peridot.

Both are still used today and associated with uplifting energy which help create a positive state of mind and general well-being.

The Ancient Greeks were also fond of crystals, and many of the modern day crystal names originate with their original Ancient Greek monikers. The popular amethyst crystal, for example, actually derives from the Greek words meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and was believed to protect the wearer from drunkenness. Even today, it is a crystal used primarily for its protective powers and healing energy.

Many people nowadays are still interested in the same crystals used throughout history. Crystal healing can be something of a mystery to the uninitiated as many of us often won’t know exactly where to start because of how many different kinds of crystals there are, all with their own particular energies and influences. It can be intimidating to begin trying to figure it all out and learn what each crystal does and which ones are ideal for us.

First of all, rest assured that there’s no particular path set out for each of us and it’s really down to your own intuition how you go about it. There are some crystals which are great starting points though, and which can be especially useful for beginners

The Power of Healing Crystals

Smoky Quartz Polished Point
Smoky Quartz Polished Point
Amethyst Double Stone Pendulum
Amethyst Double Stone Pendulum
Citrine Healing Crystal
Citrine Healing Crystal

As previously stated, the Amethyst Crystal has incredible healing powers which can affect the entire body. It is also a powerfully spiritual crystal which is ideal for meditative purposes.

Quartz is believed by many to be the most important of the healing crystals, as it will channel and amplify natural energy due to its helical spiral crystalline form. There are several different kinds of quartz, such as Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz, so a beginner should definitely look into the values of each and make this special crystal one of the first they get to know.

Citrine is an interesting healing crystal as it is associated with self-confidence and luck, while also believed to have a strong bearing on financial prosperity. It is also thought to stimulate the imagination while bringing joy and a positive outlook on life to the user.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colours each with their own properties, but it is often referred to as the ‘Stone of Wisdom’. Black Tourmaline is believed to protect against negative energies by turning them into positive energies, though all of them have a strong protective power which many users find extremely useful.

Once you have discovered the crystal you think will have the most benefit for you, there are several ways which you can use them. The simplest way is to wear the crystal for a period of time to allow its energies to have their influence. This is an especially useful method for crystals that work slowly but continuously such as jasper crystals which are said to soothe nerves and keep you calm, but it can still be good even with crystals whose influence is known to move fast.

However, faster working crystals might be of most benefit when used in short bursts, such as the Laying on Stones Method where you place the crystals upon the corresponding Chakra points, which are a series of points in the body leading up from the base of your spine to your crown where the crystals are most effective. This can be an incredibly relaxing method of using crystal healing.

Surrounding yourself with crystals can also work wonders. The best way to maximise their influence in this manner is to create a healing space or meditation area where you can arrange the crystals in a circle around the area where you will meditate. The healing space needs to be comfortable, quiet and without distractions, somewhere you can relax and focus on your meditation. Using crystals this way is one of the most popular methods and can help you even when you are away from the area, perhaps stressed at work, because you always know you have this space to enter and let go of the negative energies that we can pick up throughout the day.

However you choose to begin using crystals and whichever crystals you choose to start with, you can rest assured that you are partaking in a healing system that has existed for thousands of years and has only improved in technique during that time.

Crystals for New Year Happiness Part 1

We might hanker after the latest smartphone or DVD of our favourite comedian during the build-up to Christmas, but as the New Year dawns there are really only two things we truly desire: happiness and prosperity. It’s why we make New Year’s resolutions to try and improve our lives or health and a determined mental attitude is often required to maintain these resolutions.

Below are a few descriptions of particularly beneficial healing crystals, one for each of the seven chakras, which will help encourage happiness and prosperity with their particular energies and influences which range from calming and soothing properties, through anti-depressant abilities (which aid the fight against the likes of Seasonal Affective Disorder), to qualities such as idea promoting and the strengthening of our will.

Almandine Garnet
Almandine Garnet

ALMANDINE GARNET varies in colour from a deep red to black and is strongly associated with the Base or Root Chakra. This healing crystal energises from the First Chakra all the way up through all the others, helping to eliminate negative or unhealthy inhibitions. Used to aid transformation, the Almandine Garnet Healing Crystal can give you the strength of will to remain steadfast in your New Year’s resolutions.

Almandine Garnet Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Base or Root (First Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Positively energising, confidence boosting and aids transformation.
  • Physical Attributes: Facilitates meditation.
  • Usage: Kept at home, the Garnet’s energising properties will emanate throughout. Also keep a red garnet with you to control anger.

