How To Use Tumblestones

If you’ve ever seen a bowl of small, smooth coloured stones in a friend’s house, you may have wondered what they are and what they’re used for. These are tumblestones. In this blog we will give you a brief overview of what tumblestones are and how they are used.

What Is A Tumblestone?

Tumble Stones
Tumble Stones

• Each tumblestone begins as a rough stone. Any stone or crystal can be selected.

• The stones are put in tumbler – a rubber-lined barrel machine which spins it around at a slow, constant rate.

• Various grades of grit and sand along with water are put in with the stones; the process of tumbling takes about three weeks.

• Eventually the stones are smoothened to what we call tumblestones.

How Are Tumblestones Used?

Many people want to know what tumbled stones are used for. Most commonly, they are used as decoration around the home or in the garden. They also assist in healing and other metaphysical pursuits such as feng shui.

• Using various colours of polished stones in a dish or bowl is very attractive, and looks fantastic if placed in a clear vase.

• Tumblestones also look wonderful as jewellery. Try putting your favourite tumblestone inside one of our spiral holders to make a pendant.

• By placing various healing stones in places around the home, it is said that you will create a positive vibration in your environment.

• Protection stones such as amethyst can be placed at the openings of your home. Black tourmaline arranged in a grid pattern around the house, garden or meditation area is believed to protect and also to transform negative energies.

• Many crystal users set psychically enhancing stones such as agate in a grid on the floor in their mediation area to augment their experience.

• Holding a polished stone such as angelite or lepidolite while meditating can help to achieve a level of serenity.

Bowl of Tumble Stones
Bowl of Tumble Stones

Crystal Healing Grid
Crystal Healing Grid

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