Fossils in a Nutshell

Fossilisation is incredibly rare as most components of deceased bodies decompose quickly after death. In order for fossilisation to take place, the remains usually need to be covered by sediment as soon as possible.

To own a piece of the past in the form of a fossil is a great way of keeping history alive. Whether you are a keen geologist or simply like the idea of having an item over 10,000 years old, there are fossils for sale for you to enjoy. Mini Orthoceras Fossils, a desert rose gift box and fish fossil are just some of the fantastically preserved fossils for sale, some of which are approximately 55 million years old!

Fossils for sale Desert Rose gift box only £14.99
Fossils for Sale Desert Rose Gift Box

The Different Types of Fossils for Sale


Ammonites are approximately 135-395 million years old and were once marine animals with a coiled external shell to assist floating and protection. The fossil Ammonite can be found world-wide but the best preserved examples are from Madagascar.

Fossils for sale Ammonite Fossil Gift Box £14.99
Fossils for Sale Ammonite Fossil Gift Box

Knightia Alta Fish

These are approximately 55 million years old. The famous Green River Shales formation in Wyoming, USA is where the best preserved knightia alta fish fossel is found.

Fossils for sale Crystal & Fossil Gift Box £22.99
Fossils for Sale Crystal Fossil Gift Box

Diplomystus Fish

These fossils are 40 to 50 million years old. Once a bony, upturned mouth fish from the Eocene, the Diplomystus are found only in the Green River Shales formation in Wyoming USA. Highly detailed fossils can be produced from the Diplomystus, they are a relative of sardines and herring.

Fossils for sale Diplomystus Fish Fossil Plate
Fossils for Sale Diplomystus Fish Fossil Plate


Approximately a minimum of 250 million years old. This class of fossil which is also for sale is very popular, Trilobites were marine arthropods.

Fossils for sale Trilobite Fossil Plate
Fossils for Sale Trilobite Fossil Plate


With a coiled external shell, Goniatites were free-swimming marine squid-like animals. A distinctive zigzag pattern is detailed on the shell of the Goniatite fossils. The shape of the shell suggests that they would not have been very skilled swimmers. The Goniatites had swimming tentacles and developed eyes.

Fossils for sale Goniatite
Fossils for Sale Goniatite


Squid-like marine animal with a conical external shell. The Orthoceras once lived across the world’s oceans, swimming freely. Chambers of water would be filled to help them propel themselves through the water, this makes for stunning fossils when polished.

Fossils for sale Orthoceras Fossil Plate 22cm £9.99
Fossils for Sale Orthoceras Fossil Plate 22cm

Petrified Wood

Fossilised wood can be found in many forms, colours and shapes. Minerals and crystals replace the organic material in the wood. Quartz is the usual crystal used in petrified wood, blues and greens indicate cobalt, carbon crates black markings and reds and browns are from iron oxides.

Fossils for sale Petrified Wood
Fossils for Sale Petrified Wood

For further information and more fossils for sale take a look at the Fossils section of the website under the Crystals & Minerals Category.

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