Rose Quartz Beads Can Be Carried Anywhere

Many people believe that rose quartz crystal has beneficial healing qualities this is why many people use them in the form of rose quartz beads which gives you the option to make jewellery or simply to use them as they are. There are many different shapes and sizes of rose quartz beads to choose from, with each attached along a piece of string. The various rose quartz beads include Madagascan drop, facet roundel, twist oval, tumble stone, rectangle, long oval and puff heart. Rose Quartz Beads make lovely gifts for anybody who is into crystal healing or jewellery making, they are also said to be complimentary to those who are Libra star signs.

Rose Quartz Beads Healing

It is said that rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, very important in regards to the heart in general and energy that surrounds it. Those who use crystals on a regular basis believe that rose quartz crystal can open the heart on all levels, bring a deep inner healing and encourage self love. Many people use rose quartz crystal for calming themselves, reassuring and when they have experienced trauma or crisis of any kind. Rose quartz crystal is also believed to be able to attract love, by simply placing some by your bed you can test this theory out which is said to be very powerful, often requiring amethyst to calm things down. People already in a relationship can use rose quartz crystals in the form of beads or any other to restore trust and harmony. Said to strengthen the physical heart and circulatory system, many also place rose quartz crystal on the thymus to aid chest and lung issues.

Rose Quartz Beads Options

Rectangle Rose Quartz Beads
Puff Heart Rose Quartz Beads
Facet Roundel Rose Quartz Beads

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