Top 5 Crystal & Mineral Holiday Destinations

With hundreds upon hundreds of uniquely-formed crystals winking intermittently in the light, crystal destinations have long been a favourite haunt for gemstone lovers. If wearing a beautiful crystal necklace round your neck or the Amethyst cluster that sits pride of place on your mantel piece simple isn’t enough to satisfy your insatiable thirst for crystals, you may want to think about going on a crystal and mineral holiday.

But where would you go? Take a look at the following five top destinations that are a big hit for crystal lovers around the world.

Cox’s Cave, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, UK

For more information about Cox’s Cave visit the Cheddar Gorge website.

This celestial underground world is brimming with wonderful crystal sculptures, mirror pools and almost fantasy fountains. This spiritual universe of crystals and other fascinating cave life is enhanced by gentle choral background music.

What’s more you can even go on The Crystal Quest, which will take you an underground journey based on the ancient beliefs of Norse sagas and Greek odysseys. This magical world is a real treat for adults and children alike, but especially those who have a penchant for crystals.

Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014

For further information on a such a captivating and interesting crystal event visit the website.

Each year the second largest crystal and mineral event in Europe is held in Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, a small town in the Alsace Mountains in France. This year this fascinating show is being held on 26 June – 29 June.

Nearly 900 exhibitors from around the world gather at this mesmerising show, pulling in a crowd of more than 25,000 mineral enthusiasts. The streets of this quintessential French village are full of tents and marques brimming with a diverse range of minerals, gems, meteorites and fossils. Crystal and mineral enthusiasts simply cannot miss the Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014.

The Crystal Caves, Niaca Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico

For more information about The Crystal Caves, visit the website.

Unbelievably, miners only discovered Mexico’s Crystal Caves which lie 1,000 feet below the Niaca Mine in Chihuahua 13 years ago. Home to crystals believed to be 600,000 years old, these caves a without question a top holiday destination for crystal lovers.
With its specific climate, icy-coloured gems of huge sizes really are a sight for sore eyes. Conditions are so harsh here, that tourists visiting the caves have to be supervised by scientists – An unforgettable crystal experience for any fan of these sparkling formations.

Houston Fine Mineral Show 2015, Texas, USA

For more information about the Houston Fine Mineral Show visit the website.

From Somerset to Mexico, France and now Houston, crystal lovers really do have an excuse to travel the world. From 24 – 26 April 2015, crystal champions should head to Houston, Texas, for the Houston Fine Mineral Show, one of the biggest highlights of the crystal show calendar.

Some of the biggest names in crystal and mineral dealing present their wares in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Houston is of course also home to the internationally-renowned Houston Museum of Natural Science, which is one of the finest crystal museums in the United States.

Crystal Cave, Bermuda

For more information about The Crystal & Fantasy Caves, visit the website.

Situated on the island of Bermuda this compelling cave features a 55-feet deep blue underground lake. At the bottom of the lake are a diverse variety of stunning crystal formations. As the water is so translucent, visitors can view these beautiful natural entities at their leisure – Quite simply a must for crystal aficionados everywhere.

Find your Favourite Crystal Animal

Calling all lovers of animals and crystals, you’re really in for a treat! You can now combine your two passions with your favourite crystal formed into the shape of your favourite animal. As we know different crystals withhold different spiritual meanings and healing powers. Similarly animals carry meaning, wisdom and power, with different animals owning varying symbolism. Combine the two together and collect crystal animals’s, not only do you get a thoroughly unique and interesting object but you are have a deeply symbolic and powerful crystal in your possession.

Quartz Crystal Dog

Hand crafted Quartz Crystal Dogs are wonderful pieces and would make a special treat for anyone who collects carved animals.
Hand crafted Quartz Crystal Dogs are wonderful pieces. Perfect for anyone who collects carved animals.

Throughout history dogs have represented guardians and protectors, earning the deserved reputation as being ‘as man’s best friend.’ Our faithful canine pets are a symbol of reliability, nobleness, loyalty, friendship, unconditional love and possess a fierce energy of protection.

Quartz also has powerful energising abilities, absorbing and releasing vigour and strength. Put the protective nature of dogs with the energising attributes of quartz together and not only do you have a beautiful hand-crafted quartz crystal dog ornament but also a powerful symbolic object of protection.

