Morganite Crystal Healing Stone

The Morganite Crystal, otherwise known as Pink Beryl, is said to attract love then maintain it. Morganite Crystal originates in Brazil and is used to encourage loving thoughts and actions, thus creating the space to enjoy life. As with all pink stones, the Morganite Crystal is said to activate and cleanse the heart chakra, calming stressful lives to be more enjoyable. Many people use the Morganite Crystal to find escape routes from seemingly trapped situations, recognise closed-mindedness and egotism which block spiritual advancement.

Believed Morganite Crystal Attributes

• Aids In Recognizing Unfulfilled Emotional Needs & Unexpressed Feelings
• Used For Dissolving Conscious & Unconscious Resistance To Healing & Transformation
• Clearing victim’s mentality whilst opening the heart to receive unconditional love & healing

Morganite Crystal Products

Morganite Healing Stone
Morganite Healing Stone

Morganite Crystal and Diamond in White Gold RingMorganite Crystal and Diamond 10g Ring

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