Sodalite Beads

Sodalite is a very interesting crystal which makes sodalite beads very popular as they can be taken with your wherever you go, or made into jewellery and worn. Crystal experts say that sodalite beads and other forms of the crystal unite logic with intuition, opening spiritual perception and information from the higher mind to a physical level. Many people use sodalite beads whilst meditating to help them with understanding and openness. Sodalite Beads can instil a drive for truth and urge people towards idealism, allowing you to stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

Sodalite Beads Psychological Effects

It is said that sodalite beads can bring about emotional balance, calming panic attacks and high tension. Those who use sodalite regularly also find that it helps to transform defensive or oversensitive personalities, releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms which hold people back from being who they truly are.

Sodalite Beads Healing

Many use sodalite for healing, it is believed to help the metabolism, overcome calcium deficiencies and cleanse the lymphatic system and organs. Some use sodalite to help with the immune system, whilst others find it combats radiation damage and insomnia. Other healing claims of sodalite are treatment of the throat, vocal cords, cooling fevers, lowering blood pressure and stimulating absorption of fluid in the body.

Sodalite Beads Products

4mm Round Sodalite Beads
5mm Round Sodalite Beads

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