Discovery of the Oldest Crystal of Earth’s Crust

There’s exciting news in the world of crystallography. A minuscule crystal that is 4.4 billion years old has been discovered. The tiny Zircon has been confirmed as being the oldest fragment of the Earth’s crust.

The finding of the world’s oldest fragment has been reported in the Journal of Nature Geoscience. The piece of rock was found in sandstone in the Jack Hills area of Western Australia. Scientists were able to give the Zircon an age by analysing its lead atoms and Uranium. The Uranium decays into the lead atoms extremely slowly over time and can be used by scientists like a clock to trace age.

The implications of the discovery of the ancient Zircon is that our planet had formed a solid crust much sooner than what’s been widely perceived. Before the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago, it would have been a ball of molten magma. Through the discovery and calculating the age of the tiny crystal, scientists now have evidence to believe that the Earth’s surface hardened much earlier. This therefore poses the possibility that our planet had become ready to horde life not long after its formation.

“This is the oldest and the best dated of all the crystals that have been reported. This confirms our view of how the Earth cooled and became habitable,” said Professor John Valley, from the University of Wisconsin, US and lead author of the study. 

“We have no evidence that life existed then. We have no evidence that it didn’t. But there is no reason why life could not have existed on Earth 4.3 billion years ago,” continued the Professor. 

BBC Report that Crystal is 'oldest scrap of Earth crust'. Read the full story here!
BBC Report that Crystal is ‘oldest scrap of Earth crust’. Read the full story here!

Glows From Red To Blue

One of the greatest components of crystals is their unique, vibrant and dazzling tones. From the deep and serene shades of purple Amethyst crystals to the beautiful earthy browns, yellows and reds of Citrine, if you’re a fan of crystals, no doubt you’ll know all the different colours, shades and properties of the many different types of precious stones.

The crystal found in the sheep ranch in Western Australia is translucent red, a bit like a Ruby. However, as John Valley states, the tiny Zircon crystal glows blue when its bombarded with electrons.

Citrine Crystal
The Beautiful Colours of Citrine Crystal

A New Technique In The Study Of Crystals

In 2001 John Valley and his team of scientists carried out studies on another crystal found in the same Jack Hills area in Western Australia. There had however been inconclusiveness when trying to determine the age of the crystal. The new method of studying the age of crystals, which was used on the recent ancient crystal finding, is known as atom-probe tomography. It enables scientists to image single atoms of lead and work out the isotape ratio. The scientists found that the clumps of lead atoms in the crystal had formed 1 billion years following the crystallisation of the Zircon. This meant the lead atoms hadn’t moved enough to prevent the crystallographers from determining its real age. The team of scientists were therefore able to determine the exact age of the crystal – 4.4 billion years old.

So the next time you glance down at your Amethyst pendant or look up at your Quartz cluster on the mantle piece, have a thought at just how long crystals have existed – since Earth began.

Crystals for Beginners

Types of Crystals
Types of Crystals

The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘Krystallos’, which means frozen light.

With their distinctive pattern, shape and composition, beautiful tones and flickers of sparkle in certain lights, there is something compellingly fascinating about crystals. From draping them around our neck to enhance an outfit to putting them pride of place on the mantle piece for all to see, or using them as a potent aid for crystal healing and meditation, these divine precious stones have a multitude of uses.

If you are keen to start utilising the unique powers of crystals but are unsure where to start take a look at the following guide to crystals for beginners.

The Different Type of Crystals

There are essentially seven different types of crystals. They are classified according to their shape, which are cubic, trigonal, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, triclinic and monoclinic. The atoms of a mineral form the geometric shapes that make up the crystals. Minerals are defined by their chemicals that make them up and the way in which they crystallise.

When crystals are categorised by their physical/chemical properties there are four types of this precious stone: Covalent crystals, which has real chemical covalent between all of the atoms in the precious stone. Metallic crystals refer to gemstones that are made up of individual metal atoms that sit on lattice sites while outer electrons flow freely around the lattice. Ionic crystals are where the individual atoms are held together by electrostatic forces. Molecular crystals are held together by a chemical bond. These types of gemstones tend to be soft and have lower melting points.

The Different Uses of Crystals

Red Agate Crystal Beads
Red Agate Crystal Beads

When we think of crystals, beautiful jewellery such as stunning crystal pendants and exquisite crystal beads immediately spring to mind.

As well as buying ready made pieces of crystal jewellery to compliment and enhance an outfit for a special occasion, incorporating crystals into your jewellery can be a lot of fun.

With their stunning natural tones and striking patterns, agate beads are the perfect accessory to make your own unique and vibrant crystal beads. Agate
is one of the most attractive crystals that comes in a wide range of colours, from pale blue to black and white stripes.

Crystals & Feng Shui

Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen
Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen

Crystals are by no means just for wearing and are used as sacred objects in a number of healing activities.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese process that examines how people are affected by the environment in which they live. In Feng Shui, crystals are used to help create good energy in a home.

For example, rose quartz crystal is used in Feng Shui to attract romance and love or to help heal a broken heart. Citrine crystals help heal those with low self-esteem while black tourmaline has strong protective energies.

Crystals & Meditation

Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere
Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere

Meditating with crystals brings a whole new dimension to this ancient healing practice. You will need to choose what type of crystal you want to meditate with.

It is believed that if you choose a crystal with patterns or fault lines in it, you will ‘lose yourself’ within the crystal whilst meditating. For anyone interested in spirituality and crystals, meditation utilises both.

Using crystal balls can be a great way to radiate the energy of crystals in all directions while meditating. For example, beautiful calcite crystal balls are considered particularly spiritual and uplifting and have unique physical healing powers.

Best Crystals to Have in Your Crystal Healing Kit

Although we recommend you seek medical guidance for prolonged or severe pain or discomfort, we recommend the below healing stones as part of your home crystal healing kit. Each one has a unique, everyday healing property that is you will be glad to have at your fingertips as life’s little crises arise.


Emerald Energy Dome
Emerald Energy Dome

Emerald, the precious birthstone for May, is said to enhance your ability to live life to the full and with several notable healing powers, this is an essential stone for your healing kit.

It has the ability to help fight off infection, ease rheumatic disorder and detoxify the liver. Emerald can also enhance memory and if worn as a ring on the small finger of the left hand, this gem will also soothe sore eyes.

Emerald is very balancing and is reputed to help us to recover from dramatic upheavals in our lives. It is said to bestow harmony, unity and cooperation.


Amethyst Palmstone
Amethyst Palmstone

A member of the Quartz family, this beautiful purple gem is useful for those who lead a stressful work or life balance.

February’s birthstone is known to alleviate many conditions of the mind such as a headache or depression; it does this by helping you to relax. For this reason, Amethyst can also assist in overcoming dependency on chemical substances, such as smoking.

Healing amethyst can be used to release tension and relieve physical and emotional pain, even combating addictions.

Sunstone & Moonstone

Sunstone Tumble Stone
Sunstone Tumble Stone

These two stones are symbolically linked, and if carried together they will bring the protection of Sunstone into harmony with the peace of Moonstone.

By placing a sunstone in front of a white candle, you will spread protective energy, promote self healing, increase energy levels and improve organ functionality.

Wearing moonstone as a pendent is the most effective, and peaks during a full moon. It eases emotional stress and brings tranquillity to the wearer.


Citrine Polished Point
Citrine Polished Point

A cousin of Amethyst, Citrine has many distinct healing properties and is particularly effective in conjunction with meditation and yoga, either by holding it in your palm or in contact with the body somewhere.

Citrine will assist with pain reduction with digestive or urinal ailments. If this stunning crystal is kept under a pillow, it will help you sleep sound by eliminating any nightmares you may have.

This crystal is also believed to raise one’s self-esteem, combatting tendencies toward self-destruction. Citrine is good for overall emotional well-being.


Bloodstone Double Stone Pendulum
Bloodstone Double Stone Pendulum

The green, red spotted bloodstone is considered throughout history to represent the blood of Christ falling onto the green earth.

Aptly, it is a stone that aids circulation, reduces blood clots and can stop a nosebleed. The stone’s effects are said to be most effective when you lie on your stomach, with the stone on your back.

Bloodstone is calming and aids self-protection. In some crystal healing systems it is also considered a fertility aid.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Egg
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Egg

Mined for over 4000 years, this powerful stone is one of the highest prized in Egypt, even appearing on the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.

It’s healing properties relate to the sinus channels of the body, reducing lymph node swelling and boosting the endocrine system. For these reasons, Lapis Lazuli is great for treating throat and ear pain and infections.

