Bring Molten Lava Into Your Life Using Obsidian Beads

Obsidian Beads are in-fact pieces of molten lava, which have cooled so rapidly that there was no time to crystallize. There are no boundaries or limitations with obsidian beads, crystal healers believe that obsidian beads enhance truth and exposes flaws, weaknesses and blockages. Obsidian in general should be handled with care and is best used with the guidance of a qualified therapist as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths to the surface un-expectantly. Under skilled guidance obsidian beads and other forms of the crystal can be deeply soul healing, soothing emotions or trauma, which has been carried forward into the present.

Obsidian Beads Healing

Some people use obsidian beads to place under their pillows or beds at night, used in this way it is said that mental stress and tension can be drawn out, bringing calm. In addition to positive benefits, obsidian beads can also bring up reasons for stress, confronting these reasons is the only way to enjoy peace, using obsidian can remove stresses permanently in this way which is why it is a very effective crystal.

The greatest property of obsidian is its insight into the cause of diseases, it helps the digestion of anything that is difficult to accept, whilst promoting physical digestion.

Obsidian Bead Products

16mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads
20mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
20mm Flat Oval Obsidian Beads

24mm Puff Rectangle Obsidian Beads

25mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads

30mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
10mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads
8mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads

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