Life Changing Healing Crystals

Crystals can help change your life in the most beautiful and positive of ways. The beauty of these stunning, timeless and utterly unique gemstones is that they work for different people in different ways. Crystals come in an almost infinite number of variations and one of the most exciting components of crystals is that within these variations come infinitely different healing and stimulating effects. If you are determined to change some aspect of your life through the powerful, pleasurable and spellbinding qualities of crystals, take a look at some of the most life changing crystals there are in existence.

Stimulate the Mind, Body & Soul with Agate

Agate has a long tradition as being used as a powerful stimulant in healing and meditation. The wonderful spiritual powers of agate means this beautiful stone strengthens your physical body, unlocks new levels of awareness in meditation. The mineral composition of Agate not only determines its distinct and thoroughly unique colour and pattern but it also crafts life-changing capabilities. In short, using agate crystals to complement meditation or merely wearing Agate jewellery or having it in the home can help stimulate the mind, body and soul and change your life forever.

Agate Slices Look Gorgeous on Display

Remedy Feuds with Carnelian Crystals

The very nature of human existence and the complexity of the human mind and sensitivity means it is only natural that we disagree, argue and even fall out with one another from time to time. Unfortunately arguments can easily translate into lifelong feuds that are seemingly unresolvable. Perhaps you fell out with your father several years ago and are both reluctant to make the first move in rectifying the problem. Or maybe you got divorced from your husband and would love to have an amicable relationship for the kids sake but sadly can’t be in the same room as one another. Long-term feuds can shatter and destroy relationships, casting a murky shadow on our lives.

The good news is that with carnelian we can mend what seems like unresolvable relationships. The unique properties found in the brightening and beautiful stone of Carnelian helps remove tension between human beings. What’s more, the calming and soothing qualities of Carnelian can help prevent any major bust ups from occurring again. In rectifying the bond between you and someone you once considered close, Carnelian crystal will change your life forever.

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Find a Soul Mate with Rhodochrosite

What could be a more life-changing event than finding your soul mate? Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, fifties or even seventies, finding a soul mate will change your life forever. Perhaps you’ve never found a soul mate before. Or perhaps you are looking for a new soul mate? Either way the smooth, vibrant and unrivalled look and tone of Rhodochrosite not only looks great but the magnetic powers of this potent crystal is believed to be able to help those who utilise its powers bewitch anyone they desire – life changing qualities, that’s for sure.

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Agogo Pendants Come Gift Boxed

There are some wonderful pieces of crystal jewellery such as Agogo Pendants available, these can be worn to highlight and compliment various clothing, accessories and skin tone. You can buy Agogo Pendants in a variety of different crystals, each with varying qualities associated with them. Agogo Pendants make fantastic gifts for people as they come neatly presented in a stylish gift box, this also saves time and money on wrapping gifts.

Carnelian Agogo Pendant Gift Box

Carnelian Agogo Pendant

Brightening up your clothing is easy with this vibrant fiery orange Carnelian Agogo Pendant. The gorgeous pendant comes gift boxed, ready to treat somebody special and also keeps the pendant safe and clean when not in use. The price of the carnelian agogo pendant is incredibly cheap and it feels and looks great against any skin tone. Carnelian crystal is closely associated with passion, courage and good health, so anybody who wears it could benefit from these qualities.

Calcite Agogo Pendant Gift Box

Calcite Agogo Pendant

For a soft and subtle look you can try the Calcite Agogo Pendant, featuring soft honey tones, which again compliment the skin and any hair colour. Calcite is considered by crystal experts to be a very spiritual stone, believed to enhance spiritual development and relieve stress. The calcite looks great against the black cord, which comes with it and is ready to give away as a gift.

Enjoy The Wonders Of Carnelian Crystal

The Carnelian Crystal is a very warming stone, considered a grounding, anchoring stone, helping you stay in the current reality. People say that the Carnelian Crystal is great for restoring vitality and motivation, as well as creativity and stabilization. Interestingly the Carnelian Crystal has the ability to cleanse other stones, whilst psychologically it can remove the fear of death. In ancient times the Carnelian Crystal was used to protect the dead on the journey to the afterlife, whilst giving courage, motivation and success to the living. If you have experienced and struggle with abuse, the Carnelian Crystal is said to help overcome this, helping you to trust yourself and your own perceptions.

Carnelian Crystal Emotional Properties

It is believed that the Carnelian Crystal is a powerful protector against the following:


Carnelian Crystal Healing

Crystal healers believe that the Carnelian Crystal can help the following:

• Metabolism
• Reproductive Organs
• Fertility
• Overcomes Frigidity & Impotence
• Heals Lower Back Problems
• Rheumatism
• Arthritis
• Neuralgia
• Depression
• Regulates Bodily Fluids & Kidneys
• Accelerates Bone & Ligament Healing
• Stanches Blood
• Improves Absorption of Vitamins & Minerals
• Improves Blood Flow

Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring

Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring
Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring

Using this sweet little Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring you can see the full beauty of the Carnelian Crystal, thanks to the high polish on the stone. As this Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring has such a grand smooth finish, you can also use it as a stress stone by carrying it with you wherever you go. The Carnelian Crystal is said to be dynamic, fiery and passionate, capable of lifting emotions and improving libido. The Carnelian Crystal Disc Fob Key Ring is approximately 40mm and is the birthstone for Cancer, Leo, Taurus and Virgo.

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