Top 5 Crystal & Mineral Holiday Destinations

With hundreds upon hundreds of uniquely-formed crystals winking intermittently in the light, crystal destinations have long been a favourite haunt for gemstone lovers. If wearing a beautiful crystal necklace round your neck or the Amethyst cluster that sits pride of place on your mantel piece simple isn’t enough to satisfy your insatiable thirst for crystals, you may want to think about going on a crystal and mineral holiday.

But where would you go? Take a look at the following five top destinations that are a big hit for crystal lovers around the world.

Cox’s Cave, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, UK

For more information about Cox’s Cave visit the Cheddar Gorge website.

This celestial underground world is brimming with wonderful crystal sculptures, mirror pools and almost fantasy fountains. This spiritual universe of crystals and other fascinating cave life is enhanced by gentle choral background music.

What’s more you can even go on The Crystal Quest, which will take you an underground journey based on the ancient beliefs of Norse sagas and Greek odysseys. This magical world is a real treat for adults and children alike, but especially those who have a penchant for crystals.

Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014

For further information on a such a captivating and interesting crystal event visit the website.

Each year the second largest crystal and mineral event in Europe is held in Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, a small town in the Alsace Mountains in France. This year this fascinating show is being held on 26 June – 29 June.

Nearly 900 exhibitors from around the world gather at this mesmerising show, pulling in a crowd of more than 25,000 mineral enthusiasts. The streets of this quintessential French village are full of tents and marques brimming with a diverse range of minerals, gems, meteorites and fossils. Crystal and mineral enthusiasts simply cannot miss the Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show 2014.

The Crystal Caves, Niaca Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico

For more information about The Crystal Caves, visit the website.

Unbelievably, miners only discovered Mexico’s Crystal Caves which lie 1,000 feet below the Niaca Mine in Chihuahua 13 years ago. Home to crystals believed to be 600,000 years old, these caves a without question a top holiday destination for crystal lovers.
With its specific climate, icy-coloured gems of huge sizes really are a sight for sore eyes. Conditions are so harsh here, that tourists visiting the caves have to be supervised by scientists – An unforgettable crystal experience for any fan of these sparkling formations.

Houston Fine Mineral Show 2015, Texas, USA

For more information about the Houston Fine Mineral Show visit the website.

From Somerset to Mexico, France and now Houston, crystal lovers really do have an excuse to travel the world. From 24 – 26 April 2015, crystal champions should head to Houston, Texas, for the Houston Fine Mineral Show, one of the biggest highlights of the crystal show calendar.

Some of the biggest names in crystal and mineral dealing present their wares in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Houston is of course also home to the internationally-renowned Houston Museum of Natural Science, which is one of the finest crystal museums in the United States.

Crystal Cave, Bermuda

For more information about The Crystal & Fantasy Caves, visit the website.

Situated on the island of Bermuda this compelling cave features a 55-feet deep blue underground lake. At the bottom of the lake are a diverse variety of stunning crystal formations. As the water is so translucent, visitors can view these beautiful natural entities at their leisure – Quite simply a must for crystal aficionados everywhere.

Learn About Crystals & Energy Bonds

From helping boost your career, tuning psychic skills, improving your memory to bringing some passion back into a relationship, is there anything crystals don’t have the power to do? Crystals have had a long tradition with aiding healing and promoting energy and power. Due to a gemstone’s unique internal structure, energy bonds formed vary from crystal to crystal. Consequently, different crystals create different energising effects. Take a look at some of the most powerful energy bonds and effects caused by different crystals.

Empower Love Bonds With Rubies

Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.
Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness.

Do you dream of rekindling some passion into a now stagnant relationship? Are you looking for a handsome prince to come and sweep you off your feet? Or maybe you strive for someone to love you and show you some affection. Whatever love and romance quests you may seek, Rubies could be the answer.

