Tourmaline Crystal Beads

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Beads

If you want to add a warming pretty tone to your look or benefit from the associated positive benefits tourmaline crystal beads are believed to have then try them out. Tourmaline Crystal Beads are said to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into light vibrations. Many use tourmaline crystal beads and other forms of tourmaline for the beneficial effect it is said to have on gardens and plants. It is said that tourmaline can in-fact act as an insecticide, keeping pests at bay, if you bury tourmaline in the ground, it could encourage growth and health of crops.

Tourmaline Crystal Beads Apparent Psychological Effects

Some people believe that using tourmaline crystal beads can help in the understanding of oneself and others, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. Others use tourmaline crystal to banish feelings of being a victim, attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Beads

Those who love beadwork will love these gracefully coloured 3mm half round watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. As the watermelon tourmaline crystal beads hit the light they look incredibly beautiful. You can see pink, green and white in these gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. It is said that watermelon crystal heals emotional imbalances due to confusion and conflict, so those who have experienced such imbalance could find them very useful in healing.

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