Zodiac Birthstones

zodiac birthstones

Zodiac birthstones are a wonderful way to unlock the power of crystals and start exploring your zodiac sign. Each of the twelve zodiac signs is associated with many different zodiac birthstones, from the most popular stones to obscure stones and stones specifically for people who are on the cusp of their star sign.

The idea of birthstones as we know them today grew out of Judeo-Christian traditions. Birthstones were first mentioned by Josephus in the 1st century AD and St Jerome in the early 5th century. They are described as set into the High Priest’s Breastplate and later as the foundation stones of New Jerusalem. People first started to wear zodiac birthstones as jewellery in 18th Century Poland and Germany. This soon became popular and many people all over the world keep their birthstone close to them or wear it as jewellery.

How To Use Zodiac Birthstones

There are many ways that you can use and enjoy your zodiac birthstone. Small birthstones like the one pictured above are particularly versatile. It is believed that keeping your birthstone within your aura will unlock its power, so the best way is to wear them as jewellery or keep them on your person. You can focus on your birthstone during meditation, use it to explore your star sign, access the positive attributes of your sin or just display it at home, preferably near your bed desk or main living area.

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