New Speciality Palm Stones

Palm stones are polished crystals with a huge range of uses and I am pleased to announce that we have a brand new range of speciality palm stones here at Crystal Age! The new range of palm stones includes individually selected stones of superior quality. Each palm stone has been hand picked for its unique quality, beauty and provenance. Palm stones are oval stones that fit into the palm of your hand. They can be displayed, used as a focus during meditation, placed on the body for crystal healing or used in any way you wish as part of a healing practice.

Speciality Rhodochrosite Palm Stones

Speciality Rhodochrosite Palm Stone

We have eight beautiful rhodochrosite palm stones starting at £29.99. Rhodochrosite is a wonderful crystal that appears in a range of pink colours, with distinctive wavy patterns and creamy markings. In crystal healing, rhodochrosite is a stone of health and compassion. It is believed to encourage optimism, universal love and selfless behaviour. On a physical level it is believed to benefit the respiratory system and heart, blood pressure, poor circulation and asthma.

Speciality Seraphinite Palm Stones

Speciality Seraphinite Palm Stone

Seraphinite is a wonderful crystal and we have 8 seraphinite palm stones, also starting at £29.99. Seraphinite is so called because of its feather-like patterns, which were compared to the wings of seraphs, a type of angel. This crystal is associated with spiritual enlightenment, letting go of illness and communication with higher energies. It is said to cleanse the aura and have a strengthening and balancing effect on all seven chakras.

Try Seraphinite Crystal To Protect Your Body In Outer Body Experiences

Many people use the Seraphinite Crystal for meditation, the stone is said to be closely associated with spiritual enlightenment. The Seraphinite Crystal is often used for making angelic connections as well as opening the crown and higher crown chakras (energy points of the body).

Seraphinite Crystal promotes living from the heart with a gently cleansing effect on the heart chakra, opening to love. People who experiment with outer body experiences use the Seraphinite Crystal to protect their physical body, seraphinite is also used for reviewing life progress, identifying any necessary changes to put you on the path to peace and fulfilment.

Seraphinite Crystal Healing

The stunning Seraphinite Crystal is said to be able to activate the spinal cord and is said to be linked to the etheric body, behind the heart, many use it to release muscle tension in the neck. Other uses of the Seraphinite Crystal include overcoming chills and promoting weight loss.

Seraphinite Products

34mm Wide Teardrop Seraphinite Crystal Pendant
34mm Wide Teardrop Seraphinite Crystal Pendant
Seraphinite Tumble Stone
Seraphinite Tumble Stone
30mm Jagged Triangle Seraphinite Crystal Pendant
30mm Jagged Triangle Seraphinite Crystal Pendant