Use Rose Quartz Beads for Matters of the Heart

To encourage unconditional love, rose quartz beads and other forms of rose quartz is a great crystal to use, the peaceful tone and attributes of the crystal is considered the most important heart crystal. Using rose quartz beads is said to purify and open the heart at all levels, bringing deep inner healing and self love. Many use rose quartz beads in a trauma or crisis, in order to calm and reassure. Rose Quartz Beads can also attract new love, simply by placing rose quartz by your bed or a corner of your home, it is believed to encourage relationships towards you.  Existing relationships are said to be strengthened by using rose quartz, restoring trust, harmony and unconditional love. You can use rose quartz beads for mid life crisis as well as any other time when things get on top of you.

Rose Quartz Beads Healing

You can use rose quartz beads in crystal healing to make the heart stronger so crystal healers believe, other areas it is said to help are the circulatory system, helping to release impurities from body fluids. If you place rose quartz beads on the thymus, it is said that you can help chest and lung problems, kidneys, adrenals and vertigo are also said to be healed with rose quartz. Rose Quartz is also rumored to increase fertility, soothe burns, smooth the complexion and help Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Senile Dementia.

Rose Quartz Beads Products

Here are some of the different shapes and sizes of rose quartz beads that you can purchase.

12mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads
25mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads

20mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads

25mm Puff Heart Rose Quartz Beads

40mm Long Oval Rose Quartz Beads
4mm Round Rose Quartz Beads

Rhodochrosite Beads

Rhodochrosite Crystal is said to represent selfless love and compassion which makes it a lovely crystal to buy in the form of Rhodochrosite Beads. You can either make items of jewellery with rhodochrosite beads, place them around the home, or take them with you in your bag or pocket wherever you go. Crystal healers say that rhodochrosite Beads expand consciousness, whilst integrating spiritual and material energies. Many people use rhodochrosite beads to help their heart and relationships, particularly those who feel unloved. People who have been sexually abused could find rhodochrosite beads and other forms of the crystal helpful in healing and it can also attract a soul mate, it is said that soul mates teach us lessons in life but beware these are not always pleasant experiences. Many people also use rhodochrosite beads to teach their hearts to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, it also is said to remove forms of denial.

Rhodochrosite Beads Formation

For a crystal that is naturally banded, rhodochrosite is an excellent example, it often has curved bands which are displayed throughout each bead. Due to the warming colour of rhodochrosite beads, the formation is displayed beautifully and uplifts the senses in an instant. You can wear rhodochrosite beads if you are into jewellery making, or alternatively use them around the home to keep near you in times of trouble.

Rhodochrosite Beads Products

20mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

20mm Rhodochrosite Beads

These fabulous 20mm rhodochrosite beads have lovely red and orange tones and each bead varies in shape slightly, displaying the pink banded structure of the beads. You will receive the 20mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads on a temporary 16″/40cm string, great for getting you started on a piece of jewellery or ornament item.

25mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

25mm Rhodochrosite Beads

The larger 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads show an even larger surface area of the warming crystal and helps to brighten up your look or home with a comforting tone. Each 25m tumble stone has been polished to a glossy finish and combines pinks with orange and red, complimenting all skin tones beautifully. These gorgeous 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads make excellent gifts for any occasion as well as a lovely addition or start to a crystal collection.

Quartz Beads are Considered Extremely Powerful

Crystal experts say that Quartz Beads and crystals in general are one of the most powerful there are, in terms of healing and amplifying energy. Quartz Beads are made from a unique helical spiral crystalline form, said to absorb, store, release and regulate energy, it’s also belived to be an excellent unblocker of energy. Many acupucture needles are coated in quartz, to magnify the effects by ten percent. Clear quartz beads contain every colour possible and using them is said to raise energy to the highest possible level and enhance psychic abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose.

Quartz Beads Healing

Many people use quartz due to its broad beneficial healing properties, it is said that quartz can be used to heal any condition. You can use quartz to stimulate the immune system and to bring the body into a balanced state. Burns can be soothed with quartz and all of the chakras or energy points in the body harmonize.

