Garnet Beads Could Help In Crisis

Many people consider garnet as a very powerful and energizing stone, people use garnet in many forms, one of those being garnet beads. It is said that by using garnet beads or other forms of garnet you can bring serenity and passion into your life. Some of the many attributes of garnet is that it is associated with love and devotion, balancing sex drives and alleviating emotional disharmony. Garnet Beads can work very well in a crisis, with crystal healers claiming it can be helpful in situations where you feel trapped, when life is traumatic, bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations.

Garnet Beads Healing

You can use garnet beads in crystal healing to regenerate the body, some believe that garnet can stimulate the metabolism. Others use garnet for treating spinal and cellular disorders and for purifying and reenergizing the blood, lung, heart, whilst regenerating DNA. It is also said that garnet can assist with the assimilation of minerals and vitamins.

Garnet Beads Products

The gorgeous deep red of these garnet beads brings a touch of luxury to anybodies life that uses them. Due to the rich colouring of the beads they look dramatic with light colours making them great when worn as jewellery items. Birth signs associated with garnet are Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo and Virgo.

8mm Round Red Garnet Beads
6mm Round Red Garnet Beads

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