Find your Favourite Crystal Animal

Calling all lovers of animals and crystals, you’re really in for a treat! You can now combine your two passions with your favourite crystal formed into the shape of your favourite animal. As we know different crystals withhold different spiritual meanings and healing powers. Similarly animals carry meaning, wisdom and power, with different animals owning varying symbolism. Combine the two together and collect crystal animals’s, not only do you get a thoroughly unique and interesting object but you are have a deeply symbolic and powerful crystal in your possession.

Quartz Crystal Dog

Hand crafted Quartz Crystal Dogs are wonderful pieces and would make a special treat for anyone who collects carved animals.
Hand crafted Quartz Crystal Dogs are wonderful pieces. Perfect for anyone who collects carved animals.

Throughout history dogs have represented guardians and protectors, earning the deserved reputation as being ‘as man’s best friend.’ Our faithful canine pets are a symbol of reliability, nobleness, loyalty, friendship, unconditional love and possess a fierce energy of protection.

Quartz also has powerful energising abilities, absorbing and releasing vigour and strength. Put the protective nature of dogs with the energising attributes of quartz together and not only do you have a beautiful hand-crafted quartz crystal dog ornament but also a powerful symbolic object of protection.

Amethyst Cat


In the spiritual world, amethyst has long been regarded as a calming stone. The serene pastel hues of these beautiful crystal drives deep into our spiritual, emotional and physical planes, leaving us balanced, calm, patient and at peace with ourselves.

Cats also have potent symbolic meanings. Our feline friends provide guardianship. They radiate sensuality and have a unique intuition that is a rare symbolic animal trait. Magic is also very much at the core of a cat’s symbolism.

When these two powerful mystic forces unite, you can enjoy the beautiful individualism of both amethyst and cats, as well as their prevailing symbol presence.

The Jade Carved Crystal Pig

Hand Carved Pigs are a pig collectors delight!
Hand Carved Pigs are a pig collectors delight! Get yours here!

The pig has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck. It is said that if the pig is your personal totem, you will learn from the creature’s determination and intuition. In short, the pig helps you take the right actions in your life.

The popular gemstone jade is also valued for its metaphysical properties and legendary uses. Jade is believed to bless whoever lays their hands upon it. Jade is the ultimate ‘dream stone’, leaving its owners with unique creative, ritualistic and insightful capabilities.

Naturally when these two powerful forms meet, the Jade Carved Crystal Pig creates coercive symbolism – If your favourite animal is a pig and your number one crystal is jade, you are in for a treat.

Black Tourmaline Bear

Read more about the Native American Bear Meaning here!

Bears possess primal power. The gentle strength of these mighty beasts make them a potent healer that is nurturing and protective. If we walk into the path of a bear it is believed we will be blessed with symbolic wisdom and strength. The native people of north America believe the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind.

Equally as spiritual is black tourmaline. This unique-looking crystal is best known for its purifying, spiritual and, similar to the bear, protective spiritual influences.

Put these two coercively protective forms together and you are left with an extremely pervasive symbol of protection and nurture.

Eye Catching Agate Bookends

What’s the most versatile crystal of all? It’s a tough question to answer but you’d be hard pushed not to include Agate as a contender. One of the reasons Agate is such a versatile gemstone is due to the fact it is found all over the world, in almost every colour of the rainbow. From rich blues to hot pinks, deep purples to vibrant turquoise, Agate comes in a myriad of hues. Consequently this beautiful precious stone is used in jewellery and as ornaments in many different guises, even bookends.

Yes, so beautiful, individual and sacred is Agate that it is now being used in homes as a novel, interesting and stylish way to hold stacks of books together. As well as looking fantastic and being a talking point when friends and family come to the house, owners of Agate bookends will also enjoy the unique energy effects of this truly unique crystal.

Balance And Protection

Agate is formed in nearly all colors, from clear transparent crystals, to banded stones of earthy hues.
Agate is formed in nearly all colors, from clear transparent crystals, to banded stones of earthy hues.

It has long been believed that Agate can improve concentration and balance out any unequal energy in a room. By enhancing mental function, improving perception, analytical abilities and concentration, Agate is the perfect gemstone to bring to a space designed for reading. Asides its mental qualities, the unique empowering qualities of Agate means it is said to be able to soothe, calm and alleviate tension and inner anger, creating a sense of safety and security. The unrivalled protecting and mentally stimulating properties of Agate means it is the ideal stone to have present in a room designed to be quiet, relaxing and mentally empowering.

