The Sugilite Crystal Has Numerous Attributes

The sugilite crystal is considered one of the most important ‘love stones’ said to represent spiritual love and wisdom. It is also believed that the Sugilite Crystal can teach how to live from truth and remind the soul of incarnating reasons. For those who are interested in moving into past lives or between lives, the sugilite crystal is useful in finding ways of retrieving the causes of disease. For inquisitive people who would like to know the answers the questions such as ‘Why am I here’?, ‘Where did I come from’? and ‘Who am I’? are strongly recommended to use the sugilite crystal which apparently can find the answers.

Emotionally the sugilite crystal is said to be good for bringing light to even the darkest of times, protecting the soul from shock, trauma and disappointment.

Psychologically, the sugilite crystal is said to be good for misfits, those who suffer from paranoia and schizophrenia as well as autism. It is even said that the sugilite crystal can encourage positive thoughts and reorganize brain patterns to help learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Sugilite Crystal Healing

Crystal healers say that using the sugilite crystal is good for pain relief, clearing headaches and soothing discomfort at all levels. Many people use the sugilite crystal to help with epilepsy and motor disturbances, bringing the nerves and brain into alignment.

Sugilite Crystal Products

Sugilite Tumble Stones
Sugilite Tumble Stones
Silver Casing Triangle Sugilite Ring
Triangle Sugilite Ring
17-20cm Sugilite Bracelet
17-20cm Sugilite Bracelet

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