The passionate energy bonds Rubies are renowned for means that wearing a Ruby pendant around your neck or placing some Ruby Tumblestones in your bedroom can help unleash your inner sexual desires and make you irresistible to your dream partner.

Deepen Friendship Bonds With Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.
Rhodonite is a known Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind.

The smooth and polished texture of Rhodonite with its warm and vibrant tones of pinks and reds look both stunning and uplifting. Asides its obvious aesthetic qualities, Rhodonite possesses unique eternal energy bonds, which can help its owners connect with others. Perhaps you had a fall out with your Mum some time ago and would like to arouse the bond you once had? Or maybe you feel yourself and your best friend are drifting apart? Whatever relationship you are unhappy with Rhodonite can help you form a closer bond. The unique energising structures Rhodonite possesses are believed to help strengthen a sense of compassion, empathy and respect for those around you.

Develop A Forgiveness Bond With Topaz

Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.
Blue Topaz has been said to be extremely helpful to those who are angry.

Topaz was valued deeply by ancient cultures, which considered it aligned with the sun. Over the centuries this stunning precious gemstone has retained its unique capacity to heal and energise. As well as strengthening self-confidence and instilling ambition, creativity and drive in its wearers, topaz can help master forgiveness. It is said that wearing a Topaz pendant close to your heart will augment the empathy you feel towards those around you. It can help you overcome any negative feelings you have towards someone, ultimately promoting forgiveness even in the most stubborn of relationships.

Energy Bonds To Eliminate Adultery With Jade

Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.
Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm.

The smooth touch and calming tones of Jade has meant this beautiful crystal has long been prized for its ability to calm the nervous system and focus the mind. It is also said that the distinct bonds formed by Jade can help protect a relationship and help lovers remain loyal. Known as the stone of fidelity, wearing a Jade piece of jewellery or merely having a piece of Jade stone in the home can prevent partners’ eyes and hands from wandering elsewhere. With Jade, all affections remain where they should be.

Crystals for magic

Crystals are fondly admired for their sparklingly beautiful aesthetics and potent healing powers. Did you know crystals can also be used in magic? As many crystals are attributed to some aspect of human experience, Pagan and Wiccan societies use what they regard as magical crystals to heighten these magical healing powers. Take a look at some of the ways and the different types of crystals that can be used in crystal magic.

How can you implement the ‘magic’ of crystals?

For some people merely having a crystal rock in their pocket enables their bodies to extract the therapeutic powers of the crystal. For example, carrying an Agate Crystal Heart in their pocket will provide an effective way to give them harmony and peace. Others prefer to extract the magical powers of crystals by wearing a stunning piece of gemstone jewellery. For example, wearing a Chakra and Quartz Silver Pendant around the neck enables light to shine through the crystals. The light created by the quartz penetrates into the wearer’s body and by doing so creates a greater flow of energy and helps to balance the mind and spirit. Such a pendant would therefore make the perfect tool in those interested in ‘crystal magic’ and balancing the body, mind and spirit through gemstones.

Tumblestones are often used making spells or meditating.
Tumblestones are often used making spells or meditating.

For others, ‘crystal magic’ involves using smaller pieces of crystals, typically in the form of tumblestones, as an aid when making spells or meditating. Tumblestones are crafted by tumble polishing once rough pebbles of crystal. The end result is beautiful smooth and polished pieces of crystal stone, which are perfect for holding and meditating with or, in some instances, making spells. If, for example, you are seeking a way to have greater luck and prosperity in your life, African jade tumble stone is widely believed to be able to grant such fortune on those who believe it. These beautiful green crystals with unique swirls of white running through them, certainly look and feel like they could work magic, even on those most cynical of alternative healing practices.

Visualising with ‘magic crystals’

Clear Quartz being used when meditating
Clear Quartz being used when meditating.

If you are implementing crystals into a meditating routine in order for the ‘magic’ to be most effective, it is important to ‘visualise’ the energy. When you are holding or wearing a crystal, ground and centre yourself, then visualise the Earth’s energy coming through your feet and up through your body.

