Experience the Love Effect with Opal Rings

Opal has been referred to as a stone of inspiration. As well as releasing inhibitions and enhancing the memory, opal augments imagination and creativity. Opal’s inspiring qualities are coupled with the fact it is an extremely spiritual stone. As well as crafting happy dreams, opal’s multiple proficiencies have also been attributed to crafting “invisibility”, whereby its wearer can become ‘invisible’ in situations where they don’t care to be.

The Stone of Love

Opal is also said to be the stone of love. When worn close to the heart, this fascinating gemstone can revive a stagnant heart chakra and provide inspiration of love. The love that opal arouses can take on different forms. Unconditional ‘gentler’ love can be evoked through opal, as can fiery, sensual love. Having the ability to destroy the barriers of inhibitions, opal ignites passion putting emotionalism at its core. This thoroughly beautiful stone is also said to calm turbulent emotions and bring fidelity to love, with wearers of opal being compelled to refrain from straying down a path of infidelity.

Opals are a great choice for anyone interested in crystal healing

A Gem of Many Colours

Asides its strong associations with healing and love, opal owes much of its timeless popularity to its unrivalled beauty. Unlike other gemstones, opal combines a variety of colours, each tone as beautiful and compelling as the next. The various hues of opal have different emotional, spiritual and healing capabilities. Opal’s multitude of colour is fascinating to look at. Unlike other gemstones which are predominantly one colour, opal stones display all the colours of the rainbow. The iridescent movement of reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples and more, take on many different forms.

Silver & Opal Ring
Opal & Amethyst Gold Ring
Opal Silver Ring


Spiritual Connotations of Opal Colours

The numerable tones of this ‘stone of love’ exemplify different spiritual and emotional meanings. For example, blue opal provides physical reality. Wearers of a blue opal ring are said to be able to view the world with stronger clarity and meaning. Whereas fire opal is believed to awaken the wearer’s inner fire and protect them against danger. A symbol of hope, beautiful fire opal amplifies energy, supports the wearer through emotional turmoil and helps people let go of the past. Stones that possess natural pink properties never fail to be popular. The pink in opal not only augments the stone’s distinct aesthetic qualities but is also said to have powerful healing capabilities. As well as promoting feelings of love and affection, the pink in opal is particularly helpful in healing headaches caused by “unopened third eye chakras.”

These different colours are integrated into jewellery, resulting in simply stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. With multiple colours being offered in one stone, it is easy to understand why opal jewellery is a favourite choice for anyone wanting to show their love and affection. There is no item of jewellery quite like rings to symbolise romance and love and there is no gemstone quite like opal to represent deep and eternal love. Put the two together and the result is a stunning piece of jewellery. Opal ring wearers should be prepared to experience the unique feelings of love only something as beautiful and hypnotic as opal can enthuse.

Opal rings are the perfect addition to your look


The Use of Crystals Throughout History

Turquoise & Silver Ring
Turquoise & Silver Ring

The history of crystal healing stretches as far back as historical records themselves, with every indication that they were utilised by human societies all around the world for a long time before records began.

The Mayans, for example, are known to have used crystals for physical and spiritual healing as well as for diagnosing illnesses, while the healing power of crystals is described in detail in the Vedas, Hindu holy texts that are thousands of years old.

Ancient Egyptian culture also embraced crystals for healing purposes as well as for protection, with their use by the famous civilisation documented in the Ebers Papyrus, a preserved medical text dating back to 1550 BCE which can still be viewed today in the library of the University of Leipzig, Germany.

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt also lined their heafddresses with gemstones and crystals which encouraged wisdom and protected them against various weaknesses, with the intention of making them better rulers of the people. Their tombs have also been discovered to contain many different types of crystals embedded in their sarcophagi and ornaments surrounding their final resting places.

Crystal Healing

Chinese Crystal Healing
Chinese Crystal Healing

An ancient practice that is still relevant today is Chinese medicine, which again is thousands of years old, and also used crystals for their healing energies.

Today, crystals are still used in Chinese acupuncture and they are vital to the processes of Pranic healing. Tibetan Buddhists, alongside Hindus, also use crystals in their healing methods, with the Ayurvedic traditional medicine system still very popular on the Indian sub-continent.

Crystals have also been popular in Christianity and Islam, with the former’s holy book, the Bible, featuring over 200 mentions of crystals throughout its scriptures.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad was thought to wear several symbolic rings, among them being an opal crystal ring for beauty and dignity, a turquoise ring that represented victory and invoked divine assistance in battle, and a carnelian ring for protection from enemies and misfortune.

Another modern use of crystals that has its roots in ancient lore is Feng Shui, which is the practice of manipulating and influencing the energies, or Life Force, that exist in everything around us. The Universal Life Force consists of five elemental components which can be reduced or enhanced by crystals to increase or decrease the flow of certain energies in a room.

Dependence on crystal healing has lessened over the centuries as scientific and medical advances have provided modern human society with so many more options when it comes to physical healing, but the mental and spiritual aspects of crystal healing are still relevant as their current popularity will testify. People still turn to crystal therapy to enhance their spiritual well-being and improve their mental capacity due to the incredible effects that positive thinking can have on our daily lives. It’s not just about thinking good thoughts, but surrounding ourselves with particular positive energies which influence and encourage certain aspects of our spirituality and mental health.

The fact that crystal healing has endured throughout the ages is evidence that its effect on these important elements of being human should not be underestimated.

Opal Gemstone Jewellery

Opal is a unique gemstone that makes beautiful jewellery. Whether you are looking for the healing power of crystals or just a stylish piece of jewellery, opal gemstone jewellery is a wonderful choice. Precious opal has a play of colours, meaning that it shimmers with different colours when the light hits it. The play of colour in opal gemstone jewellery makes it very glamorous and eye catching. It often flashes with many different colours, creating a lovely effect. Here at Crystal Age we have an excellent choice of opal gemstone jewellery sourced from all around the globe. We take great care to bring you only the finest opal jewellery, with genuine opal gemstones and fine craftsmanship.

Opal Gemstone Meaning

There are many different varieties of opal gemstone, all of which have their own healing properties and associations. Most opal jewellery contains blue opal, which is considered a very soothing and uplifting stone. It is associated with the throat chakra Vishuddha and the zodiac signs of Aries and Virgo. Blue opal is believed to aid in communication, enthusiasm and self-confidence. It is also said to have mood lifting effect and help to strengthen the immune system. Blue opals are believed to have a strong connection with the ocean and love also.

Silver Opal Gemstone Jewellery

With its beautiful stones and positive associations, opal gemstone jewellery makes a wonderful gift. The many different varieties of opal all come at different prices, so it is easy to find a piece of fine opal gemstone jewellery to suit your budget. Here at Crystal Age we have an excellent range of opal jewellery including rings, bracelets and a range of cheaper opal pendants. To see the rest of our range, simply click on one of the images below.

Opal Gemstone Ring
Opal Gemstone Ring
Opal Gemstone Pendant
Opal Gemstone Pendant

Opal Gemstone Bracelet
Opal Gemstone Bracelet

Blue Opal Crystal

One of the most beautiful gemstones is blue opal, considered to be an emotional healer it’s not merely the surface of the crystal that is mesmerising. Sometimes communication can be supresssed through lack of confidence, blue opal is said to enhance communication and has also been used for help when past-life experiences or injuries affect present life. You can enjoy the beauty of blue opal in several forms uplifting your home and mood, each of which also make lovely gifts for others.

Blue Opal Crystal Jewellery

19mm Silver & Blue Opal Crystal Teardrop Pendant

19mm Opal Teardrop Pendant

The colour of this wonderful 19mm silver & blue opal teardrop pendant is tranquil and fresh. Featuring a bright Mediterranean ocean blue, the shimmering effect of the blue opal looks simply dazzling in the light and is compliment well by its solid silver setting. This silver and blue opal teardrop pendant is extra special as it’s a one-off piece, the natural opal crystal has an uplifting energy no matter what you wear it with and will suit all skin tones. The healing benefits associated with this gorgeous blue opal pendant are increased self-confidence, self-expression and optimism.

16-19cm Blue Opal Crystal & Silver Gemstone Bracelet

16-19cm Opal Gemstone Bracelet

You can buy this wonderfully made 16-19cm blue opal crystal and silver bracelet as a gift for a special occasion, or simply to re-vamp your own jewellery collection. The shade of light blue opal gemstones in this bracelet add charm and colour to both dark and light clothing. Some people believe that wearing blue opal jewellery encourages happiness, warmth and love, if nothing else it will certainly shimmer giving a mystical aura to your look.

Blue Opal Crystal Ring

Blue Opal Ring

For a simple yet beautiful look, try this sturdy silver cased blue opal ring for size. A smooth round finish to the ring provides a soft elegant touch to evening wear as well as brightening up daytime clothing. The blue opal used was discovered in the furthest region of Mintabie, Australia and the sterling silver ring it is set in is available in UK size Q, USA size 8.

Other Blue Opal Crystal Products

Andean Blue Opal Healing Crystal
Fire Opal

Opal Crystal Is Said To Be Closely Connected With Emotions

Attributes of the Opal Crystal include enhancing cosmic consciousness and inducing psychic and mystical visions. It is also believed that the Opal Crystal stimulates uniqueness and dynamic creativity. Apparently the opal crystal is capable of picking up thoughts and feelings, then amplifying them and returning them to the source.

The psychological effects of opal crystal include the amplifying of traits and brining characteristics to the surface for transformation. Crystal experts also say that the opal crystal can enhance self worth and help you reach your full potential.

Emotionally the opal crystal is associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism, the seductive traits of the stone are said to intensify these emotional qualities.

Healing Fire Opal Crystal

Fire Opal Healing Crystal
Fire Opal Healing Crystal

The Fire Opal Crystal is an orangey red stone which is said to enhance personal power, awaken inner fire and protect against danger. Many also believe that the Fire Opal Crystal is a symbol of hope which is useful in business and as an energy amplifier. Other beliefs are that the fire opal crystal facilitates change and progress, often used when there are mistreatments or injustice. Fire Opal Crystal is said to be very good for letting go of grief and the past in general.

Having a sample of this gorgeous Fire Opal Healing Crystal will brighten up any crystal collection. With pretty rainbow sparkles, the fire opal healing stone is believed to stimulate new growth and ideas. The Fire Opal Healing Crystal is also said to encourage spontaneity and restore passion into those lives it has left.

Yellow Opal Crystal Tumble Stones

Yellow Opal Crystal Tumble Stones
Yellow Opal Crystal Tumble Stones

Use these stunning Yellow Opal Tumble Stones to brighten up your home and enjoy the benefits that they are said to hold. With the combination of healing powers and purity of all opal varieties, the yellow opal tumble stones are said to be able to fight infection and help the body to heal at the same time as removing energy blocks.

Each of the Yellow Opal Tumble Stones have been highly polished after they have been tumbled into shape, this brings out the full colours of the crystal beautifully. You can hold the yellow opal tumble stones in your hand carry it around with you or place it in a jar for decoration purposes.