  • Carnelian

    CARNELIAN is known to bestow optimism, courage and inner-strength, while also having a grounding ability by promoting calmness and serenity. The Carnelian Healing Crystal can be a powerful anti-depressant to relieve negative thoughts and is especially useful in alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can be of great benefit right now as the New Year’s first couple of months are often the coldest and greyest of the year.

    Carnelian Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Navel or Sacral Centre (Second Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Positivity, calming and depression relief.
  • Physical Attributes: Traditionally believed to staunch blood flow by calming it.
  • Usage: Carrying the stones or holding them during meditation will inspire the spiritual aspects, while drinking the essence of Carnelian is said to be a great anti-depressant.

  • Amber

    AMBER is an especially useful crystal due to attributes which include bestowing good fortune and a strong sense of optimism upon those who feel its influence. Also known as a powerful healer, the Amber Healing Crystal has the distinction of being the earliest recorded precious stone as it is the preserved resin of ancient conifer trees.

    Amber Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus (Third Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Luck, optimism, strength and self-confidence.
  • Physical Attributes: Helps joint problems and is good for the liver and kidneys.
  • Usage: Although primarily associated with the Third Chakra, amber can also influence the Seventh or Crown Chakra and can help relieve headaches by placing the stone upon the forehead. The spiritual attributes of amber will also flourish when placed around the home.

  • Kunzite

    KUNZITE is another precious stone, sometimes called Pink Spodumene, which is especially good for combating depression as it is a very cheering and uplifting healing crystal. It is often used as a block for electromagnetic stress. These attributes of the Kunzite Healing Crystal are very useful in our search for happiness in the New Year.

    Kunzite Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart (Fourth Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Happiness and stress relief.
  • Physical Attributes: Can induce deep meditation.
  • Usage: Placing them around our living or work areas will help ease depression and lift our spirits. Become a ‘spiritual warrior’ by holding a spear-shaped kunzite crystal.
  • Can’t get enough of our New Years Resolution crystals? Come back next week for more fantastic crystal ideas in Crystals for New Year Happiness Part 2.

    Festive Crystal Gift Ideas

    If you are determined to get your loved one a truly special and unique gift this Christmas then why not opt for a beautiful and stunning crystal? Men, women and children of all ages, backgrounds and tastes can’t seem to resist the electrifying charms of opening an aesthetically beautiful and spiritually healing crystal. Whether your loved one is a veteran crystal collector, is a Feng Shui master or has never owned a crystal in their life, take a look at the following festive crystal gift ideas to help make Christmas 2013 a memorable one.

    Calymene Gift Box
    Calymene Gift Box
    Moonstone Pendant
    Moonstone Pendant
    Quartz Dragon Turtle
    Quartz Dragon Turtle

    The Seasoned Crystal Healer

    If your loved one has a penchant for exploiting the unique healing powers of crystals then why not indulge their spiritual senses further by presenting them with a crystal pendulum this Christmas? Crystal pendulums are meticulously crafted using superior crystals that are renowned for their healing attributes. For exceptional soothing powers give your loved one an Amethyst Egyptian Pendulum, a beautiful stone that has calm yet powerful healing energy.

    The Feng Shui Fanatic

    If your partner, daughter, cousin, friend or anyone you buy a Christmas gift for is into Feng Shui then why not whet their appetite for this ancient form of art and science further by giving them a stunning quartz hand-carved dragon turtle. This ancient Chinese symbol has been used for decades in Feng Shui as a means of creating more energy and spiritual power. It is believed that by positioning this symbol of power in a home will protect its inhabitants, bringing them luck, wealth and security. The symbol of the dragon-headed turtle carved out of quartz is also believed to protect the home from negative energy.

    A Special Crystal Gift for a Child

    It’s no secret that a lot of children get showered with too many toys than they can realistically play with on Christmas Day. Instead of adding to the long list of noisy, flashing toys a child is often overwhelmed with during the festive period why not give them a thoroughly unique gift they are likely to have and cherish in many years from now?

    For example, if you child is showing an interest for science and archaeology, stimulate their interest by giving them a fossil gift box set. These stylish gift boxes contain a range of stunning fossils, meaning you will give someone a little piece of natural history. For example, this Calymene Trilobite is between 400 and 440 million years old and provides a truly wonderful gift for anyone fascinated by natural history and fossils.