Quartz Beads Products

25mm Clear Quartz Beads
12mm Tourmalinated Quartz Beads
10mm Aqua Aura Quartz Beads

Pearl Beads Compliment the Skin

Looking good is easy when pearl beads are in the equation, they soften and highlight whatever clothing you are wearing and add a sophistication to any look. There are several types of pearl beads to choose from, which vary in colour and size, meaning you can easily achieve many different looks depending on which outfit you choose to wear with them. Not everybody uses pearl beads to make jewellery, some simply like to keep them close at hand to use as stress beads, whilst others place them around the home to lighten their space and bring good luck.

Freshwater Pearl Beads 15mm Mixed Shade

Freshwater Pearl Beads

These beautiful freshwater pearl beads have a gorgeous natural shimmer to them and as each one varies in tone and shape slightly they add interest to any outfit. The natural colours of these freshwater pearl beads include white, cream, pink and cream.

Mother of Pearl Beads 45mm Flat Oval

Mother of Pearl Beads

Shine out from the rest with these glamorous Mother of Pearl Beads, with their iridescent shimmer and soft tone. The large flat oval pearl beads quickly brighten any look thanks to the large surface area of them. Highest quality Mother of Pearl Beads are used for the highest lustre which makes them very popular for jewellery making.

Opalite Beads Bring A Sense of Tranquility

Opalite Crystal Beads

Sometimes the solution to stress and complications can be as simple as a colour, for example Opalite Beads or any form of the crystal in-fact has soothing and tranquil qualities just by looking at them. Many crystal healers believe that using Opalite Beads can actually lift depression and encourage faithful love, looking at how beautiful Opalite it is not difficult to see why. When Opalite Beads catch the light they look even more miraculous, boasting a soft yellow green glow to the sky blue bulk of the crystal. You can buy Opalite Beads very inexpensively for making jewellery, or simply adding to a crystal collection.

Opalite Beads Colours

Opalite Beads are unusual, which adds to their beauty, they consist primarily of a sky blue colour but also gleam beautiful shades of pink, white, yellow and green.

opalite Beads Alternative Products

In addition to Opalite Beads, you can of course enjoy Opalite in many other forms, just take a look at what stunning Opalite products you could fit into your home.

Opalite Earrings
Opalite Sphere
Opalite Chinese Dragon
Opalite Crystal Heart

Bring Molten Lava Into Your Life Using Obsidian Beads

Obsidian Beads are in-fact pieces of molten lava, which have cooled so rapidly that there was no time to crystallize. There are no boundaries or limitations with obsidian beads, crystal healers believe that obsidian beads enhance truth and exposes flaws, weaknesses and blockages. Obsidian in general should be handled with care and is best used with the guidance of a qualified therapist as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths to the surface un-expectantly. Under skilled guidance obsidian beads and other forms of the crystal can be deeply soul healing, soothing emotions or trauma, which has been carried forward into the present.

Obsidian Beads Healing

Some people use obsidian beads to place under their pillows or beds at night, used in this way it is said that mental stress and tension can be drawn out, bringing calm. In addition to positive benefits, obsidian beads can also bring up reasons for stress, confronting these reasons is the only way to enjoy peace, using obsidian can remove stresses permanently in this way which is why it is a very effective crystal.

The greatest property of obsidian is its insight into the cause of diseases, it helps the digestion of anything that is difficult to accept, whilst promoting physical digestion.

Obsidian Bead Products

16mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads
20mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
20mm Flat Oval Obsidian Beads

24mm Puff Rectangle Obsidian Beads

25mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads

30mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
10mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads
8mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads

Mookaite Beads

One of the crystals, which is said to provide a great balance between inner and outer experiences, is the Australian Jasper crystal Mookaite. Many people use Mookaite Beads to encourage versatility, others like the warming colours of mookaite beads, which they use in jewellery making. Other attributes of mookaite beads and other forms include helping to assist in the right decisions, stabilization and fortifying the immune system. The colours of mookaite beads consist of yellows, creams, browns and purples, which together make a very fashionable statement.

