Apatite Beads Are Said To Encourage Extrovert Behaviour

Apatite Beads

The rare and unique apatite crystal which you can enjoy in the form of apatite beads has gorgeous turquoise colours to it and can also be found in yellow, green, grey, blue, white, purple, brown, red and violet. It is believed that apatite beads have inspirational properties to them, promoting a humanitarian attitude to those who use them. Crystal healers say that apatite beads and other forms of apatite crystal are attuned to the future, whilst also connecting to past lives.

Apatite Beads Psychological Benefits

Many believe that apatite beads can increase motivation and build up energy reserves, making it great for those who lack the power to ‘get up and go’. Using apatite beads may also encourage openness and social ease, encouraging extrovert behaviour which can be great for shy withdrawn people. Another fantastic benefit of using apatite beads that is worth mentioning is the belief that it can aid hyperactive children and those with autism.

Apatite Beads Healing

As with all crystals apatite has numerous healing qualities associated with it, some of the most notable are the healing of bones and encouragement of the formation of new cells. It is said that apatite helps the absorption of calcium, good for cartilage, bones, teeth and arthritis, joint problems and rickets. Those trying to lose weight could also find apatite useful, it is believed to suppress hunger and raise the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating.

Other Apatite Crystal Products

You can also enjoy apatite crystal in other forms besides apatite beads, many of these products make great crystal collection additions and gifts.

Blue Apatite Tumble Stones
Blue Apatite Crystal Massage Wand
Blue Apatite Crystal Healing Stone

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