Kyanite Crystal Jewellery

A beautiful crystal to use for attunement and meditations is kyanite crystal, due to the tranquil colours of kyanite you often find it in the form of kyanite crystal jewellery. Some believe that wearing kyanite crystal jewellery can stimulate psychic abilities and intuition, whilst others wear it to manifest in thought and connect to spiritual guides. One of the nicest aspects of kyanite crystal jewellery is that it is not said to hold any form of negativity as some crystals do, this means that cleaning the crystal is not required.

There are a wonderful range of kyanite crystal jewellery pieces which make excellent additions to any jewellery collection. Here are some of our favourites:

25mm Multi Gemstone Drop Pendant
16-19cm Blue Kyanite and Silver Bracelet

20mm Silver and Kyanite Oval Pendant

Kyanite Crystal Psychological Effects

You can use kyanite crystal to help in speaking one’s truth, without fears and blockages getting in the way, the crystal encourages self-expression and communication. Ignorance can often be cut through using kyanite, allowing the spiritual and psychological truth to reveal itself. Kyanite is also believed to be great at slicing through confusion, whilst dispelling blockages, illusion, anger, stress and frustration.

Kyanite Crystal Healing

Crystal healers use kyanite for many illnesses, it is said to help muscular disorders, thyroid, urogenital system, fevers and the throat as well as other areas. Kyanite is considered by healers to be a natural pain reliever, capable of lowering blood pressure and healing infection. In addition to kyanite crystal jewellery, there are also healing and tumble stones available.

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