Life Changing Healing Crystals

Crystals can help change your life in the most beautiful and positive of ways. The beauty of these stunning, timeless and utterly unique gemstones is that they work for different people in different ways. Crystals come in an almost infinite number of variations and one of the most exciting components of crystals is that within these variations come infinitely different healing and stimulating effects. If you are determined to change some aspect of your life through the powerful, pleasurable and spellbinding qualities of crystals, take a look at some of the most life changing crystals there are in existence.

Stimulate the Mind, Body & Soul with Agate

Agate has a long tradition as being used as a powerful stimulant in healing and meditation. The wonderful spiritual powers of agate means this beautiful stone strengthens your physical body, unlocks new levels of awareness in meditation. The mineral composition of Agate not only determines its distinct and thoroughly unique colour and pattern but it also crafts life-changing capabilities. In short, using agate crystals to complement meditation or merely wearing Agate jewellery or having it in the home can help stimulate the mind, body and soul and change your life forever.

Agate Slices Look Gorgeous on Display

Remedy Feuds with Carnelian Crystals

The very nature of human existence and the complexity of the human mind and sensitivity means it is only natural that we disagree, argue and even fall out with one another from time to time. Unfortunately arguments can easily translate into lifelong feuds that are seemingly unresolvable. Perhaps you fell out with your father several years ago and are both reluctant to make the first move in rectifying the problem. Or maybe you got divorced from your husband and would love to have an amicable relationship for the kids sake but sadly can’t be in the same room as one another. Long-term feuds can shatter and destroy relationships, casting a murky shadow on our lives.

The good news is that with carnelian we can mend what seems like unresolvable relationships. The unique properties found in the brightening and beautiful stone of Carnelian helps remove tension between human beings. What’s more, the calming and soothing qualities of Carnelian can help prevent any major bust ups from occurring again. In rectifying the bond between you and someone you once considered close, Carnelian crystal will change your life forever.

Take a Look at Our Carnelian stones & Crystals Hearts

Find a Soul Mate with Rhodochrosite

What could be a more life-changing event than finding your soul mate? Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, fifties or even seventies, finding a soul mate will change your life forever. Perhaps you’ve never found a soul mate before. Or perhaps you are looking for a new soul mate? Either way the smooth, vibrant and unrivalled look and tone of Rhodochrosite not only looks great but the magnetic powers of this potent crystal is believed to be able to help those who utilise its powers bewitch anyone they desire – life changing qualities, that’s for sure.

See Our Wide Range of Rhodochrosite Crystals

Rhodochrosite Crystals

The pink colour of rhodochrosite crystal makes it one of the most attractive healing crystals but it is also one of the most positive stones. This crystal has a wide range of healing attributes and it is a wonderful crystal to have in your home or wear as jewellery. Here at Crystal Age we have a great choice of rhodochrosite crystals including healing stones, beads and a wide range of rhodochrosite jewellery.

Rhodochrosite Healing Crystals

You can use rhodochrosite healing crystals for a wide range of healing applications including laying crystals on the skin and meditation or simply placing them around your home. Rhodochrosite is strongly aligned with the heart chakra, Anahata. It is believed to improve almost every part of your physical and emotional wellbeing and is very versatile. On an emotional level, rhodochrosite is believed to encourage love and compassion for all beings. It is a very optimistic crystal and has a mood lifting effect. Rhodochrosite is said to help us express our feelings in relationships and friendships, as well as encouraging selfless behaviour. On a physical level it is believed to boost overall good health. It is particularly recommended for conditions of the respiratory system and heart. Rhodochrosite is often used to treat high blood pressure, poor circulation and asthma.

Rhodochrosite Tumble Stones
Rhodochrosite Tumble Stones
Rhodochrosite Palm Stone
Rhodochrosite Palm Stone

Rhodochrosite Crystal Ball
Rhodochrosite Crystal Ball

Rhodochrosite Crystal Jewellery

Wearing rhodochrosite jewellery is a great way to benefit from its healing powers. And of course it is a very beautiful stone, so it makes wonderful jewellery and gifts. We have a great choice of rhodochrosite crystal jewellery including the three pieces seen below. Please click through to see our full range.

Rhodochrosite Bead Necklace
Rhodochrosite Bead Necklace
Rhodochrosite Bracelet
Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Rhodochrosite Pendant
Rhodochrosite Pendant

New Speciality Palm Stones

Palm stones are polished crystals with a huge range of uses and I am pleased to announce that we have a brand new range of speciality palm stones here at Crystal Age! The new range of palm stones includes individually selected stones of superior quality. Each palm stone has been hand picked for its unique quality, beauty and provenance. Palm stones are oval stones that fit into the palm of your hand. They can be displayed, used as a focus during meditation, placed on the body for crystal healing or used in any way you wish as part of a healing practice.

