Charoite Beads Attributes & Effects

Charoite Beads

A beautiful crystal to enjoy in the form of crystal beads is Charoite Beads, the appearance of the crystal has swirls, mottle and veined textures to it which brings out the deep purple colour of it perfectly. Charoite Beads and other products are considered to be soul stones that can overcome fear, stimulate inner vision and spiritual insight. Many people use charoite beads to make items of  jewellery and they also make a great gift for others who use crystals.

Charoite Beads 10mm

Charoite Bead Psychological Effects

It is thought that you can use charoite beads to integrate negative qualities and facilitate the acceptance of others. Many people use charoite crystal to help put things in perspective, bestowing drive, vigor and spontaneity, whilst reducing stress and worry. Some even use charoite crystal to help overcome compulsions and obsessions which become very unhealthy indeed.

Charoite Bead Healing

Many use charoite crystal for it’s believed healing qualities, it is thought to transmute negative energy into healing, whilst converting disease into wellness. If you have an exhausted body then charoite beads could help reenergize it, heal and help to regulate the blood pressure. The body parts that charoite crystal is believed to help are the eyes, heart, liver and pancreas, it is also said to reverse liver damage due to alcohol. Crystal healers also say that you can help overcome insomnia with charoite, enjoying deep sleep and powerful dreams, it is very helpful for children’s sleep too.

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