Coral Beads Have Warmth In Colour

Crystal Beads are becoming ever more popular with coral beads being used by many people for healing purposes, jewellery making and adding to their crystal collections. You can use coral beads on their own, or combine them with other crystals either complimenting their vibrant tone, or using paler crystals to contrast such as light green jade or natural howlite beads. The coral beads here come in brown, orange and red shades, red has more masculine attributes associated with it such as the calming and attuning of Earth’s energies and it provides protection. Coral is also believed to aid fertility, strength and longevity, acting as an astringent, helping fevers, asthma, colds and digestive problems.

Gold Coral Beads

7mm Gold Coral Beads

9mm Gold Coral Beads

Red Coral Beads

4mm Red Coral Beads
6mm Red Coral Beads
8mm Red Coral Beads

9mm Red Coral Beads

Red Orange Coral Beads

10mm Orange Coral Beads
6mm Red Orange Coral Beads

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