Pearl Beads Compliment the Skin

Looking good is easy when pearl beads are in the equation, they soften and highlight whatever clothing you are wearing and add a sophistication to any look. There are several types of pearl beads to choose from, which vary in colour and size, meaning you can easily achieve many different looks depending on which outfit you choose to wear with them. Not everybody uses pearl beads to make jewellery, some simply like to keep them close at hand to use as stress beads, whilst others place them around the home to lighten their space and bring good luck.

Freshwater Pearl Beads 15mm Mixed Shade

Freshwater Pearl Beads

These beautiful freshwater pearl beads have a gorgeous natural shimmer to them and as each one varies in tone and shape slightly they add interest to any outfit. The natural colours of these freshwater pearl beads include white, cream, pink and cream.

Mother of Pearl Beads 45mm Flat Oval

Mother of Pearl Beads

Shine out from the rest with these glamorous Mother of Pearl Beads, with their iridescent shimmer and soft tone. The large flat oval pearl beads quickly brighten any look thanks to the large surface area of them. Highest quality Mother of Pearl Beads are used for the highest lustre which makes them very popular for jewellery making.

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