Atlantisite Crystal Makes A Colourful Addition To Any Collection

The unusual Atlantisite Crystal is a colourful combination of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite. Crystal experts say that the Atlantisite Crystal can assist those who have misused spiritual powers in ancient civilizations, helping to recognize the right use of power and spiritual empowerment.

Psychologically the Atlantisite Crystal is said to lower stress levels and encourages people to think before they speak. Some people use the Atlantisite Crystal to encourage children to change inappropriate behaviour and to help break away from poor choices they’ve made in the past. Healing old wounds is crucial for moving on in your life after a traumatic experience, so anybody who struggles with this may find the Atlantisite Crystal useful in finding optimism that may have been previously destroyed.

Atlantisite Crystal Environmental Aspects

It is believed that the Atlantisite Crystal is a useful Earth healer, bringing peace to the environment and clearing places where there has been death or destruction.

Atlantisite Crystal Healing

Crystal healers use the Atlantisite Crystal to improve cellular memory, to help with stress, blood disorders, hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

Atlantisite Crystal Products

Atlantisite Palm Stone
Atlantisite Palm Stone
20-25mm Atlantisite Tumble Stone
Atlantisite Tumble Stone
Atlantisite Crystal Thumb Stone
Atlantisite Thumb Stone

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