Picking the right crystal for you

Of course before embarking on ‘crystal magic’, it is important that you pick the right stone to cater for your own special needs and requirements. If, for example, you are seeking balance and protection, agate would be the right crystal for you. To ensure you mediate or ‘make spells’ with the right crystal, take a look at this crystal guide, so you are aware of the unique healing powers of each individual crystal.

Amber’s healing powers

With its warming glow and distinct rustic tones amber is an aesthetically stunning gemstone. Being this beautiful and unique it is hardly surprising amber is crafted into jewellery and ornaments whose receivers’ regard as eternally precious. As well as being irrefutably alluring to look at, amber’s appeal also stems from its massive healing powers.

A Powerful History

The healing properties of amber date back centuries. Archaeologists have found meticulously carved pieces of amber in various digs around the world, dating back to around 2000 BC. Ancient Germanic tribes, including Celts, Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Chinese people viewed amber as an almost sacred entity, which offered them protection and healing powers. Due to its “electrical properties” and rich golden colour, amber, also known as Bernstein, Northern Golf and Electra, was traded far and wide during ancient civilisations. Tribes in Lithuania used amber to drive away evil spirits and to help the souls of the dead travel to good spirits.

An Ancient Potent Healer

In his work on alternative medicine, Hippoctrates (460 – 377 BC), the “Father of Medicine”, described the healing properties and the ways in which Baltic Amber could be used as a healer. Hippocrates’ methods were then used by scientists until the Middle Ages. In ancient Rome, amber was used as a means to protect people against disease, including madness. The zest to exploit amber’s healing properties continued in the Middle Ages, when Baltic amber beads were worn to treat jaundice. It was widely believed the power of this golden stone could ingest the unwanted yellow tinge from the skin.

The belief that amber could heal the mind and cure the body from pain and disease continued throughout history. Before World War I amber was used to treat different diseases, including impotency in men.


How Can Amber Be Used?

So it certainly has its unique healing uses, but how exactly can we exploit amber’s decisive capabilities?

  • Amber jewellery – Wearing amber jewellery is perhaps the most obvious way for the powers of the gemstone to flow into the body and mind of its user.
  • Amber balls – Amber balls are beautiful carved objects which are used in meditation as a means of enhancing the spiritualness of the practice. Place the amber balls in the palms of your hands and you will hit specific pressure points. The balls will send signals through your nervous system that will tell you when it’s time to let go and relax.
Amber & Silver Stud Earrings 
Amber Healing Crystal
Amber Bracelet (elasticated)

A Potent Chakra Cleanser

Today, the ubiquitous love affair with amber remains. This powerful chakra cleanser and healer is said to imbue the body with vitality and is still used as a means to absorb pain and negative energy. By ridding the body of pain, rebalance and energy is restored through amber. As well as alleviating stress and anxiety, amber is still used to treat various illnesses. With its natural antibiotic powers, problems related to the gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, liver and the spleen are believed to be cured with amber. This stunning and distinctive gemstone is also used strengthen muscles and to alleviate joint problems.

An Intellect Enhancer

Asides it physical healing proficiencies, amber is also said to augment decisiveness. By strengthening the memory and intellect, amber acts as a powerful source in providing emotional well-being.


Experience the Love Effect with Opal Rings

Opal has been referred to as a stone of inspiration. As well as releasing inhibitions and enhancing the memory, opal augments imagination and creativity. Opal’s inspiring qualities are coupled with the fact it is an extremely spiritual stone. As well as crafting happy dreams, opal’s multiple proficiencies have also been attributed to crafting “invisibility”, whereby its wearer can become ‘invisible’ in situations where they don’t care to be.