Heated in warm water or sunlight, and gently rubbed across skin, Lapis Lazuli will also help to heal sties, insect bites and bruising.

Polished Crystal Points

Have a look at Crystal Age’s range of amazing crystal points.    They have all been polished and gently shaped to create beautiful pieces.  Choose from Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine and Quartz.  Whether for crystal healing or as a stylish ornament, these crystal points make a wonderful gift.

Rutilated Quartz Polished Point
Amethyst Polished Point
Citrine Polished Point

Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces for Scorpio

Birthdays are the ideal time to buy Birthstone Crystals, Bracelets & Necklaces. The Scorpio birth sign lasts from 23rd October to 21st November and is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac.   The important crystal  Citrine is presented in a gift box making an ideal present for those born under the sign of Scorpio.  Each crystal used in Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces have been chosen according to their Zodiac alignment and beauty. The properties of Turquoise Howlite  Bracelets and Necklaces are believed to portray the characteristics of the Scorpio sign. Birthstone Bracelets and Necklaces can be worn for special occasions or as part of everyday wear, they will brighten up your outfit nicely too as an added bonus.

Scorpio Birthstone Necklace
Zodiac Birthstones
Scorpio Birthstone Bracelet

Crystal Skulls Make Incredible Ornaments

If you’ve never come across crystal skulls before then you really should check them out, they are not only fantastic ornaments generally but also especially for occasions such as Halloween, helping to create the perfect atmosphere. Many people use crystal skulls for healing and they are also believed by crystal healers to ward off negative energy. The beautifully made crystal skulls have been skilfully carved from a range of different crystals, so you can choose your favourite or even buy multiple crystal skulls to place each end of a fireplace, mantelpiece or shelf. Crystal Skulls make superb gifts too, for a variety of people and their association with ancient wisdom makes them an attractive piece to add to any crystal collection.

4.5cm Black Obsidian Crystal Skulls

Black Obsidian Crystal Skulls

The eye-catching shine of this highly polished 4.5cm Black Obsidian Crystal Skull will add vitality to any space, there are no boundaries or limitations to obsidian it is said, making it a very powerful crystal. You can use this glossy obsidian crystal skull for healing, revealing deep insight and reasoning behind issues that need resolving, or into cause of disease. It is also said that obsidian crystal can reduce the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries.

60mm Citrine Crystal Skull

60mm Citrine Crystal Skull

For a softer tone in your home, use this exceptional 60mm Citrine Crystal Skull which protrudes the light through it fantastically. The 60mm Citrine Crystal Skull looks particularly great when placed near to a light source. Citrine is believed to be an optimistic crystal, associated with the warmth and energy of the sun, many use it to stimulate creativity, independence and abundance. This stunning citrine crystal skull is a one-off piece, allowing you to enjoy an extra special crystal that nobody else can.

Alternative Crystal Skulls

New Jade Crystal Skulls
Quartz Crystal Skull
Rose Quartz Crystal Skull
Tiger Eye Crystal Skull

Citrine Beads Bring Sunshine Into Your Life

Use these pretty citrine beads to brighten up your environment, de-stress and even to make great pieces of jewellery if you like. There are many citrine beads to choose from such as round, natural and tumble beads. Many attributes are associated with citrine beads, for example the warmth of the sun from the colouring of citrine, it is said to be a regenerator and cleanser. It is also said that citrine beads or any other type of citrine can act as an early warning sign. Citrine is seen as a happy and generous stone, encouraging sharing what you have with others.

Citrine Beads Healing

You can also use citrine beads for healing, it is said to be a fantastic stone for reversing degenerative diseases, stimulating digestion, the spleen and the pancreas. Many people also use citrine to remove infections in the kidney and bladed, help eye problems, increase blood circulation and detoxify the blood.

Citrine Bead Types

Citrine Beads 15-20mm

Citrine Beads 10-15mm

Citrine Beads 15-20mm

Citrine Crystal 9mm

Citrine Crystal Beads 5mm

Citrine Crystal Can Warm & Brighten The Home

Natural Citrine is said to carry a powerful frequency that allows clearing and strengthening of the manifestation channel as well as personal will. It is said that from an emotional point of view citrine crystal helps one to overcome difficulty, maintains effort through adversity and helps you to take decisive action in order to resolve difficult situations. Citrine Crystal is thought to be particularly helpful for those who feel undeserving of abundance assisting in you overcoming these feelings. From a physical aspect, citrine crystal is believed to enhance stamina and energy as well as supporting the endocrine system and helping with metabolism.

Medium Citrine Crystal Cluster Specimen

Medium Citrine Crystal Cluster Specimen

Using this warming medium citrine crystal you can lighten a room very easily, the crystal goes very well with honey coloured décor and makes a welcoming addition to any crystal collection. The honey colour of the medium citrine crystal cluster specimen is a result of very high temperatures during the crystals formation and it is said to bring calmness and happy character. Some crystal healers believe that citrine crystal clusters absorb negative energy as well as gently releasing joy and tranquillity in its place.

Citrine Crystal Natural Point Keyring

Citrine Crystal Natural Point Keyring

Keys are very easy to lose which can be frustrating when you are in a hurry, eliminate the chances of this happening by using this beautiful Citrine Crystal Natural Point Keyring. The keyring not only looks great but it is said that by pointing the crystal point towards you that you can channel the energy of the crystal towards the body, pointing it away from the body draws energy away. Citrine Crystal is considered by many to be similar to the sun in that it is warming, comforting and energising, many believe that the stone can stimulate creativity and independence which also makes it a great gift.

Buy Citrine Crystal To Brighten Your Home & Mood

The Citrine Crystal is also known as Cairngorm and is usually yellowish brown or smoky grey brown in colour. It is widely believed by crystal experts and healers that the Citrine Crystal is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Thought to carry the power of the sun, the Citrine Crystal is warming, energizing and highly creative according to common beliefs. Citrine Crystal is said to be a positive stone that teaches how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, along with success and everything good. Psychologically, Citrine is meant to raise self esteem and confidence, removing destructive tendencies and enhancing individuality and expression. The stone is also thought to promote the enjoyment of new experiences, encouraging every exploration possible until you find contentment. Mentally citrine is said to enhance concentration and revitalize the mind, great for depression, fears and phobias.

Extra Large Citrine Natural Point

Extra Large Citrine Natural Point
Extra Large Citrine Natural Point

This gorgeous Extra Large Citrine Natural Point is thought to be one of the most useful healing stones, believed to be capable of reversing degenerative disease, stimulate digestion, the spleen and the pancreas. Kidney and bladder infections are also said to be soothed by using the citrine crystal. You can use this Extra Large Citrine Natural Point as a meditation tool, wand to direct energy or simply to bring the warmth of the citrine crystal into your home. Each of the Extra Large Citrine Natural Points are one-off items, allowing you to enjoy a completely unique item.

Spread The Joy With Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal is an energizing joyful stone, one of a sunny and comforting aura with the pretty yellows and oranges. It is said that the Citrine Crystal can stimulate creativity and independence and it is also believed to have a grounding effect, more so if the termination is pointing downwards. If you have self destruction tendencies, then Citrine Crystal is said to be able to diminish this by raising self esteem.

Small Citrine Cluster Specimen

Small Citrine Cluster Specimen
Small Citrine Cluster Specimen

In close relation to amethyst and quartz, Citrine displays a beautiful range of colours from soft butter yellow to rich orange marmalade shades, the Small Citrine Cluster Specimen has very warm looks and feel to it. The sunny colour of this Small Citrine Cluster Specimen reflects the Citrines alignment with solar energy and Manipura the solar plexus chakra. You can place this pretty Small Citrine Cluster Specimen in your home to take away negative energies and replace it with tranquillity and joy.

Large Citrine Cluster Gift Box

Large Citrine Cluster Gift Box
Large Citrine Cluster Gift Box

With this lovely Large Citrine Cluster Gift Box you can make someone you know feel special. The sunny Citrine comes wonderfully presented in a cushioned gift box, all set to give to a loved one. The Citrine gift box is a great way to enjoy crystals all year round, the Citrine crystal is said to align with the sun, capable of bringing warming energy and abundance.

170cm Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder

170cm Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder
170cm Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder

Add this stunning 170cm Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder to your home for an eye-catching decorative and beautiful way of burning a tea light whilst radiating positive energy. The 170cm Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder has an energizing glow to it, with rich honey tones and an uplifting sunny character to it. This pretty Citrine Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder is a one-off piece, so you will receive exactly what you see.