Fluorite Beads Could Enrich Your Life

People use fluorite beads for various reasons, some to shut off psychic manipulation and mental influences, others for protection, whilst many use fluorite beads to make jewellery due to the beautiful colours it comes in. Unlike many crystal beads, fluorite beads are various colours, this makes items such as jewellery much more interesting to look at. There are many attributes associated with fluorite including its believed effectiveness against computer and electromagnetic stress, drawing off of negative energies and improved organisation skills.

Fluorite Beads Sizes

You can buy Fluorite Beads in various sizes, with the beautifully shining green and purple beads uplifting your day whenever you use them. You can either use the Fluorite Beads by themselves or add them to other types of complimentary crystal beads such as amethyst.

10mm Round Fluorite Beads
14mm Puff Heart Fluorite Beads
4mm Round Fluorite Beads

5mm Tumble Stone Fluorite Beads

5mm Round Fluorite Beads

6mm Round Fluorite Beads

8mm Round Fluorite Beads

Fluorite Bead Healing

Many people find fluorite crystals such as beads a very powerful healing tool, it is said that fluorite deals with infections and disorders, helping teeth, cells, bones and even the repair of DNA damage. Some use fluorite as an elixir to protect themselves against viruses, whilst regenerating the skin and mucus membranes. It has been reported that if you stroke fluorite across the body towards the heart that it can provide pain relief, well worth testing out these theories we think.

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