The Stone of Love

Opal is also said to be the stone of love. When worn close to the heart, this fascinating gemstone can revive a stagnant heart chakra and provide inspiration of love. The love that opal arouses can take on different forms. Unconditional ‘gentler’ love can be evoked through opal, as can fiery, sensual love. Having the ability to destroy the barriers of inhibitions, opal ignites passion putting emotionalism at its core. This thoroughly beautiful stone is also said to calm turbulent emotions and bring fidelity to love, with wearers of opal being compelled to refrain from straying down a path of infidelity.

Opals are a great choice for anyone interested in crystal healing

A Gem of Many Colours

Asides its strong associations with healing and love, opal owes much of its timeless popularity to its unrivalled beauty. Unlike other gemstones, opal combines a variety of colours, each tone as beautiful and compelling as the next. The various hues of opal have different emotional, spiritual and healing capabilities. Opal’s multitude of colour is fascinating to look at. Unlike other gemstones which are predominantly one colour, opal stones display all the colours of the rainbow. The iridescent movement of reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples and more, take on many different forms.

Silver & Opal Ring
Opal & Amethyst Gold Ring
Opal Silver Ring


Spiritual Connotations of Opal Colours

The numerable tones of this ‘stone of love’ exemplify different spiritual and emotional meanings. For example, blue opal provides physical reality. Wearers of a blue opal ring are said to be able to view the world with stronger clarity and meaning. Whereas fire opal is believed to awaken the wearer’s inner fire and protect them against danger. A symbol of hope, beautiful fire opal amplifies energy, supports the wearer through emotional turmoil and helps people let go of the past. Stones that possess natural pink properties never fail to be popular. The pink in opal not only augments the stone’s distinct aesthetic qualities but is also said to have powerful healing capabilities. As well as promoting feelings of love and affection, the pink in opal is particularly helpful in healing headaches caused by “unopened third eye chakras.”

These different colours are integrated into jewellery, resulting in simply stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. With multiple colours being offered in one stone, it is easy to understand why opal jewellery is a favourite choice for anyone wanting to show their love and affection. There is no item of jewellery quite like rings to symbolise romance and love and there is no gemstone quite like opal to represent deep and eternal love. Put the two together and the result is a stunning piece of jewellery. Opal ring wearers should be prepared to experience the unique feelings of love only something as beautiful and hypnotic as opal can enthuse.

Opal rings are the perfect addition to your look


Meet the Quartz Family

Quartz is the name applied to crystallised and compact forms of silica. This hard mineral is widely found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Despite quartz calling forth images of rich tones of red, green, purple and blue, quartz typically occurs as white or colourless hexagonal prisms. This beautiful mineral usually acquires its colour by imperfections. So what are the most common quartz crystals?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz possesses a pinkish tone, which has been attributed to being caused by traces of titanium or magnesium. With its gentle pink essence rose quartz is a highly desirable type of quartz crystal that is a popular jewellery accessory.

Rose quartz information:

A common variety: Being a silicon dioxide crystal, rose quartz is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. This softly-coloured crystal is typically found in a huge form and is occasionally found in clusters of small prismatic crystals.

Spiritual attributes: Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. Carrying a feminine and soft form of energy, this delicate quartz is associated with healing, peace, tenderness and comfort.

The purposes of rose quartz: This calming and reassuring type of crystal is often used as a means of creating reassurance at times of crisis. Being the stone of love, rose quartz is also a powerful aphrodisiac, rousing sexual desire.

Rose Quartz, the 'Love Stone'
Rose Quartz, the ‘Love Stone’

Milky Quartz

Milky quartz is a white-coloured crystal which is created by tiny fluid inclusions of liquid or gas trapped when the quartz was formed.

Milky quartz information:

A common variety: Milky quartz is possibly the most common variety of crystalline in the quartz family, which can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Spiritual attributes: Sometimes referred to as the ‘snow quartz’, this attractive-looking crystal is associated with peace, tranquillity and innocence. It is believed that milky quartz has a harmonising effect on those who utilise its unique crystal healing.

