If you are looking for a crystal, which is believed to have a powerful filtering action then amazonite is the one to go for. Amazonite is said to block geopathic stress on a physical level, whilst absorbing microwaves and cell phone emanations. If you place a piece of amazonite between you and the source of pollution, or even tape it to your cell phone, this should protect you. Mentally it is said that amazonite filters the information, which passes through the brain and then combines it with intuition.

As all of the turquoise coloured crystals are, amazonite is a very soothing and tranquil crystal to have around, calming the brain and nervous system.

Amazonite Healing

People use amazonite to heal and open the heart and throat chakras, this enhances loving communication. Crystal healers use amazonite for healing osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and for balancing the metabolism.

Amazonite Jewellery

There are many gorgeous amazonite pendants that you can buy, each displaying the beautiful and rich green and blue tones. Wearing an amazonite pendant could lift sadness, aid self-confidence and protect you from electromagnetic stress. Many of the amazonite pendants are one-off pieces, making them perfect for buying as a gift for someone special.

32mm Thick Oval Amazonite and Silver Pendant
35mm Rounded Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

30mm Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

Amazonite Products

20-25mm Amazonite Tumble Stone
Amazonite Crystal Heart

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