Amber’s healing powers

With its warming glow and distinct rustic tones amber is an aesthetically stunning gemstone. Being this beautiful and unique it is hardly surprising amber is crafted into jewellery and ornaments whose receivers’ regard as eternally precious. As well as being irrefutably alluring to look at, amber’s appeal also stems from its massive healing powers.

A Powerful History

The healing properties of amber date back centuries. Archaeologists have found meticulously carved pieces of amber in various digs around the world, dating back to around 2000 BC. Ancient Germanic tribes, including Celts, Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Chinese people viewed amber as an almost sacred entity, which offered them protection and healing powers. Due to its “electrical properties” and rich golden colour, amber, also known as Bernstein, Northern Golf and Electra, was traded far and wide during ancient civilisations. Tribes in Lithuania used amber to drive away evil spirits and to help the souls of the dead travel to good spirits.

An Ancient Potent Healer

In his work on alternative medicine, Hippoctrates (460 – 377 BC), the “Father of Medicine”, described the healing properties and the ways in which Baltic Amber could be used as a healer. Hippocrates’ methods were then used by scientists until the Middle Ages. In ancient Rome, amber was used as a means to protect people against disease, including madness. The zest to exploit amber’s healing properties continued in the Middle Ages, when Baltic amber beads were worn to treat jaundice. It was widely believed the power of this golden stone could ingest the unwanted yellow tinge from the skin.

The belief that amber could heal the mind and cure the body from pain and disease continued throughout history. Before World War I amber was used to treat different diseases, including impotency in men.


How Can Amber Be Used?

So it certainly has its unique healing uses, but how exactly can we exploit amber’s decisive capabilities?

  • Amber jewellery – Wearing amber jewellery is perhaps the most obvious way for the powers of the gemstone to flow into the body and mind of its user.
  • Amber balls – Amber balls are beautiful carved objects which are used in meditation as a means of enhancing the spiritualness of the practice. Place the amber balls in the palms of your hands and you will hit specific pressure points. The balls will send signals through your nervous system that will tell you when it’s time to let go and relax.
Amber & Silver Stud Earrings 
Amber Healing Crystal
Amber Bracelet (elasticated)

A Potent Chakra Cleanser

Today, the ubiquitous love affair with amber remains. This powerful chakra cleanser and healer is said to imbue the body with vitality and is still used as a means to absorb pain and negative energy. By ridding the body of pain, rebalance and energy is restored through amber. As well as alleviating stress and anxiety, amber is still used to treat various illnesses. With its natural antibiotic powers, problems related to the gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, liver and the spleen are believed to be cured with amber. This stunning and distinctive gemstone is also used strengthen muscles and to alleviate joint problems.

An Intellect Enhancer

Asides it physical healing proficiencies, amber is also said to augment decisiveness. By strengthening the memory and intellect, amber acts as a powerful source in providing emotional well-being.


Crystals for Mother’s Day

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Quartz & Amethyst Silver Pendant - 36mm
Quartz & Amethyst Silver Pendant - 36mm

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Quartz & Silver Pendant - Heart 29mm
Quartz & Silver Pendant - Heart 29mm

The purity of quartz makes for a simple and elegant pendant that complements all complexions and accents any look. This 29mm Quartz & Silver Heart Pendant would make a delightful gift for anyone who loves crystal jewellery in all its forms.

Quartz & Moonstone Silver Pendant - 26mm
Quartz & Moonstone Silver Pendant - 26mm

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Polished Crystal Points

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Rutilated Quartz Polished Point
Amethyst Polished Point
Citrine Polished Point

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What is Cat’s Eye Crystal?

Cat’s eye crystal is a fascinating stone that has become very popular due to its unique optical effects and beautiful shine. But what kind of crystal is cat’s eye?

Cat’s eye crystals are very attractive and are available in eight bright coloured tumblestones. These Cat’s eye crystals are produced synthetically, so it is important to know whether your crystal is natural or synthetic.

Green Cats Eye Bracelet
Green Cats Eye Bracelet
Blue Cats Eye Tumble Stones
Blue Cats Eye Tumble Stones

Red Cats Eye Tumble Stones
Red Cats Eye Tumble Stones

Cat’s Eye Crystal Healing Properties

Cat’s eye is a very positive stone with a wide range of healing properties. It is a traditional good luck stone, believed to protect its owner from disaster. Cat’s eye is also strongly associated with vision and the ability to see and think clearly. It is believed to encourage the ability to think far-sightedly. It is also associated with intuition, awareness, optimism and confidence. It is said to help you become more disciplined and focused in what you do. Thanks to all these qualities, cat’s eye is a wonderful crystal to have near you or wear as jewellery.