Speciality Rhodochrosite Palm Stones

Speciality Rhodochrosite Palm Stone

We have eight beautiful rhodochrosite palm stones starting at £29.99. Rhodochrosite is a wonderful crystal that appears in a range of pink colours, with distinctive wavy patterns and creamy markings. In crystal healing, rhodochrosite is a stone of health and compassion. It is believed to encourage optimism, universal love and selfless behaviour. On a physical level it is believed to benefit the respiratory system and heart, blood pressure, poor circulation and asthma.

Speciality Seraphinite Palm Stones

Speciality Seraphinite Palm Stone

Seraphinite is a wonderful crystal and we have 8 seraphinite palm stones, also starting at £29.99. Seraphinite is so called because of its feather-like patterns, which were compared to the wings of seraphs, a type of angel. This crystal is associated with spiritual enlightenment, letting go of illness and communication with higher energies. It is said to cleanse the aura and have a strengthening and balancing effect on all seven chakras.

Rhodochrosite Beads

Rhodochrosite Crystal is said to represent selfless love and compassion which makes it a lovely crystal to buy in the form of Rhodochrosite Beads. You can either make items of jewellery with rhodochrosite beads, place them around the home, or take them with you in your bag or pocket wherever you go. Crystal healers say that rhodochrosite Beads expand consciousness, whilst integrating spiritual and material energies. Many people use rhodochrosite beads to help their heart and relationships, particularly those who feel unloved. People who have been sexually abused could find rhodochrosite beads and other forms of the crystal helpful in healing and it can also attract a soul mate, it is said that soul mates teach us lessons in life but beware these are not always pleasant experiences. Many people also use rhodochrosite beads to teach their hearts to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, it also is said to remove forms of denial.

Rhodochrosite Beads Formation

For a crystal that is naturally banded, rhodochrosite is an excellent example, it often has curved bands which are displayed throughout each bead. Due to the warming colour of rhodochrosite beads, the formation is displayed beautifully and uplifts the senses in an instant. You can wear rhodochrosite beads if you are into jewellery making, or alternatively use them around the home to keep near you in times of trouble.

Rhodochrosite Beads Products

20mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

20mm Rhodochrosite Beads

These fabulous 20mm rhodochrosite beads have lovely red and orange tones and each bead varies in shape slightly, displaying the pink banded structure of the beads. You will receive the 20mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads on a temporary 16″/40cm string, great for getting you started on a piece of jewellery or ornament item.

25mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

25mm Rhodochrosite Beads

The larger 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads show an even larger surface area of the warming crystal and helps to brighten up your look or home with a comforting tone. Each 25m tumble stone has been polished to a glossy finish and combines pinks with orange and red, complimenting all skin tones beautifully. These gorgeous 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads make excellent gifts for any occasion as well as a lovely addition or start to a crystal collection.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Is Believed To Heal Inner Wounds

Apart from being very beautiful the Rhodochrosite Crystal is believed to be an excellent healing crystal. The optimistic Rhodochrosite Crystal is usually a vibrant freesia pink in colour, but can also be found in red, yellow, orange and brown. It is though that the Rhodochrosite Crystal can help emotional healing and recovery of lost memories, self love and compassion. If you have suffered in your childhood from physical or emotional violence, severe shaming or thrown into a traumatizing emotional situation, the result can be a fixation of a portion of one’s life-force energies at that point, Rhodochrosite is said to be able to work to bring vibrancy and self-healing in these situations.

Rhodochrosite Thumb Stone

Rhodochrosite Thumb Stone
Rhodochrosite Thumb Stone

This stunning example of Rhodochrosite Thumb Stone has been highly polished which brings out the full detail of Rhodochrosite, smooth to the touch it is very comfortable to hold. Rhodochrosite is an optimistic crystal believed to be able to help us express and heal ourselves, improving friendships and other relationships. It is said that the Rhodochrosite Thumb Stone can help to heal the inner child in us all, which being very fragile can often be broken, particularly where deep emotional traumas have left one unable to feel joy or to express themselves anymore.

Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere

Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere
Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere

You can enjoy the Rhodochrosite Crystal in the form of this fabulous brightly coloured Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere. The detail of the crystal is outstanding, showing the structured curved layers and gorgeous tones, interspersed with cream and white. The Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere is said to help those who have been through unfortunate unforeseeable situations, helping them to come to terms with their lives and showing them how they can make it better. This lovely Rhodochrosite Medium Sphere is a one-off piece, so this is the exact product that you will receive.