    Moonstone Jewellery for Her

    If you want to show the lady in your life just how much you love and respect her this Christmas then giving her a piece of moonstone jewellery this year will certainly show your love and appreciation. Moonstone is a feminine crystal that is believed to nurture and protect. Asides its unique spiritual powers, moonstone jewellery looks absolutely stunning. This moonstone pendant for example, with its wonderfully ethereal and misty exterior, would complement an elegant Christmas outfit impeccably.

    Crystals for Prosperity

    Crystals aren’t just beautiful and compelling to look at but they have many unique healing and spiritual powers. From awarding greater self-esteem and confidence to healing sexual problems, the unique capabilities of various types of crystals have been exploited for centuries. But did you know that crystals can be used to help attract prosperity and abundance? If you could do with an infusion of fortune in the prosperity stakes take a look at the following crystals which are known for bringing wealth, prosperity and abundance.


    Citrine Tumble Stones
    Citrine Tumble Stones

    Citrine has been referred to as the ‘money stone’. ‘success stone’ and ‘merchants’ stone of wealth’. This stunning crystal is yellow or golden in colour and is a member of the quartz mineral group. Ancient cultures believed that placing this stone on the forehead of an elderly person would increase his psychic power.

    Citrine is now commonly associated with being a stone of good fortune, which helps a person not only acquire wealth but maintain it. Putting a citrine crystal in your pocket or wallet will help nurture prosperity. Alternatively having citrine tumblestones in a bowl and set in any room in your home is a good idea to attract luck into your living space.

    Green Aventurine

    Green Aventurine Egg
    Green Aventurine Egg

    Green Aventurine has been used as a wealth and luck-generating aid for centuries. As a consequence of its lucky-associations, this thoroughly unique looking stone is popular amongst gamblers. In the world of minerals, aventurine in the good luck shamrock, bringing fortune, prosperity, abundance and happiness to all those who own it. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and in order for one to be financially secure, the heart must be ‘healed’ and radiate positive energy. Having this beautiful green stone in your possession will help this positive energy to be radiated, thus healing the heart.

    Aventurine can be bought in many forms and is typically green or peach in colour. From a green aventurine crystal egg to a peach aventurine gemstone chip necklace, there are many ways you can utilise the prosperity-generating powers of aventurine. Though it has to be said that it is predominantly green aventurine that is particularly associated with wealth.


    Iron Pyrite Tumblestone
    Iron Pyrite Tumblestone

    The name pyrite comes from the Greek word meaning “a stone which strikes fire.” Being typically golden in colour, pyrite is a traditional symbol for money and abundance. However, it is also worth knowing that it is also known as fool’s gold because it can found adjacent to gold deposits and has has been mistaken for gold.

    Native Americans believed they could ‘look into someone’s soul’ when they peered into a polished piece of pyrite. Even today, placing a polished piece of iron pyrite tumblestone on the mantelpiece is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the household.


    Peridot & Silver Pendant
    Peridot & Silver Pendant

    Peridot is another ‘stone of money’. It is believed that if you put a piece of peridot with a lump of citrine in your purse it will protect the money and help bring on more finance and wealth. It is also said that only spiritual and clear-minded individuals should exploit the charms of peridot.

    Instead of carrying around an awkwardly-shaped piece of peridot in your purse, why not utilise its money-making powers by wearing a stunning peridot pendant around your neck?

    Top Crystal Stocking Fillers for Under £5

    It’s nice to give a few little extra things at Christmas other than the big fancy present. It’s often the little things which touch our hearts the most and help us remember how much we are loved. There are plenty of crystal options for this kind of stocking filler present which aren’t expensive but will be cherished for many years to come. Simple items like Amethyst Crystal Beads will be used in craftwork (or made into jewellery) and then appreciated for a long time after the big fancy present of the latest video games console has become outdated.

    Here are another five awesome stocking filler gifts that you can get for under £5 which will last a lot longer and mean so much more to the receiver than a pair of socks with Bart Simpson’s face on them.

    African Jade Crystal Sphere
    African Jade Crystal Sphere
    Blue Apatite Energy Dome
    Blue Apatite Energy Dome
    Seftonite Carved Dragon Turtle
    Seftonite Carved Dragon Turtle

    Crystal Eggs are beautifully polished embodiments of your favourite crystal which are ideal for holding during meditation or placing upon your body while relaxing and clearing your mind. They make fantastic ornaments for your home or healing area, and there are many examples available for less than £5, such as the Green Aventurine Crystal Egg, which is variety of quartz and said to bring balance and harmony to a household.

