Use Red Goldstone Crystal To Brighten Your Home

The stunning and very popular Red Goldstone Crystal is a warming crystal to look at, it comes in many forms and is closely associated with wealth and abundance. When you look at Red Goldstone Crystal in the light, it sparkles and glimmers which is uplifting in any space. The copper in red goldstone crystal, is said to generate warming and pain relief.

20-25mm Red Goldstone Crystal Tumble Stone

Red Goldstone Tumble Stone

Red Goldstone Tumble Stones are a great way to bring colour and interest into your home, they can be placed in a vase or mantelpiece and even combined with other tumblestones to create a crystalscape. Through a long process of tumbling and polishing the red goldstone, the smooth resulting shape shows the full beauty of the crystal clearly.

Red Goldstone Crystal Sphere

Red Goldstone Crystal Sphere

To really show off the beauty of red goldstone you can use this bright Red Goldstone Crystal Sphere. The Red Goldstone Crystal Sphere has been carved and polished to a high shine, the copper particles make the sphere sparkle beautifully in the light. You can either place the Red Goldstone Crystal Sphere on its own or with other decorations. In addition to this crystal ball, a medium sized red goldstone sphere is also available.

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