Amethyst Cat


In the spiritual world, amethyst has long been regarded as a calming stone. The serene pastel hues of these beautiful crystal drives deep into our spiritual, emotional and physical planes, leaving us balanced, calm, patient and at peace with ourselves.

Cats also have potent symbolic meanings. Our feline friends provide guardianship. They radiate sensuality and have a unique intuition that is a rare symbolic animal trait. Magic is also very much at the core of a cat’s symbolism.

When these two powerful mystic forces unite, you can enjoy the beautiful individualism of both amethyst and cats, as well as their prevailing symbol presence.

The Jade Carved Crystal Pig

Hand Carved Pigs are a pig collectors delight!
Hand Carved Pigs are a pig collectors delight! Get yours here!

The pig has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck. It is said that if the pig is your personal totem, you will learn from the creature’s determination and intuition. In short, the pig helps you take the right actions in your life.

The popular gemstone jade is also valued for its metaphysical properties and legendary uses. Jade is believed to bless whoever lays their hands upon it. Jade is the ultimate ‘dream stone’, leaving its owners with unique creative, ritualistic and insightful capabilities.

Naturally when these two powerful forms meet, the Jade Carved Crystal Pig creates coercive symbolism – If your favourite animal is a pig and your number one crystal is jade, you are in for a treat.

Black Tourmaline Bear

Read more about the Native American Bear Meaning here!

Bears possess primal power. The gentle strength of these mighty beasts make them a potent healer that is nurturing and protective. If we walk into the path of a bear it is believed we will be blessed with symbolic wisdom and strength. The native people of north America believe the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind.

Equally as spiritual is black tourmaline. This unique-looking crystal is best known for its purifying, spiritual and, similar to the bear, protective spiritual influences.

Put these two coercively protective forms together and you are left with an extremely pervasive symbol of protection and nurture.

Celebs Who Love Crystals

Sparkling, magnificent and enchanting, it’s no wonder celebrities love crystals. Known for their extravagant dress sense, which catches onlooker’s attention, you don’t have to wait too long before a celebrity is snapped draped in stunning crystal jewellery. Not only do many of our favourite celebs have a penchant for crystal jewellery but it’s also not unusual for many a famous name to be associated with alternative medicine, including crystal healing.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following celebrities who, by all intents and purposes, appear to love crystals.

The Beckham’s Back Black Tourmaline

With its chic, modern and highly polished look, the most stylish among us are seen wearing a stunning Black Tourmaline necklace or a shiny Black Tourmaline ring. What’s more, this mystifying crystal is used for protection against negativity and is said to exude a relaxed and safe environment.

World-renowned trend-setters Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly big fans of Black Tourmaline. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Whilst his designer wife spoke of her love of Black Tourmaline and Pink Quartz. “We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive,” Mrs Beckham has said.

The Beckhams are proponents of crystals
The Beckhams are proponents of crystals

Angelina Jolie and Crystal Healing

According to several sources, Angelina Jolie is a big believer of crystal healing. The American online American magazine, Entertainment Wise, states that Angelina has been collecting crystals for years and is a firm advocate of their healing power. “She [Ms Jolie] believes they [crystals] hold sacred, ancient energy and she wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on them,” a friend of Angelina’s told the online magazine.

Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings
Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Earrings

Kate Hudson’s Adores Rose Quartz

Being the stone of love, protection, confidence, self worth and peace and being utterly gorgeous to look at, it’s no wonder rose quartz is adorned by thousands, including a long line of celebs. Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson are often seen wearing a rose quartz pendant, ring, earrings or some other delightful piece of jewellery. “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me,” Kate Hudson said.

Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz
Kate Hudson is a fan of Rose Quartz

Sheryl Crow Positively Loves Citrine

Containing a solar quality of energy, citrine has traditionally been considered a good healing crystal. It is believed citrine can strengthen self-esteem and create a positive flow of energy around the body. Being one of the world’s most successful singer/songwriters, Sheryl Crow naturally requires lots of positive energy to be able to perform as sensationally as she does. A self-confessed citrine enthusiast, Sheryl Crow is believed to enjoy this beautiful crystal’s tension-releasing powers.

Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals
Sheryl Crow loves Citrine Crystals

Crystals for Beginners

Types of Crystals
Types of Crystals

The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘Krystallos’, which means frozen light.

With their distinctive pattern, shape and composition, beautiful tones and flickers of sparkle in certain lights, there is something compellingly fascinating about crystals. From draping them around our neck to enhance an outfit to putting them pride of place on the mantle piece for all to see, or using them as a potent aid for crystal healing and meditation, these divine precious stones have a multitude of uses.

If you are keen to start utilising the unique powers of crystals but are unsure where to start take a look at the following guide to crystals for beginners.

The Different Type of Crystals

There are essentially seven different types of crystals. They are classified according to their shape, which are cubic, trigonal, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, triclinic and monoclinic. The atoms of a mineral form the geometric shapes that make up the crystals. Minerals are defined by their chemicals that make them up and the way in which they crystallise.

When crystals are categorised by their physical/chemical properties there are four types of this precious stone: Covalent crystals, which has real chemical covalent between all of the atoms in the precious stone. Metallic crystals refer to gemstones that are made up of individual metal atoms that sit on lattice sites while outer electrons flow freely around the lattice. Ionic crystals are where the individual atoms are held together by electrostatic forces. Molecular crystals are held together by a chemical bond. These types of gemstones tend to be soft and have lower melting points.

The Different Uses of Crystals

Red Agate Crystal Beads
Red Agate Crystal Beads

When we think of crystals, beautiful jewellery such as stunning crystal pendants and exquisite crystal beads immediately spring to mind.

As well as buying ready made pieces of crystal jewellery to compliment and enhance an outfit for a special occasion, incorporating crystals into your jewellery can be a lot of fun.

With their stunning natural tones and striking patterns, agate beads are the perfect accessory to make your own unique and vibrant crystal beads. Agate
is one of the most attractive crystals that comes in a wide range of colours, from pale blue to black and white stripes.

Crystals & Feng Shui

Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen
Rose Quartz Mineral Specimen

Crystals are by no means just for wearing and are used as sacred objects in a number of healing activities.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese process that examines how people are affected by the environment in which they live. In Feng Shui, crystals are used to help create good energy in a home.

For example, rose quartz crystal is used in Feng Shui to attract romance and love or to help heal a broken heart. Citrine crystals help heal those with low self-esteem while black tourmaline has strong protective energies.

Crystals & Meditation

Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere
Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere

Meditating with crystals brings a whole new dimension to this ancient healing practice. You will need to choose what type of crystal you want to meditate with.

It is believed that if you choose a crystal with patterns or fault lines in it, you will ‘lose yourself’ within the crystal whilst meditating. For anyone interested in spirituality and crystals, meditation utilises both.

Using crystal balls can be a great way to radiate the energy of crystals in all directions while meditating. For example, beautiful calcite crystal balls are considered particularly spiritual and uplifting and have unique physical healing powers.

Crystals in the Guinness Book of Records

The Guinness Book of Records features many interesting facts and figures about crystals, from the largest ones ever discovered to incredible record-breaking works of art.

World’s Largest Alexandrite

The largest cut alexandrite weighs a whole ounce or 28.38 grams to be precise. That’s 141.92 carats, measuring 34.42 x 27.38 x 15mm. All we know about the owner is that they’re Japanese and obviously rather fond of the rare alexandrite crystal, which is a powerful stone aligned with the Heart Chakra.

Oldest Spider Trapped In Amber

Amber has been used in crystal therapy for thousands of years, being associated with health and pain relief, but due to it starting out as resin from a conifer tree, it’s also been pretty handy at preserving bugs for millions of years. The oldest spider trapped in amber was discovered over a decade ago in Lebanon and has been dated between 125 and 135 million years old.

The World’s Largest Agate Crystal

One of the most popular crystals is agate which comes in various colours each with their own metaphysical qualities. The largest agate crystal was verified by Chinese authorities in 2009 and measures in at a whopping 22.62 cubic metres. That’s a little shy of 3 metres long from top to bottom.

