Crystals for magic

Crystals are fondly admired for their sparklingly beautiful aesthetics and potent healing powers. Did you know crystals can also be used in magic? As many crystals are attributed to some aspect of human experience, Pagan and Wiccan societies use what they regard as magical crystals to heighten these magical healing powers. Take a look at some of the ways and the different types of crystals that can be used in crystal magic.

How can you implement the ‘magic’ of crystals?

For some people merely having a crystal rock in their pocket enables their bodies to extract the therapeutic powers of the crystal. For example, carrying an Agate Crystal Heart in their pocket will provide an effective way to give them harmony and peace. Others prefer to extract the magical powers of crystals by wearing a stunning piece of gemstone jewellery. For example, wearing a Chakra and Quartz Silver Pendant around the neck enables light to shine through the crystals. The light created by the quartz penetrates into the wearer’s body and by doing so creates a greater flow of energy and helps to balance the mind and spirit. Such a pendant would therefore make the perfect tool in those interested in ‘crystal magic’ and balancing the body, mind and spirit through gemstones.

Tumblestones are often used making spells or meditating.
Tumblestones are often used making spells or meditating.

For others, ‘crystal magic’ involves using smaller pieces of crystals, typically in the form of tumblestones, as an aid when making spells or meditating. Tumblestones are crafted by tumble polishing once rough pebbles of crystal. The end result is beautiful smooth and polished pieces of crystal stone, which are perfect for holding and meditating with or, in some instances, making spells. If, for example, you are seeking a way to have greater luck and prosperity in your life, African jade tumble stone is widely believed to be able to grant such fortune on those who believe it. These beautiful green crystals with unique swirls of white running through them, certainly look and feel like they could work magic, even on those most cynical of alternative healing practices.

Visualising with ‘magic crystals’

Clear Quartz being used when meditating
Clear Quartz being used when meditating.

If you are implementing crystals into a meditating routine in order for the ‘magic’ to be most effective, it is important to ‘visualise’ the energy. When you are holding or wearing a crystal, ground and centre yourself, then visualise the Earth’s energy coming through your feet and up through your body.

Picking the right crystal for you

Of course before embarking on ‘crystal magic’, it is important that you pick the right stone to cater for your own special needs and requirements. If, for example, you are seeking balance and protection, agate would be the right crystal for you. To ensure you mediate or ‘make spells’ with the right crystal, take a look at this crystal guide, so you are aware of the unique healing powers of each individual crystal.