Amber’s healing powers

With its warming glow and distinct rustic tones amber is an aesthetically stunning gemstone. Being this beautiful and unique it is hardly surprising amber is crafted into jewellery and ornaments whose receivers’ regard as eternally precious. As well as being irrefutably alluring to look at, amber’s appeal also stems from its massive healing powers.

A Powerful History

The healing properties of amber date back centuries. Archaeologists have found meticulously carved pieces of amber in various digs around the world, dating back to around 2000 BC. Ancient Germanic tribes, including Celts, Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Chinese people viewed amber as an almost sacred entity, which offered them protection and healing powers. Due to its “electrical properties” and rich golden colour, amber, also known as Bernstein, Northern Golf and Electra, was traded far and wide during ancient civilisations. Tribes in Lithuania used amber to drive away evil spirits and to help the souls of the dead travel to good spirits.

An Ancient Potent Healer

In his work on alternative medicine, Hippoctrates (460 – 377 BC), the “Father of Medicine”, described the healing properties and the ways in which Baltic Amber could be used as a healer. Hippocrates’ methods were then used by scientists until the Middle Ages. In ancient Rome, amber was used as a means to protect people against disease, including madness. The zest to exploit amber’s healing properties continued in the Middle Ages, when Baltic amber beads were worn to treat jaundice. It was widely believed the power of this golden stone could ingest the unwanted yellow tinge from the skin.

The belief that amber could heal the mind and cure the body from pain and disease continued throughout history. Before World War I amber was used to treat different diseases, including impotency in men.


How Can Amber Be Used?

So it certainly has its unique healing uses, but how exactly can we exploit amber’s decisive capabilities?

  • Amber jewellery – Wearing amber jewellery is perhaps the most obvious way for the powers of the gemstone to flow into the body and mind of its user.
  • Amber balls – Amber balls are beautiful carved objects which are used in meditation as a means of enhancing the spiritualness of the practice. Place the amber balls in the palms of your hands and you will hit specific pressure points. The balls will send signals through your nervous system that will tell you when it’s time to let go and relax.
Amber & Silver Stud Earrings 
Amber Healing Crystal
Amber Bracelet (elasticated)

A Potent Chakra Cleanser

Today, the ubiquitous love affair with amber remains. This powerful chakra cleanser and healer is said to imbue the body with vitality and is still used as a means to absorb pain and negative energy. By ridding the body of pain, rebalance and energy is restored through amber. As well as alleviating stress and anxiety, amber is still used to treat various illnesses. With its natural antibiotic powers, problems related to the gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, liver and the spleen are believed to be cured with amber. This stunning and distinctive gemstone is also used strengthen muscles and to alleviate joint problems.

An Intellect Enhancer

Asides it physical healing proficiencies, amber is also said to augment decisiveness. By strengthening the memory and intellect, amber acts as a powerful source in providing emotional well-being.


Crystals for New Year Happiness Part 1

We might hanker after the latest smartphone or DVD of our favourite comedian during the build-up to Christmas, but as the New Year dawns there are really only two things we truly desire: happiness and prosperity. It’s why we make New Year’s resolutions to try and improve our lives or health and a determined mental attitude is often required to maintain these resolutions.

Below are a few descriptions of particularly beneficial healing crystals, one for each of the seven chakras, which will help encourage happiness and prosperity with their particular energies and influences which range from calming and soothing properties, through anti-depressant abilities (which aid the fight against the likes of Seasonal Affective Disorder), to qualities such as idea promoting and the strengthening of our will.

Almandine Garnet
Almandine Garnet

ALMANDINE GARNET varies in colour from a deep red to black and is strongly associated with the Base or Root Chakra. This healing crystal energises from the First Chakra all the way up through all the others, helping to eliminate negative or unhealthy inhibitions. Used to aid transformation, the Almandine Garnet Healing Crystal can give you the strength of will to remain steadfast in your New Year’s resolutions.

Almandine Garnet Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Base or Root (First Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Positively energising, confidence boosting and aids transformation.
  • Physical Attributes: Facilitates meditation.
  • Usage: Kept at home, the Garnet’s energising properties will emanate throughout. Also keep a red garnet with you to control anger.

  • Carnelian

    CARNELIAN is known to bestow optimism, courage and inner-strength, while also having a grounding ability by promoting calmness and serenity. The Carnelian Healing Crystal can be a powerful anti-depressant to relieve negative thoughts and is especially useful in alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can be of great benefit right now as the New Year’s first couple of months are often the coldest and greyest of the year.

    Carnelian Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Navel or Sacral Centre (Second Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Positivity, calming and depression relief.
  • Physical Attributes: Traditionally believed to staunch blood flow by calming it.
  • Usage: Carrying the stones or holding them during meditation will inspire the spiritual aspects, while drinking the essence of Carnelian is said to be a great anti-depressant.

  • Amber

    AMBER is an especially useful crystal due to attributes which include bestowing good fortune and a strong sense of optimism upon those who feel its influence. Also known as a powerful healer, the Amber Healing Crystal has the distinction of being the earliest recorded precious stone as it is the preserved resin of ancient conifer trees.

    Amber Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus (Third Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Luck, optimism, strength and self-confidence.
  • Physical Attributes: Helps joint problems and is good for the liver and kidneys.
  • Usage: Although primarily associated with the Third Chakra, amber can also influence the Seventh or Crown Chakra and can help relieve headaches by placing the stone upon the forehead. The spiritual attributes of amber will also flourish when placed around the home.

  • Kunzite

    KUNZITE is another precious stone, sometimes called Pink Spodumene, which is especially good for combating depression as it is a very cheering and uplifting healing crystal. It is often used as a block for electromagnetic stress. These attributes of the Kunzite Healing Crystal are very useful in our search for happiness in the New Year.

    Kunzite Crystal Information:

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart (Fourth Chakra).
  • Spiritual Attributes: Happiness and stress relief.
  • Physical Attributes: Can induce deep meditation.
  • Usage: Placing them around our living or work areas will help ease depression and lift our spirits. Become a ‘spiritual warrior’ by holding a spear-shaped kunzite crystal.
  • Can’t get enough of our New Years Resolution crystals? Come back next week for more fantastic crystal ideas in Crystals for New Year Happiness Part 2.

    Learn More about Amber Crystals

    Associated with pain relief, good luck, good health and powerful healing energy, Amber crystals will make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves stones and crystals. Amber is a type of fossilised conifer tree resin and is approximately around 50 million years old. Read on to find out more information on Amber uses and the general history of this beautiful and warm stone. We also have a gorgeous selection of Amber crystal jewellery and stones here at which will bring positive energy and optimism into your home.

    Amber Healing Crystal

    Amber Crystal
    Amber Crystal

    This wonderful Amber healing crystal from Russia has a gorgeous orange-yellow glow to it that will not only look beautiful in your home but will encourage strength, self-confidence and creativity.

    This crystal also bestows luck, optimism and absorbs any negative energy and pain from a person or home.

    It is also said to filter organs such as kidneys and liver. This striking crystal comes with a handy reference card, describing all the key mineral healing attributes and properties.

    So if you know of someone special who enjoys collecting stones, this Amber healing stone is ideal. You will get all the information needed to understand and how to use this crystal.

    Interesting Facts about Amber

    • Helps joint problems and enhances wound healing.
    • Amber is the birthstone of Aquarius, Leo and Taurus.
    • It aligns primarily with the Sacral Chakra as well as the Crown, bringing in pure golden light throughout the body.
    • Many artefacts made of Amber had insects within them or parts of trees
    • Amber was discovered in Egyptian tombs including Tutankhamen.

    Beautiful Amber Jewellery

    Amber is a beautiful stone and here at Crystal Age we have recently expanded our selection of fine amber jewellery. We now have a much wider selection of amber pendants and a new range of amber earrings that make wonderful gifts. We also have more different colours of amber, including elegant green amber and gold-flecked varieties. Amber is found in many colours but all the varieties have a richness about them that looks very glamorous. Amber jewellery seems to glow when the light hits it and gives you a wonderful look.

    Green Amber Pendant
    Green Amber Pendant
    Amber Drop Earrings
    Amber Drop Earrings

    Oval Amber Pendant
    Oval Amber Pendant

    Benefits of Wearing Amber Jewellery

    Amber has a unique place in crystal healing because it is not a mineral but an organic substance. As the fossilised resin of extinct trees, amber is very different to other crystals. It was the first precious stone described in human history and has been used as a protective amulet for at least seven thousands years. Amber is believed to bring you good luck, happiness and an optimistic, sunny nature. It is also said to have a powerful healing and cleansing power that can help joint problems, improve wound healing and absorb pain. Amber is aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra and the star signs Aquarius, Taurus and Leo.

    Benefits of Wearing Green Amber

    Amber is found in many colours, of which green is one of the most attractive. Experts believe that green amber is formed when resin fell onto mineral deposits or volcanic ash. It makes beautiful jewellery and has its own set of healing attributes. Green amber is said to have a bright energy, like new sap rising in Spring. It is said to clear the heart chakra and fill it with love and joy. Green amber is also associated with wealth, fulfilment and empowerment. It is aligned with the same star signs as golden amber but it connects with both the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.

    Enjoy The Glowing Positive Energy Of Amber

    The mesmerising warmth of the Amber Healing Crystal is truly stunning, the fossilized tree resin originates from Russia. Amber Healing Crystal is very much an Earth stone and is believed to be a powerful healer and cleanser removing diseases from the body and as well as promoting tissue revitalisation. Since ancient times amber has been considered a magical stone, said to bestow luck and happiness and to health issues such as joint problems.

    Amber Healing Crystal

    Amber Healing Crystal
    Amber Healing Crystal

    This particular Amber Healing Crystal is approximately 50 million years old, which is pretty impressive and a full description of the Amber Healing Crystals properties come with the stone. Some of the most well known benefits of the Amber Healing Crystal are believed to be the uplifting of negative energy, body healing, stability, anti-depressant, anti-suicidal.

    Amber and Insect

    Amber and Insect
    Amber and Insect

    You can enjoy the beauty of ancient amber with this fine Amber & Insect specimen, beautifully presented in a clear square box. Inside the gleaming droplet of amber is a perfectly preserved insect and you also can make use of the magnification on the box to inspect the insect closer. This Amber and Insect is approximately 50 million years old, formed from the resin of extinct conifer trees. The Amber and Insect is a great gift for both adults and children alike, keeping a great piece of history alive in your own home.

    26mm Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant

    Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant
    Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant

    A fantastic way to keep the great benefits of Amber with you all of the time is with this 26mm Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant. The Amber crystal is believed to be a natural antibiotic and is thought to help balance and heal the body from negative energy and illnesses. Design wise, the 26mm Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant is a brilliant example of elegance and style. And the silver fixings look fantastic against the brightness of the amber. This gorgeous one-off piece 26mm Silver Wrapped Teardrop Amber Pendant is the exact product that you will receive.