The purposes of milky quartz: Being a naturally beautiful type of crystal, milky quartz can be found on many forms of jewellery. Also, being a popular spiritual aid to combat chronic fatigue and metabolic disorders, milky quartz tumblestones  and other decorative healing aids are not uncommon.

Milky Quartz for peace
Milky Quartz for peace

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stunning black/brown variety of the quartz family. Its unique colour derives from free silicon, which is formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

Smoky quartz information:

A common variety: Like other quartz crystals, smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide gem and is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. This beautiful crystal is found in many parts of the world including China, Australia, Brazil and the U.S.

Spiritual attributes: Smoky quartz is believed to provide a subtle energy of balance and protection.

The purposes of smoky quartz: Because smoky quartz is often naturally irradiated, it is not uncommon for it to be used for treating radiation-related illnesses or to help people undergoing chemotherapy. Its many positive healing qualities are often unlocked through wearing smoky quartz jewellery, such as pendants and power bead bracelets.

Smoky Quartz for protection
Smoky Quartz for protection

Nature’s Most Amazing Crystal Caves

For centuries the natural twinkle, vibrant colour and incredible shapes of crystals have fascinated humanity. In fact the seemingly timeless fascination of crystals have meant that these abundant stones have generated their own spiritual awareness and, for many, are regarded as potent spiritual healers. If your love affair for crystal jewellery or penchant for crystal clusters and tumblestones  comes with aspirations to visit crystal caves, or perhaps you merely want to learn more about the geographical origins of these incredible beautiful nature treasures, take a look at the following four most amazing crystal caves.

“From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, the unique attributes of quartz have played a key role in mankind evolutionary development,”

~ Baer, R “Windows of Light.”


Cueva de los Cristales, Mexico

Having been described as being the ‘Cavern of Crystal Giants’, the Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico really is a site to behold. This limestone cavern is situated in a remote area of northern Mexico, approximately an hour to the south of Chihuahua – a region already famous for its crystals. The cave wasn’t discovered until the year 2000 when two brothers came across it whilst drilling nearly 1000 feet below ground in the Naica mine.

This compelling crystal cave is now a top tourist attraction, which takes 20 minutes to reach by van down a twisting mine shaft. To add to the momentousness of the occasion when visitors arrive in the cave, a screen drops from the van’s ceiling and a Michael Jackson video is played.

Cave of the Crystals, Mexico
Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Crystal Cave, Bermuda

Bermuda might be famous for its white sandy beaches and laid back lifestyle but is comparatively less well known for its astonishing Crystal Caves. If you happen to be in Bermuda then taking a trip to the Crystal Cave is an absolute must.

From rare crystal clusters  clinging like a blanket of stars to the cave’s ceiling to delicate crystallised soda straws protruding from the walls, Bermuda’s Crystal Caves open up a whole new perception of the beauty and fascination of crystals.

Crystal Cave, Bermuda
Crystal Cave, Bermuda

Crystal Cave, Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada in California spans more than 400,000 acres of almost unrivalled beauty. Although as stunning and magnificent is the park in the open air, is its underground landscape.

With huge rooms, ornate marble and breath-taking crystal formations framing an exquisite subterranean stream, exploring Sequoia National Park’s Crystal Cave  will be an unforgettable and treasured experience.

Crystal Cave, Sequoia National Park
Crystal Cave, Sequoia National Park

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, Southern China

Known as the ‘Palace of Natural Arts’  this awe-inspiring cave in southern China comprises of a mesmerising labyrinth of limestone pillars, stalactites, stalagmites and crystals. The cave got its name because according to legend people believed that the reeds circling the cave’s mouth could be made into flutes.

One of the rooms is known as the ‘Crystal Palace of the Dragon King’ and, as you can imagine, is brimming with remarkable crystals shimmering in the underground grotto.

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, Southern China
Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, Southern China

Best Crystals for Love and Romance

A new year, a new romance. If you are looking for a new romance in 2014 or are looking to rekindle some romance in an existing relationship, let crystals lend you a helping hand. For centuries crystals have been associated with building strong and positive relationships and being a source of aiding love and romance.

Whether it is to mend a broken heart, express love, attract a soul mate, nurture eroticism or to help build a healthy relationship, crystals have long been considered as a potent love and romance stimulus. That’s not to say all crystals and gemstones are associated with being a positive relationship-builder. Take a look at the top five crystals that are believed to have romance- motivating properties and what they can do for someone who is looking for love.

Malachite & Silver Pendant
Malachite & Silver Pendant
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Ruby Crystal Massage Wand
Rose Quartz Pendant
Rose Quartz Pendant

Rose quartz

With its gentle pink essence, rose quartz is widely known as a crystal which helps heal the heart chakra, the crystal of unconditional love. This beautiful type of crystals is believed to have a gentle energy that helps you accept, respect and love yourself, all essential qualities that help you love someone else. Known as the heart stone, rose quartz has been used as a symbol and token of love since 600 B.C. When worn close to the heart in the form of a pendant, it is believed that rose quartz can help you fall in unconditional love.


If you are looking for passion then ruby is associated with having the power to ignite or rekindle passion in a relationship. With its six-sided crystal prisms, rubies are purported to cleanse the chakras, promoting love and commitment as well as passion and romance. Use a ruby crystal massage wand to inspire passion and deepen emotional bonds in 2014.


Moonstone is widely referred to as the “Goddess Stone”, which has been traditionally related to emotional feelings, intuition, the heart and fertility. This softly toned crystal is often worn as a pendant to encourage acceptance and heighten physical capabilities. Being aligned to the moon, moonstone is said to be ideal for men who want to get in touch with the their softer ‘feminine’ side and for women who like to dominate in a relationship.


Jade is considered to be the crystal of wisdom, which promotes nurturing and love. It is believed that jade helps its wearer recognise who they are spiritually, sending them on a journey of self-discovery. It helps attract a loving and fulfilling relationship, protecting the wearer from emotional harm.


Malachite is named after the Greek word for “mallow”, a type of herb. With its soothing and calming properties, this polished green crystal is said to be the bringer of balance and harmony. From malachite mosaics to a malachite and silver pendant, this unique stone brings feminine power and opens the heart to unconditional love, the perfect crystal to help you find your soul mate in 2014.

Crystals for Prosperity

Crystals aren’t just beautiful and compelling to look at but they have many unique healing and spiritual powers. From awarding greater self-esteem and confidence to healing sexual problems, the unique capabilities of various types of crystals have been exploited for centuries. But did you know that crystals can be used to help attract prosperity and abundance? If you could do with an infusion of fortune in the prosperity stakes take a look at the following crystals which are known for bringing wealth, prosperity and abundance.


Citrine Tumble Stones
Citrine Tumble Stones

Citrine has been referred to as the ‘money stone’. ‘success stone’ and ‘merchants’ stone of wealth’. This stunning crystal is yellow or golden in colour and is a member of the quartz mineral group. Ancient cultures believed that placing this stone on the forehead of an elderly person would increase his psychic power.

Citrine is now commonly associated with being a stone of good fortune, which helps a person not only acquire wealth but maintain it. Putting a citrine crystal in your pocket or wallet will help nurture prosperity. Alternatively having citrine tumblestones in a bowl and set in any room in your home is a good idea to attract luck into your living space.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Egg
Green Aventurine Egg

Green Aventurine has been used as a wealth and luck-generating aid for centuries. As a consequence of its lucky-associations, this thoroughly unique looking stone is popular amongst gamblers. In the world of minerals, aventurine in the good luck shamrock, bringing fortune, prosperity, abundance and happiness to all those who own it. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and in order for one to be financially secure, the heart must be ‘healed’ and radiate positive energy. Having this beautiful green stone in your possession will help this positive energy to be radiated, thus healing the heart.

