Mookaite Beads

One of the crystals, which is said to provide a great balance between inner and outer experiences, is the Australian Jasper crystal Mookaite. Many people use Mookaite Beads to encourage versatility, others like the warming colours of mookaite beads, which they use in jewellery making. Other attributes of mookaite beads and other forms include helping to assist in the right decisions, stabilization and fortifying the immune system. The colours of mookaite beads consist of yellows, creams, browns and purples, which together make a very fashionable statement.

Oval Mookaite Beads

25mm Facet Oval Mookaite Beads

36mm Twist Oval Mookaite Beads

Other Mookaite Beads

10mm Facet Roundel Mookaite Beads
45mm Long Olive Mookaite Beads

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