Life Changing Healing Crystals

Crystals can help change your life in the most beautiful and positive of ways. The beauty of these stunning, timeless and utterly unique gemstones is that they work for different people in different ways. Crystals come in an almost infinite number of variations and one of the most exciting components of crystals is that within these variations come infinitely different healing and stimulating effects. If you are determined to change some aspect of your life through the powerful, pleasurable and spellbinding qualities of crystals, take a look at some of the most life changing crystals there are in existence.

Stimulate the Mind, Body & Soul with Agate

Agate has a long tradition as being used as a powerful stimulant in healing and meditation. The wonderful spiritual powers of agate means this beautiful stone strengthens your physical body, unlocks new levels of awareness in meditation. The mineral composition of Agate not only determines its distinct and thoroughly unique colour and pattern but it also crafts life-changing capabilities. In short, using agate crystals to complement meditation or merely wearing Agate jewellery or having it in the home can help stimulate the mind, body and soul and change your life forever.

Agate Slices Look Gorgeous on Display

Remedy Feuds with Carnelian Crystals

The very nature of human existence and the complexity of the human mind and sensitivity means it is only natural that we disagree, argue and even fall out with one another from time to time. Unfortunately arguments can easily translate into lifelong feuds that are seemingly unresolvable. Perhaps you fell out with your father several years ago and are both reluctant to make the first move in rectifying the problem. Or maybe you got divorced from your husband and would love to have an amicable relationship for the kids sake but sadly can’t be in the same room as one another. Long-term feuds can shatter and destroy relationships, casting a murky shadow on our lives.

The good news is that with carnelian we can mend what seems like unresolvable relationships. The unique properties found in the brightening and beautiful stone of Carnelian helps remove tension between human beings. What’s more, the calming and soothing qualities of Carnelian can help prevent any major bust ups from occurring again. In rectifying the bond between you and someone you once considered close, Carnelian crystal will change your life forever.

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Find a Soul Mate with Rhodochrosite

What could be a more life-changing event than finding your soul mate? Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, fifties or even seventies, finding a soul mate will change your life forever. Perhaps you’ve never found a soul mate before. Or perhaps you are looking for a new soul mate? Either way the smooth, vibrant and unrivalled look and tone of Rhodochrosite not only looks great but the magnetic powers of this potent crystal is believed to be able to help those who utilise its powers bewitch anyone they desire – life changing qualities, that’s for sure.

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Purple Agate Crystal Brightens The Home & Mood

Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones

You can use these gorgeous 20-25mm Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones to add richness and a relaxing atmosphere to your home. The 20-25mm Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones are more than just beautifully polished gemstones though, they are believed to withhold healing benefits such as encouraging happiness, love and good health, awakening your inner true self.

Rocks, minerals and gemstones can be difficult to appreciate in their natural states, but these 20-25mm Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones display the full beauty of the agate. 20-25mm Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones are formed from microscopic crystals of quartz which is laid down in bands, making it a very stable crystal. It is said that the agate crystal has the power to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place.

Purple Agate Crystal Tumble Stones Psychological Effects

The agate crystal is believed to facilitate the acceptance of the self, building self confidence. Agate can aid self analysis and the perception of hidden circumstances which can bring any diseases which are interfering with your well being to your attention.

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Agate Slices Decorate The Home Beautifully

An easy way to bring colour into your home is by using gorgeous agate slices which display the stunning structure of the chosen crystal. Each of the agate slices has a banded structure which is mesmerising to look at, the agates slices are thin which allows light to shine through the agate. The best place to put agate slices is by a window, where they can be hit by natural light which will make the colours inside glow beautifully.

15cm Natural Agate Slices

15cm Natural Agate Slices
15cm Natural Agate Slices

This stunning 15cm Natural Agate Slice comes on a beautiful wooden base, featuring a smooth textured range of milky browns which will help to calm and warm any space you put it in. This subtle piece of 15cm Natural Agate Slice displays the inherent charm of agate perfectly. This gorgeous 15cm Natural Agate Slice is a one-off piece, this means you will receive the exact product displayed.

29cm Magenta Agate Slices

29cm Magenta Agate Slice
29cm Magenta Agate Slice

In this pretty example of  a 29cm Magenta Agate Slice you can enjoy soft, warm colours with a twist of cool, in the combination of magenta and brown tones. It is said that agate can create a balance between different types of energy, spirituality and physical planes. This 29cm Magenta Agate Slice is Brazilian and a one-off piece.