    Similar to the eggs, Crystal Spheres are another lovely gift you can pick up several varieties of for under £5. Radiating crystal energy equally in all directions, the crystal spheres are also ideal for scrying (crystal ball gazing) as well as making excellent ornamental pieces. The African Jade Crystal Sphere is said to be detoxifying and spiritually cleansing, and these kinds of crystals are even more brilliant when teamed with other similar such items, though they still look wonderful even on their own.

    Crystal Carvings make perfect stocking filler gifts, as not only are they beautifully crafted to be wonderful ornaments, the materials they are carved out of can bring many positive influences into the home. The Seftonite Carved Dragon Turtle, for example, is a representation of a legendary creature consisting of two of the four celestial beasts of Chinese mythology; a dragon’s head on the body of a turtle. It is a symbol of courage and power.

    Energy Domes are another type of crystal creation which help fill a stocking for under £5. They bring positive energy into the home and are again beautiful ornamental pieces as well. The Blue Apatite Energy Dome is known to encourage energetic and extroverted behaviour, while being particularly associated with promoting communication on all levels.

    Agate Slices are simple but spectacular gifts that you can get a couple of for under £5. The thin slices display the intricately banded structure of agate, as seen here with this lovely blue Agate Slice. They should ideally be placed where a light source can shine through them and make the colours glow in a magical way. Agate is also associated with harmony and balance and thus the agate slices have a heartfelt symbolic significance too.


    The Use of Crystals Throughout History

    Turquoise & Silver Ring
    Turquoise & Silver Ring

    The history of crystal healing stretches as far back as historical records themselves, with every indication that they were utilised by human societies all around the world for a long time before records began.

    The Mayans, for example, are known to have used crystals for physical and spiritual healing as well as for diagnosing illnesses, while the healing power of crystals is described in detail in the Vedas, Hindu holy texts that are thousands of years old.

    Ancient Egyptian culture also embraced crystals for healing purposes as well as for protection, with their use by the famous civilisation documented in the Ebers Papyrus, a preserved medical text dating back to 1550 BCE which can still be viewed today in the library of the University of Leipzig, Germany.

    The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt also lined their heafddresses with gemstones and crystals which encouraged wisdom and protected them against various weaknesses, with the intention of making them better rulers of the people. Their tombs have also been discovered to contain many different types of crystals embedded in their sarcophagi and ornaments surrounding their final resting places.

    Crystal Healing

    Chinese Crystal Healing
    Chinese Crystal Healing

    An ancient practice that is still relevant today is Chinese medicine, which again is thousands of years old, and also used crystals for their healing energies.

    Today, crystals are still used in Chinese acupuncture and they are vital to the processes of Pranic healing. Tibetan Buddhists, alongside Hindus, also use crystals in their healing methods, with the Ayurvedic traditional medicine system still very popular on the Indian sub-continent.

    Crystals have also been popular in Christianity and Islam, with the former’s holy book, the Bible, featuring over 200 mentions of crystals throughout its scriptures.

    The Islamic prophet Muhammad was thought to wear several symbolic rings, among them being an opal crystal ring for beauty and dignity, a turquoise ring that represented victory and invoked divine assistance in battle, and a carnelian ring for protection from enemies and misfortune.

    Another modern use of crystals that has its roots in ancient lore is Feng Shui, which is the practice of manipulating and influencing the energies, or Life Force, that exist in everything around us. The Universal Life Force consists of five elemental components which can be reduced or enhanced by crystals to increase or decrease the flow of certain energies in a room.

    Dependence on crystal healing has lessened over the centuries as scientific and medical advances have provided modern human society with so many more options when it comes to physical healing, but the mental and spiritual aspects of crystal healing are still relevant as their current popularity will testify. People still turn to crystal therapy to enhance their spiritual well-being and improve their mental capacity due to the incredible effects that positive thinking can have on our daily lives. It’s not just about thinking good thoughts, but surrounding ourselves with particular positive energies which influence and encourage certain aspects of our spirituality and mental health.

    The fact that crystal healing has endured throughout the ages is evidence that its effect on these important elements of being human should not be underestimated.