141.92 carat Alexandrite
141.92 carat Alexandrite
World's Largest Crystal Skull
World’s Largest Crystal Skull
Largest Opal Crystal
Largest Opal Crystal

The Biggest Amethyst Geode In The World

Talking of large crystals, how about an amethyst geode that weighs 13 tonnes! The world’s largest amethyst is on display in the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History in China. Amethyst crystals are aligned with the Third Eye Chakra and are believed to be a powerfully spiritual stone, perfect for meditation and expanding consciousness.

Largest Black Opal

Opal crystals occur in a wide range of varieties and each has its own set of crystal healing attributes, all associated with uplifting energy and connected to all the Chakras. A black opal discovered in the wonderfully named Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia, weighs 80 ounces, which is upwards of 11,340 carats. It’s the largest black opal ever discovered.

Most Crystals on a Wedding Dress

How many crystals would it take to make a wedding dress? The answer is an astonishing 45,024. The most crystals on a wedding dress record was achieved in 2011 by Turkish company Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd who took five days to prepare it. It’s an absolute bargain too at £12,900.

World’s Largest Crystal Skull

Carved from a single block of smoky quartz, which is a brown or black variety of quartz associated the Root Chakra and used in crystal healing therapies to relieve stress or anxiety, the world’s largest crystal skull weighs approximately the same as a sumo wrestler (158kg or 348lb). It is named Colossus and was created by renowned Brazilian skull carver Leandro, who is currently offering it for sale for between £70,000 and £105,000.

Largest Crystal In(side) the World

The world’s largest single crystal is, surprisingly, beneath your very feet. Many geologists currently believe the earth’s inner core to be a giant single crystal. A ball of mostly iron residing at a toasty 6000°C, the immense pressures present at the earth’s interior mean the inner core is solid and not liquid. The crystal theory has developed further due to the behaviour of the seismic waves that travel through the earth’s layers. Its mass is about three quarters the size of the moon, a little over 1500 miles across, so it’s probably not entirely suitable for use as a healing crystal.

World's Biggest Amethyst
World’s Biggest Amethyst
Spider in Amber
Spider in Amber
Most Crystals on a Wedding Dress
Most Crystals on a Wedding Dress

The World’s Most Amazing Crystals

In whatever shape or form they take, crystals are certainly wonders of the natural world. Most of the crystal forms we see on a daily basis are specimens that can be held in the palm of the hand or that are in the form of jewellery. Natural crystals grow and form all over the world and new discoveries are being made all the time – but rarely do we hear about them. For this reason we have gathered together for you what we consider to be the world’s most spectacular crystal wonders. We’re certain you’ll be amazed!

The Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Crystal Cave, Mexico
Crystal Cave, Mexico

Quite possibly the most stunning crystal-related discovery in recent years is a cave in Mexico that has come to be called Cueva de los Cristales or ‘The Cave of the Crystals‘. The cave was discovered in 2000 by miners in the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. The chamber is practically choked by gigantic selenite crystals, including one 36 feet in length, 13 feet in diameter and 55 tonnes in weight!

The crystals have grown over the centuries as haphazard pillars that criss-cross and interlock.  Due to extreme heat within the cave, explorers can only survive for a maximum of ten minutes without breathing equipment. These magnificent crystals grew to these great sizes after a magma chamber below the cave heated groundwater, saturating it with minerals. The steady temperature within the cave allowed the minerals (including gypsum) to grow.

World’s Largest Amethyst Geode

Empress of Uruguay Geode
Empress of Uruguay Geode

At eleven feet tall and weighing two and a half tonnes, the stunningly beautiful Empress of Uruguay is the world’s biggest Amethyst Geode. Discovered in Uruguay and now to be found in the Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, Australia, this geode has become a great tourist attraction.

The Empress sees hundreds of fascinated tourists and crystal enthusiasts posing next to it for photographs each month. The geode boasts tens of thousands perfect, deep Purple Amethyst crystals that give off radiant sparkle and a wondrous purple glow.

Biggest Crystal Ever Found

World's Biggest Quartz Crystal
World’s Biggest Quartz Crystal

If this upload on YouTube is to be believed, this is the biggest clear quartz crystal ever found. It is certainly one of the biggest, which can clearly be seen by comparing the size of the specimen to its mesmerized onlookers! At 661 pounds, this crystal, located in Swaziland, has been dated as being 16 million years old.

It features many pointed shafts that thrust in different directions and catch the light in fascinating ways. As impressive as this is, much larger specimens of Quartz crystal have been found in Arkansas that have sold for millions of dollars.

Mount Ida Crystals, Arkansas

Mt Ida Crystals
Mt Ida Crystals

Mount Ida in west Arkansas is called the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. It is within the forty acres of the Wegner Crystal Mines that Clear Quartz crystals can be found in abundance.

The mines are not the deep, dark mines that most people envision but rather open pit surface mines where crystals can be found in clay pockets along Quartz veins. Mount Ida is known for their annual Quartz, Craftz, & Quiltz Festival and World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig in October.

Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth Crystal
Bismuth Crystal

With a remarkable iridescence and angled geometry, bismuth crystals are rarely seen in nature. When it crystallizes it creates wonderful stepped ‘hopper crystal’ formations that are intricate and unique to every specimen.

The fantastic array of colours on Bismuth crystals occurs in a similar fashion to those on a soap bubble or oil on water, where reflected light creates the myriad of hues. Bismuth has been known since ancient times, and has the atomic number 83 on the Periodic Table.

Be Charmed By Our Crystal Charms!

Crystal Charms Are The Ideal Accessory!

Talismans and crystal charms have been worn as amulets throughout the centuries. In the prehistoric world, people would wear charms made from shells, animal bones, and clay. This could have been to afford protection, ward off evil spirits, or to give courage. It seems that as long as there has been civilization, there have been amulets, charm bracelets, and good luck charms.

In modern times, charms are still extremely popular. Here at CrystalAge we have an uplifting range of crystal keyrings for you to choose from! You’ll find charms of every kind, including charms for protection, love, and prosperity. Wonderfully versatile, each keyring has a specific crystal with a specific property, beautifully combined with tumble stones, gem chips, and pearls.

We love how these attractive charms catch the light and add colour to your style, whether you attach them to your mobile phone, belt, or bag. So, if you feel you need a boost of wisdom, joy, or willpower, take one of these handy charms with you wherever you go!

Crystal Keyrings Charms for Everyone

Crystal Charms Go With You Anywhere!
Crystal Charms Go With You Anywhere!

Our Birthstone Crystal Charms make perfect companions! Choose from the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each stone associated with a specific birth sign is said to represent your own unique qualities. These make fantastic gifts and are highly collectible.

Our birthstone charms, such as the Aquarius Birthstone Crystal Charm, are very popular.  A favourite amongst the healing crystals, this quartz charm is ideal for those born under this sign. Said to amplify energy and promote focus, this quartz charm is an ideal gift for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

You can also boost your collection with an Energy Crystal Charm. A great gift idea for that special someone – they are sure to appreciate how attractive they are as well as all the life-enhancing properties.

One of our most popular crystal charms in the Energy Crystal Charm Set is the Rose Quartz Love Crystal Charm!  Attractive even if used simply as a decoration, rose quartz, known as the ‘stone of love’, is said to guide the emotions and to attract and strengthen love. Perfect if you have your eye on someone special who needs a bit of encouraging.  For those who have finished a relationship and are looking for the next, the charm is also said to give emotional support. This charm is ideal for anyone looking to be lucky in love! It makes a wonderful gift as well.

Both the Birthstone Crystal Charm and Energy Crystal Charm sets give you 12 charms each and are fantastic value!

So, if you are a fan of good luck charms, charms whose properties give you a boost, or are looking to find a fantastic gift, our Crystal Charms are the perfect choice – especially if you combine them with our matching necklaces and bracelets. So have a browse and start your collection today.

Rose Quartz Love Crystal Charm
Rose Quartz Love Crystal Charm
Energy Crystal Charm Set
Energy Crystal Charm Set

Aquarius Crystal Charm
Aquarius Crystal Charm

Crystals & Feng Shui Home Tips Part 2 of 2

The art of Feng Shui is an ancient one. People have looked to it to adjust the flow of energies within their home and often practice it in conjunction with healing crystals. Crystals are well regarded as having direct effects on positive and negative energies. In the previous blog we talked about the importance of keeping energies flowing freely and ensuring that positive energies are strong within the home using crystals such as clear quartz to bring balance.


