Sphalerite Crystal In A Nutshell

Sphalerite Crystal Healing

Sphalerite Crystal

This pretty Sphalerite Crystal is often used for healing purposes, sphalerite-zinc blende crystal originates from Spain. Although Sphalerite Crystal gets its name from the Greek word for deceitful and is meant to be useful in helping us recognise which people are in that way inclined. Children and crystal collectors alike would benefit from this small piece of Sphalerite Crystal and it comes with a full description of the properties it is believed to have.

Sphalertite Crystal Associated Attributes

It is widely believed by crystal experts that the sphalerite crystal possesses the following attributes:

• Fills the body with golden light
• Protects those in the public eye
• Alleviates homesickness
• Imbues a feeling of ‘lightness’
• Encourages physic & spiritual development
• Aids meditation & visualisation
• May help to uncover deceit or treachery

Sphalerite Crystal Appearance

In addition to the translucent brown crystal, you can also find the sphalerite crystal in a metallic version, this strain has a similar powerful energy, more connected to the Root Chakra (energy point) rather than the Earth Naval & Solar Plexus Chakras.

Sphalerite Crystal Could Increase Your Sexual Appetite

The Sphalerite Crystal occurs in huge, concretionary, granular and botryoidal forms, it is a zinc sulphide and comes in many different colours. Sphalerite Crystal is often used to bring the energetic balance and grounding to those who need it, as well as assisting in meditations. It is said that the Sphalerite Crystal energizes the first chakra (energy point of the body) , increasing life force, courage and strength, the second which enhances sexual energy, creative inspiration and the third, helping with success, clear thinking and willpower.

Sphalerite Healing Crystal

Sphalerite Healing Crystal

The beautiful uplifting Sphalerite Healing Crystal believed to be ideal for assisting the nervous system and grounding you, providing the perfect balance. The zinc content in the Sphalerite Healing Crystal is said to stimulate the fire element in the body, regulating energy flow, sexual expression and creativity. You may also find that when using the Sphalerite Healing Crystal that energy is enhanced but not to the extent that you become hyperactive. Athletes may also benefit from using the Sphalerite Healing Crystal as the sulphur element is said to assist in the oxygenation of the blood and recovery of muscles after exercise.