A Potent Interior Design Accessory

Combining natural style and positive crystal energy, these agate crystal bookends are a wonderful gift for housewarmings, birthdays and any occasion.
Agate is believed to aid concentration and create harmony, so these bookends are ideal for a busy home or office.

Increasingly homeowners and interior designers that are ‘in the know’ are weaving crystals and gemstones into interiors to create a distinct, stylish and energising living environment. Coming in numerous colours and shades, Agate bookends complement a wide range of colour palettes and décor. For example, these rich blue Agate bookends will brighten up a room of virtually every colour and style. By contrast, if you are looking for bookends to really stand out, these pink Agate bookends will add colour, depth and intrigue to even the most drab of interiors. Or perhaps you want bookends that blend more seamlessly into existing décor. In this case, natural grey/brown Agate bookends are likely to be the most suitable colour, bringing a touch of style and class into any room.

A Striking Yet Useful Ornament

Agate Geodes - Blue
Agate Geodes – Blue
Agate Geode - Mauve
Agate Geode – Mauve
Agate Geode - Pink
Agate Geode – Pink

Striking ornaments never fail to rouse conversation and create talking points at dinner parties and other occassions. Agate bookends are certainly striking yet at the same time, being heavy, robust and virtually unbreakable, are the perfect stone to keep stacks of books in place. What’s more, being the stone that empowers mental qualities and augments concentration, there could not be a more apt material than Agate to be used as decorative and meaningful bookends.

Stonehenge & Preseli Bluestone

Home of Preseli Crystals
Carn Edward with View to Cerrig Lladron, Preseli.

Preseli Bluestone is a uniquely British stone, native to the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  In 1923, petrologist Herbert Henry Thomas identified that bluestone from the hills corresponded to that used to build the inner circle of Stonehenge. Recently, geologists have identified Carn Menyn, a grouping of craggy rock outcrops in the Preseli Hills, as one of the bluestone sources. Another theory is that bluestone from the area was deposited near to Stonehenge by glaciations.

Perhaps the reason that the ancients used Preseli Bluestone in their sacred monument was because they recognised the stone’s strong connections with the electrical impulses produced by the human body, improving electrical communication throughout the body. Preseli is now generally regarded as having a strong connection with the heart. Preseli, it is believed, serves to balance and strengthen the immune system.

Bluestone Healing

Britain’s Geoffrey Wainwright, president of the London Society of Antiquaries, speculated that Stonehenge may have been an ancient healing site – the primeval equivalent of Lourdes. “It was the magical qualities of these stones which transformed the monument,” he says, “and made it a place of pilgrimage for the sick and injured of the Neolithic world.”

Chakra practitioners look to Bluestone as a way of clearing the Throat Chakra, which is said to help in matters of communication and the body’s regulatory process.

Preseli Crystal Gifts

CrystalAge has produced some stunning products from a new find of Preseli Bluestone! If you love crystals, you are bound to enjoy this granite-like stone which is full of ‘night sky’ inclusions of grey feldspar that give it a striking appearance. Among our enthralling collection of Preseli stones, which include smooth palmstones and collectible tumblestones both perfect for crystal healing.

We’re proud to offer possibly the biggest Preseli Crystal Sphere in the world (with more sizes available)! The sphere shape of this crystal ball is said to radiate the crystal’s energy in all directions, creating a warm and positive mood in any room.

Another great new item is the Preseli Bluestone Power Bead Bracelet! Take advantage of of  Bluestone by wearing this stylish bracelet. By keeping powerful Preseli close to your skin, you can benefit from the stone’s healing properties, especially the benefit it is said to have to your immune system.

A handy way to keep Bluestone with you is with a flat tumblestone such as the 40mm Preseli Bluestone. These polished stones fit right in the palm of the hand and are great for meditation or simply to get the most out of the stone’s properties. Tumblestones make a great gift for any crystal enthusiast!

So, if you are looking for Preseli pyramids, pendants, or palmstones, we’re sure you will find the perfect gift on!

Preseli Bluestone Crystal Sphere
Preseli Bluestone Crystal Sphere
Preseli Power Bead Bracelet
Preseli Power Bead Bracelet

Preseli Bluestone ~40mm
Preseli Bluestone ~40mm

Crystals, Fossils, & Geode Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Cut & Polished Ammonite Pair
Cut & Polished Ammonite Pair

Father’s Day is not far away! On June the 16th, sons and daughters will present their fathers with gifts to show their love and appreciation.