Crystals for the Home
Crystals for the Home

Feng Shui and crystals can also help create protective barriers against negativity. In these times of high stress, many people find themselves feeling that they are constantly under pressure. Like the increasing number of people who turn to crystals for positive energy, you too can try crystals to protect you from the negativity that surrounds us. Black crystals work especially well for this, as they are very grounding and are said to keep you from feeling vulnerable but you could also consider other black crystals such as smoky quartz, obsidian, and jet.

In today’s high-tech age where personal computers and mobile phones are everywhere, there now exists the ever-present danger of electromagnetic radiation (EMF). There is far more EMF in our modern world than the body is used to taking in. Crystal users often look to rose quartz as well as rutilated (or ‘Angel Hair’) quartz to have near to the PC, television set, or mobile phone. Janelle Scialla, a Master Crystal Practitioner and host of an insightful programme of videos on the subject of crystal healing, prefers to use black tourmaline and has stated ‘I have tested black tourmaline with an EMF reader. I can see that there’s a difference between the EMF reading when I’m holding it between the reader and the computer.’ Another popular choice is black tourmaline with mica, whose silvery shine is believed to reflect away negative energy.


Advocates of Feng Shui say that even the flushing of a toilet or draining of a sink can adversely affect a home’s energy. Water is very cleansing and is said to wash away energy, positive as well as negative. A crystal often selected to combat this problem is a clear quartz point. Try taping one to the U-bend of the water pipe, pointing it upwards so that you are directing the energy back into the room.

If you have a very old house, it is likely that there is a well underneath the building. Feng Shui masters believe that this creates a vortex which pulls the energy from your house down into the well, like water going down a drain. A large chunk of rose quartz is often used in such situations, since it is said to have the effect of dampening down the vortex effect completely.

Whether you wish to delve into the mysteries of Feng Shui or not, you can always look to the wonder of crystals to enhance your own energy as well as that of your home.

Rose Quartz Buddha
Rose Quartz Buddha
Obsidian Crystal Pendulum
Obsidian Crystal Pendulum
Rutilated Quartz Freeform
Rutilated Quartz Freeform


Crystals in the Workplace

Energies are all around us, at home, work and in the street. You don’t choose who you work with and so many employees find themselves trapped in an office environment with some highly negative people. Stress levels can be high, as can the constant exposure to the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated from your office PC. It can affect your energy, preventing positive energies from penetrating and negative energies from escaping.

Many people combat these problems with the use of crystals. The energies of crystals are believed to cleanse negativity and amplify positive vibrations.

One method to try is to take a crystal into the workplace and place it between yourself and your monitor. As well as being a striking decorative piece for your desk, it is said to absorb the harmful EMF generated by your PC . Alternatively, try wearing your crystal of choice close to your body as a shield against negative energies. Crystal earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are perfect for this.

What Crystals for the Office?

Crystals Absorb Electromagnetic Energy
Crystals Absorb Electromagnetic Energy

Knowing that crystals can help protect from electromagnetic frequencies is half the battle. But what crystals are best to use?

Black tourmaline will reflect away electromagnetic energy and protects you if you are under attack by a boss or unhappy workmate.

Rose quartz (associated with love and compassion) and Rutilated Quartz (quartz with inclusions of titanium or other ores) are said to be very useful in healing negativity. You can also have a clear quartz cluster which will help dissipate bad energies.

Amethyst will help with electromagnetic stress and looks attractive on your desk. A tumblestone is sufficient but a cluster is better for dispersing negativity.

Fans of Tourmalinated Quartz speak of its effectiveness. It is a beautiful mineral and you will enjoy having it on your desk at work. For the budget conscious, a carborundum or amethyst energy dome will do the job for a very affordable price.

So to make your working day happier and healthier, consider the amazing properties of crystals.

Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz

Polished Crystal Points

Have a look at Crystal Age’s range of amazing crystal points.    They have all been polished and gently shaped to create beautiful pieces.  Choose from Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine and Quartz.  Whether for crystal healing or as a stylish ornament, these crystal points make a wonderful gift.

Rutilated Quartz Polished Point
Amethyst Polished Point
Citrine Polished Point