Ajoite Crystal

A beautiful crystal to use in the home is ajoite crystal, this is a very open and nurturing crystal, believed to have a deep connection to the Earth. Ajoite Crystal was first discovered in Ajo, Arizona and consists of copper silicate, often found as an inclusion in quartz. Many crystal healers associate ajoite crystal with female energy and soothing. Using ajoite crystal is said to help transmute negative energy into positive, whilst transforming your fortune in a gentle manner. Although ajoite crystal has a feminine identification with Mother Earth and female empowerment, it is very beneficial for men too. Some use ajoite crystal to harmonise hormonal imbalances and to alleviate depression and PMS.

3.5cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

Ajoite in Quartz Crystal

You can discover the unique healing powers that ajoite is said to have wonderfully with this lovely 3.5cm ajoite crystal in quartz. These healing crystals are very rare and feature a substantial ajoite inclusion in clear quartz, ideal for healing and meditation work. Ajoite is a very scarce crystal and believed to balance emotions, open the chakras (energy points) and enhance meditation. As this 3.5cm ajoite crystal is a one-off piece, nobody else will have one quite like it.

4cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

4cm Ajoite in Quartz

This beautifully presented 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz is great for healing and meditation work, the flat quartz displays turquoise ajoite inclusions beautifully. The 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz makes an excellent gift item for any friend or family member and a great addition to the home.

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

There are multiple ajoite inclusions in this unusual ajoite in quartz healing crystal, making it great to meditate with and for healing work. This 2.5cm ajoite in quartz crystal is also a one-off piece, making it an extra special gift or treat.

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