Here at CrystalAge we know that you are on the lookout for good father’s day gifts at this time of year and will want to choose something appropriate for Dad, something that reflects his individuality – something unique. While you could get him yet another tie or pen set, why not go for something really special and out of the ordinary? Choose from our range of fossils, gemstones, and crystals. We have some amazing items that are certain to make his day!

If your father is a history buff he is sure to love our fine collection of amazing fossils. Our fascinating fossils are perfect if he is a collector or enjoys having interesting conversation pieces for home or office. Fossilized Teeth are a great gift if Dad is interested in marine life, sharks, or natural history.

Gifts He Will Love

An amazing piece of natural history he’ll love is the Agate Geode. Presented in a fine matte black gift box, this specimen of undyed agate geode has a wonderful glossy shine and is said to create balance and harmony – perfect for busy homes. Have a look at all our geodes – they all make marvellous ornaments, paperweights, and centrepieces.

Was Dad born in the Year of the Dragon? If so, he is sure to love the striking Hematite Carved Chinese Dragon. Hand carved from hematite, this statue is another fantastic idea for the office. Used to combat stress, hematite is one of the best grounding stones, ideal to have at work to take the edge off his busy working day.

Fossilised Shark Tooth
Fossilised Shark Tooth
Agate Geode Gift Box
Agate Geode Gift Box
Hematite Chinese Dragon
Hematite Chinese Dragon


Gemstone Flowers

Stunning and full of character these detailed gemstone flowers on bases have a wonderfully eye catching finish.   The pretty floral designs  have been wonderfully crafted to recreate their natural beauty.  With a variety of gorgeous crystals these ornaments will look fabulous in any home.

Carnelian & Quartz Rose
Amethyst Crystal Rose
Sodalite Poinsettia Flower


Malachite Pyramids

Introducing another new product from Crystal Age ….. the Malachite Pyramid.  This vibrant green opaque stone with dark and light banding  is said to ease major life changes and is traditionally a feminine stone used for grounding and protecting.  Malachite is a talisman for attracting loyalty in love, friendships and partnerships.  Each Malachite Pyramid is a one-off.   They have been polished to a high shine and the tapered pyramid shape is said to focus and gently release the power of malachite.    These Malachite Pyramids make a striking ornament and a wonderful edition to a crystal collection.

Malachite Pyramid ~3.5cm
Malachite Pyramid ~5cm
Malachite Pyramid ~5cm



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner …..

Show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you by giving them the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift from a selection of crystals, gemstones, fossils or boxed gifts from the Crystal Age range.   Select now to make sure the gift arrives by next Tuesday, Valentine’s Day!!

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day on the 14th February!

Give someone you love on Valentine’s Day this special Love Wish Pearl & Necklace Gift Set.  Inside this gift set is a beautiful pearl from the ocean depths and a silver pendant to place it in.  Each pearl is as individual as each star in the sky and the pearl has spent many years in its shell waiting to be claimed.  It is traditional to wish on pearls and they are believed to have a unique pure energy to make wishes come true.  Live life with hope, love and happiness.

Love Pearl & Silver Pendant
Gift Set
Love Pearl & Silver Pendant


Carborundum Energy Domes – All Computer Bods should have one …..

This lovely carborundum energy dome is a good way to bring positive energy into your home or office. It is said that in each carborundum energy dome the crystals radiate and emanate their energy in a concentrated fashion. Carborundum is a man-made crystal and it has a lovely rainbow effect to it, which reflects in the light. Many people use carborundum to encourage mental activity, motivation and concentration. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, headaches and eyestrain related to computer use find carborundum very helpful in blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Carborundum Energy Dome


Crystal Age have many  alternative energy domes to choose from ………….

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

If you’re stuck for ideas for Christmas Gifts, here’s an ideal solution to help fill Christmas Stockings, Table and ‘Secret Santa’ Gifts.  These can be used as a key ring, handbag charm, zip puller or mobile phone dangle.  There are 12 different stones representing 12 positive life words i.e. Love, Meditation, Faithful Love, Wisdom, Protection, Healing, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Recuperation, Willpower & Understanding.

 Crystal Energy Key  Ring Set (Pack of 12)

Also available individually with Zodiac birthstones: