Gemstone Jewellery

There are many items of beautiful Gemstone Jewellery available, in many cases one-off peices which make perfect thoughtful gifts.

Fluorite Gemstone Jewellery Chip Cuff Bracelets Gift Box

Stand out of the crowd with this special gemstone jewellery. Included in this Fluorite Gemstone bracelet is aqua, violet and white tones which are found in fluorite, the variety of colour means that the Fluorite Gemstone Chip Cuff Bracelet will match any outfit. Emerging from metamorphic rock, fluorite is used for healing and is meant to bring a sense of peace, order to chaos.

Gemstone Jewellery Fluorite gemstone chip cuff bracelet
Gemstone Jewellery Fluorite Gemstone Chip Cuff Bracelet

Green Aventurine Gemstone Jewellery Chip Cuff Bracelet Gift Box

For a tranquil and vibrant feel, try the Green Aventurine bracelet, the luminous leaf-green will compliment many outfits. Aventurine is a member of the quartz family, so is great for a balancing and harmonious effect. The Aventurine gemstone bracelet is aligned with the heart and is said to settle any emotional or bodily conflict.

Gemstone Jewellery Green Aventurine Chip Cuff Bracelet
Gemstone Jewellery Green Aventurine Chip Cuff Bracelet

Sodalite Gemstone Jewellery Chip Cuff Bracelet Gift Box

If you are Sagittarian, or just like the colour blue you will benefit from this Sodalite bracelet. The deep royal blue of sodalite has been used for jewellery since the 1800s and is also known as princess blue since becoming a favourite by royalty in England as a centre-piece of elegant regal gemstone jewellery.

You can rest assured that this sodalite gemstone bracelet will last, the quality craftsmanship and grade gives that touch of luxury to anybody at such a reasonable price of £9.99. The sodalite bracelet comes in a smart presentation box, making it ideal as a gift or special treat.

Gemstone Jewellery Sodalite chip cuff bracelet gift box
Gemstone Jewellery Sodalite Chip Cuff Bracelet Gift Box

Gemstone Jewellery Ring Set

However you are feeling, with the Gemstone Jewellery Ring Set there is a ring to make you feel better every day. We all have good days and bad days; it will never continuously be the same which is why this clever gemstone ring set is perfect for the changing moods that everyday life entails.

Along with the beautiful silver ring, this immaculate set comes with a removable green aventurine sphere.

Gemstone Jewellery Ring Set
Gemstone Jewellery Ring Set

Gemstones Included with the Jewellery Ring Set

There are 9 gemstones and each one is chosen especially for energy and aesthetic reasons. You may require the strength of the tiger eye or romance of rose quartz, or even some intelligence from the sodalite gem; you can pick and choose to suit your style and personality.

Gemstone spheres included: Green Aventurine, Hematite, Obsidian, New Jade, Red Jasper, Quartz, Sodalite, Rose Quartz and Tiger eye.

Moldavite Crystal

A truly cosmic speciality gemstone the Moldavite Crystal, is a gem that formed by melting rock from a meteorite,  falling down to Earth in what is now the Czech Republic 14.8 million years ago. The extremely rare, Moldavite crystals are green stones which are scientifically classed as tektites.

To learn more about this Star born stone check out this great book Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons & Kathy Warner.

Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons & Kathy Warner
Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons & Kathy Warner

Moldavite Crystal Jewellery

This striking Moldavite Goddess Pendant features a goddess figure made of silver holding a facetted moldavite heart. The Moldavite crystal is a positive, rich crystal, believed to bring luck, protect the heart and assist in meditation.

Moldavite Crystal Goddess Pendant
Moldavite Crystal Goddess Pendant

Smoothly polished, this natural Moldavite crystal pendant is set in a straight sterling silver claw, with  clear lines this makes a bold and intriguing statement. The Moldavite pendant is a one off unique piece making it even more desirable.

Moldavite Crystal Straight Claw Silver Setting 24mm pendant
Moldavite Crystal Straight Claw Silver Setting 24mm Pendant

If you are down on your luck, this Moldavite Pendant with thick sterling silver casing might help turn things around. You won’t have to worry about the security of your pendant thanks to the solid casing on this pendant. The Moldavite Pendant thick sterling silver casing is a one-off piece of jewellery, so you can be the sole proud owner of this fantastic achievement.

Moldavite Crystal Thick Sterling Silver Casing (22mm) pendant
Moldavite Crystal Thick Sterling Silver Casing (22mm) Pendant

With a solid sterling silver clasp, this Moldavite pendant dangles elegantly on the wearer.

Moldavite Crystal Rough Thin Point (10mm) pendant
Moldavite Crystal Rough Thin Point (10mm) Pendant

For a beautiful ring that everybody will admire look no further than this Moldavite Ring, a simple but special item, polished to bring out the deep rich green in the Moldavite crystal.

Moldavite Crystal Faceted Teardrop in Styled Silver Ring
Moldavite Crystal Faceted Teardrop in Styled Silver Ring

If you want to take a look at some more Moldavite Crystal products Crystal age is a fantastic place to it, with many one-off peices available.

Moonstone Jewellery

Moonstone is so called as it features a shimmer when the stone moves, in the past people have believed they could see phases of the moon in the stone. The country of origin for Moonstone is Sri Lanka. There are specimens from India which feature a nebulous light and shadow of discreet colours and fine shimmer; this is why Moonstone Jewellery is so popular. The meanings of gemstones vary from country to country, i.e. in India the moonstone is regarded as holy and a magical dream stone, which is said to bring the wearer beautiful visions in their sleep. In Arabic countries women sometimes wear moonstone jewellery sewn into their garments, believing that moonstone is a symbol of fertility.

Moonstone Jewellery Products

Marquise Silver Moonstone Ring

Blue moonstones of good quality are becoming rarer in recent years; however you can find some lovely Moonstone Jewellery rings in the Gemstone Jewellery section. This particular Moonstone Marquise Ring focuses on the crown chakra, (one of the seven energy points of the body) to help mind and body during difficult times.

Moonstone Marquise Silver Ring
Moonstone Marquise Silver Ring

Small Shark Tooth Point Pendant

For an unusual yet incredibly classy look, this Shark Tooth Moonstone Jewellery Pendant is sure to do the job. Wear with an elegant dress or simply as an everyday special touch. This side oval pendant can also be brought as a beautiful gift for someone special.

Moonstone Jewellery Small Shark Tooth Point Pendant
Moonstone Jewellery Small Shark Tooth Point Pendant

Moonstone Side Oval Pendant

This simple and subtle moonstone side oval pendant is set in beautiful shining silver, highlighting the luminous moonstone for a fantastic look.

Moonstone Jewellery side oval pendant
Moonstone Jewellery Side Oval Pendant

Other Moonstone Crystal Products

Moonstone Crystal Sphere

In addition to Moonstone jewellery, you can also purchase solid moonstone spheres, sometimes called the visionary stone this is said to aid physic development. Particularly useful for women’s pains, the moonstone shaded crystal sphere is also great as a gift item.

Moonstone Crystal Sphere
Moonstone Crystal Sphere

Moonstone Crystal Heart

Enjoy the nurturing qualities of Moonstone in the form of this crystal heart. Moonstone has creams, pinks and occasionally blues which make for a very soft tone wherever you place it. Use this Moonstone Crystal heart to soothe away cramps and to ease pains.

Moonstone Crystal Heart
Moonstone Crystal Heart

Moonstone Tumble Stones

These tumble stones come from a deposit of Moonstone classified as gem grade, this means they have a super fine structure and delicate soft colour. The beautiful Moonstone Crystal is believed to care and nurture at all times. This gem grade Moonstone is highly recommended for emotional problems as well as period pains. Moonstone tumble stones look great around the home and can even be used around the garden if desired. Another way these Moonstone tumber stones can be used is as a piece of moonstone jewellery by placing one of the gemstones in a Spiral Gemstone Holder which makes for an easy way to carry it with you at all times in a pendant. Tumble stones are sold individually.

Moonstone Jewellery Tumble Stones (Gem Grade)
Moonstone Jewellery Tumble Stones (Gem Grade)

Quartz Pendants

When it comes to crystal quartz pendants there are many beautiful varieties to choose from, whether it be an angelic Rose Quartz Angel Pendant or a quartz natural crystal point pendant. Rose quartz is known as the love stone, making it the perfect romantic gift. It’s even possible to personalise quartz pendants for example the Rose quartz crystal heart.

Quartz Pendants Crystal Heart £4.99
Quartz Pendants Crystal Heart

Or for something more sophisticated try the quartz polished crystal point pendant, clasped in silver this pretty quartz pendant can also be used as a pendulum.

Quartz Pendants Polished Crystal Point Pendant £9.99
Quartz Pendants Polished Crystal Point Pendant

Crystal Bracelets

What better way to reap the benefits of your favourite crystal than to wear it, crystal bracelets are the perfect product to not only look fantastic but hopefully feel it too. Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years in this way, in modern day there are more choices than ever before!

The best thing about Crystal Bracelets is they don’t have to cost the earth, you can find one from as little as £2 such as the Aquamarine Gemstone Chip Bracelet.  This particular bracelet is said to improve memory and reveal false friends, a little intuition we could all do with. The aquamarine in this crystal bracelet is also thought to promote spiritual growth and inner calm. This gemstone of truth will keep you ahead of the game and keep you looking fabulous at the same time.

Crystal Bracelets Aquamarine Gemstone Chip Bracelet
Crystal Bracelets Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet
Jasper Gemchip Bracelet £1.70
Jasper Gemchip Bracelet

Birthstone Bracelets

A personal birthstone bracelet is a great gift or possession for anybody. With relevant qualities specific to the wearer, a birthstone bracelet is said to improve the spiritual balance of the wearer.

Other Types of Crystal Bracelet

Also available are chip bracelets, chip cuff bracelets, power beads, twisted gemstone chip and wide gemstone chip bracelets. Coming in all shapes and colours, there are sure to be many crystal bracelets to satify all tastes.