Sodalite Crystal Is Full Of Wonder

The sodalite crystal is a very beautiful one, full of cosmic marbles of blues and whites. It is said that carrying sodalite crystal with you is great for calmness and communication, helping you to keep a clear mind and happy heart. Sodalite Crystal is thought to unite logic with intuition, in turn opening spiritual perception. Those who use the sodalite crystal to meditate often find it easier to understand the circumstances in which you may find yourself at any given time. Sodalite is believed to instill a drive for truth and an urge toward idealism, this makes it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.

Further believed benefits of the sodalite crystal include the clearing of electromagnetic pollution and you can place it on computers to block emanations. Group work and a sense of community are thought to be improved by the sodalite crystal too, bringing harmony and solidarity of purpose, as well as stimulating trust and companionship. Sodalite Crystal is said to encourage rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuitive perception and verbalization of feelings. When the mind is in chaos it often cannot take any further information into it, due to being overloaded, however it is believed that the sodalite crystal will calm it enough to be able to do so.

Believed Sodalite Crystal Psychological Effects

• Emotional Balance
• Calms Panic Attacks
• Transformation of Defensive & Oversensitive Personalities
• Release Of Core Fears, Phobias, Guilt & Control Mechanisms
• Enhances Self Esteem, Self Acceptance & Self Trust

Sodalite Crystal Healing

In crystal healing it is believed that sodalite crystal balances the metabolism, overcomes calcium deficiencies, cleanses the lymphatic system, organs and boosts the immune system. Sodalite Crystal is also said to combat radiation damage and insomnia, useful whilst working on a computer and by your bed when sleeping. In addition to all of this sodalite crystal is also said to treat the throat, vocal cords, larynx and can be useful for hoarseness and digestive disorders. Some people use the sodalite crystal for fevers, lowering blood pressure and stimulating absorption of fluid in the body.

Sodalite Crystal Products

There are various types of sodalite crystal products to enjoy, these consist of everything from jewellery, carved statues and palm stones to tumble stones and massage wands.

Sodalite Crystal Jewellery

Sodalite Crystal Power Bead Bracelet
Sodalite Crystal Power Bead Bracelet
Sodalite Crystal Gemstone Chip Necklace
Sodalite Crystal Chip Necklace

Sodalite Crystal Gemstone Chip Bracelet
Sodalite Crystal Chip Bracelet

Other Sodalite Crystal Products

Sodalite Crystal Thumb Stone
Sodalite Crystal Thumb Stone
Sodalite Crystal Sitting Buddha Statue
Sodalite Crystal Sitting Buddha Statue
Sodalite Crystal Sphere
Sodalite Crystal Sphere

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