Howlite Beads Could Help Insomnia

There are many beneficial attributes associated with Howlite which is why Howlite Beads have become so popular with jewellery makers and crystal collectors. Howlite is considered to be a very calming stone, said to be a great antidote to insomnia when placed beneath a pillow. Some people use howlite as an elixir and sip it an hour or so before going to bed to help them sleep. Some of the many things you can use howlite beads for include linking into spiritual dimensions, opening attunement and preparing the mind for wisdom and insight. Those who are into out of body experiences also sometimes use howlite beads or other forms of howlite to aid them, it is said that if you focus your sight into a piece of howlite then you can transport to another time or dimension.

Howlite Beads Psychological Effects

It is said that howlite can teach people how to be patient, whist helping them to eliminate rage and any uncontrolled anger. If you place a piece of howlite in your pocket some believe that it will absorb your own anger and any directed towards you, in addition to this it is also said to be great at overcoming any tendencies to criticise others and being selfish.

Howlite Beads Products

8mm Round Bead Howlite Beads
4mm Round Bead Howlite Beads
6mm Round Bead Howlite Beads

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