Oval Mookaite Beads

25mm Facet Oval Mookaite Beads

36mm Twist Oval Mookaite Beads

Other Mookaite Beads

10mm Facet Roundel Mookaite Beads
45mm Long Olive Mookaite Beads

Malachite Beads Are At One With The Earth

A gorgeous crystal that will never go out of style is Malachite, you can use it in the form of malachite beads to benefit from this what is believed a powerful stone. Crystal experts advise to use malachite beads and other forms of the crystal with caution, stating that it is best used under a qualified therapist’s supervision. The warnings associated with malachite beads are due to its toxicity, this is why it should only be used in a polished state rather than raw. You should avoid breathing in malachite dust and if using as an elixir it should be applied externally only.

4mm Round Malachite Crystal Beads

6mm Round Malachite Crystal Beads

About Malachite Beads

Malachite is said to amplify positive and negative energies, grounding spiritual energies onto the planet, some even believe that malachite is still evolving and is one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium. Before using malachite beads or any other form of malachite, it is advised that you cleanse it before and afterwards by placing it on a quartz cluster in the sun.

10mm Round Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads

12mm Round Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads

Malachite Beads Healing

Those who live nearby to a nuclear or natural radiation source can use malachite beads to soak up plutonium pollution, as well as guarding against radiation. Electromagnetic pollution can also be cleared it is claimed with malachite as well as providing healing to the energies of the Earth. Many people use malachite for cramps, facilitating childbirth and treating sexually transmitted diseases. Others use malachite to lower the blood pressure, treat asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, travel sickness and vertigo.

Laser Crystal Beads Are Like Drops From A Rainbow

Multicoloured laser crystal beads add another dimension to your look, boasting iridescent colours and faceted shapes which quickly brighten outfits. You can choose from smooth or faceted laser crystal beads depending on the level of shine you want to achieve and from a variety of sizes. Each of the laser crystal beads are individually selected due to their colour variations and fantastic shape. Any type of laser crystal beads makes an excellent addition to a new or existing crystal collection.

6mm Facet Laser Crystal Beads

6mm Facet Laser Crystal Beads

The brilliant 6mm facet laser crystal beads will brighten up your body if you make it into jewellery or your home if you place it near a natural light source. A wonderful shimmer shines through each of the facet laser crystal beads which uplifts moods and reflects colours beautifully. 6mm facet laser crystal beads come on a temporary 16″ string, so you can replace, lengthen or take the beads off as you please.

10mm Facet Laser Crystal Beads

10mm Facet Laser Crystal Beads

You can enjoy every colour of the rainbow in these stylish 10mm facet laser crystal beads. Consisting of natural quartz and a shimmering colourful coating, the 10mm facet laser crystal beads will not fail to impress at every turn.

Lapis Lazuli Beads Look Dazzling On & Off

If you want to experience vivid colouring and tranquil looks then try using or wearing Lapis Lazuli Beads which you can make into jewellery. Lapis Lazuli Beads are said to stimulate enlightenment and enhance dream work and psychic abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying and stimulating personal and spiritual power. If you are stressed you could find Lapis Lazuli Beads will help release it, bringing you peace. It is also said that Lapis Lazuli Beads can recognise psychic attacks which they block and return to the sender, in addition to this lapis lazuli is associated with the reversal of curses and disease caused by not speaking out in the past.

Lapis Lazuli Beads Healing

You can use lapis lazuli beads for healing, it is said to be very good in helping migraines, overcoming depression, benefiting the respiratory and nervous systems, the throat, larynx, thyroid and other body parts. It has been reported that lapis lazuli can overcome hearing loss, purify blood and boost the immune system also, making it an invaluable crystal to have around.

Lapis Lazuli Beads Products

25mm Flat Oval Lapis Lazuli Beads
4mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads
25mm Puff Rectangle Lapis Lazuli Beads

6mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads

20mm Flat Oval Lapis Lazuli Beads

8mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads
10mm Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads
12mm Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads