Tiger Eye Beads Brighten & Uplift

Tiger Eye is considered a very special crystal as it is said to enhance psychic abilities in earthly people and to balance the lower chakras, this is probably why tiger eye beads are very popular. Many people like to make jewellery from tiger eye beads, transforming them into bracelets, necklaces or earrings to brighten up their outfits whilst enjoying the benefits they are said to bring those close to them. Tiger Eye Beads are protective, stemming from the tradition of carrying the stone as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.

Tiger Eye Beads Mental Healing

Crystal healers say that tiger eye integrates the hemispheres of the brain, enhancing practical perception. Many people use tiger eye to collect scattered information, helping them make a coherent whole. Tiger eye beads can also be used to help resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts, particularly those caused by pride and wilfulness.

Tiger Eye Beads Psychological Benefits

The brownish yellow tiger eye beads, which also come in turquoise are also believed by some to heal issues of self worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity.

10mm Facet Roundel Tiger Eye Beads
10mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

12mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

14mm Facet Flat Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Heart Tiger Eye Beads

25mm Facet Fan Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Twist Fan Tiger Eye Beads

8mm Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

5-10mm Tumble Stone Tiger Eye Beads

Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

10mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads
8mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

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