Aventurine can be bought in many forms and is typically green or peach in colour. From a green aventurine crystal egg to a peach aventurine gemstone chip necklace, there are many ways you can utilise the prosperity-generating powers of aventurine. Though it has to be said that it is predominantly green aventurine that is particularly associated with wealth.


Iron Pyrite Tumblestone
Iron Pyrite Tumblestone

The name pyrite comes from the Greek word meaning “a stone which strikes fire.” Being typically golden in colour, pyrite is a traditional symbol for money and abundance. However, it is also worth knowing that it is also known as fool’s gold because it can found adjacent to gold deposits and has has been mistaken for gold.

Native Americans believed they could ‘look into someone’s soul’ when they peered into a polished piece of pyrite. Even today, placing a polished piece of iron pyrite tumblestone on the mantelpiece is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the household.


Peridot & Silver Pendant
Peridot & Silver Pendant

Peridot is another ‘stone of money’. It is believed that if you put a piece of peridot with a lump of citrine in your purse it will protect the money and help bring on more finance and wealth. It is also said that only spiritual and clear-minded individuals should exploit the charms of peridot.

Instead of carrying around an awkwardly-shaped piece of peridot in your purse, why not utilise its money-making powers by wearing a stunning peridot pendant around your neck?

Crystals & Feng Shui Home Tips Part 2 of 2

The art of Feng Shui is an ancient one. People have looked to it to adjust the flow of energies within their home and often practice it in conjunction with healing crystals. Crystals are well regarded as having direct effects on positive and negative energies. In the previous blog we talked about the importance of keeping energies flowing freely and ensuring that positive energies are strong within the home using crystals such as clear quartz to bring balance.


Crystals for the Home
Crystals for the Home

Feng Shui and crystals can also help create protective barriers against negativity. In these times of high stress, many people find themselves feeling that they are constantly under pressure. Like the increasing number of people who turn to crystals for positive energy, you too can try crystals to protect you from the negativity that surrounds us. Black crystals work especially well for this, as they are very grounding and are said to keep you from feeling vulnerable but you could also consider other black crystals such as smoky quartz, obsidian, and jet.

In today’s high-tech age where personal computers and mobile phones are everywhere, there now exists the ever-present danger of electromagnetic radiation (EMF). There is far more EMF in our modern world than the body is used to taking in. Crystal users often look to rose quartz as well as rutilated (or ‘Angel Hair’) quartz to have near to the PC, television set, or mobile phone. Janelle Scialla, a Master Crystal Practitioner and host of an insightful programme of videos on the subject of crystal healing, prefers to use black tourmaline and has stated ‘I have tested black tourmaline with an EMF reader. I can see that there’s a difference between the EMF reading when I’m holding it between the reader and the computer.’ Another popular choice is black tourmaline with mica, whose silvery shine is believed to reflect away negative energy.


Advocates of Feng Shui say that even the flushing of a toilet or draining of a sink can adversely affect a home’s energy. Water is very cleansing and is said to wash away energy, positive as well as negative. A crystal often selected to combat this problem is a clear quartz point. Try taping one to the U-bend of the water pipe, pointing it upwards so that you are directing the energy back into the room.

If you have a very old house, it is likely that there is a well underneath the building. Feng Shui masters believe that this creates a vortex which pulls the energy from your house down into the well, like water going down a drain. A large chunk of rose quartz is often used in such situations, since it is said to have the effect of dampening down the vortex effect completely.

Whether you wish to delve into the mysteries of Feng Shui or not, you can always look to the wonder of crystals to enhance your own energy as well as that of your home.

Rose Quartz Buddha
Rose Quartz Buddha
Obsidian Crystal Pendulum
Obsidian Crystal Pendulum
Rutilated Quartz Freeform
Rutilated Quartz Freeform