Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal

Pink enfolded in green describes watermelon tourmaline crystal very well, the crystal is considered by crystal experts to be a super activator of the heart chakra or energy point. Using or wearing watermelon tourmaline crystal is said to take on love, tenderness and friendship as well as instilling patience. Many people use watermelon tourmaline crystal to alleviate depression and fear, or to assist in the understanding of situations and for expression of clear intentions.

Healing is a large part of watermelon tourmaline crystal as it is said to dissolve any resistance to become whole when you have broken apart inside. There are some beautiful watermelon tourmaline crystal pendants available, many of which are not only one-off pieces but also a great way to enjoy the benefits associated with the crystal.

39mm Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

39mm Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Brighten and uplift your look with this gorgeous 39mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant. The pink tones in this pendant will make a pretty fashion statement no matter what the occasion. Featuring a natural watermelon tourmaline set in solid silver the 39mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant shows greens and whites as well as pink shades. Crystal healers believe that watermelon tourmaline crystal can heal emotional imbalances caused by confusion or conflict.

25mm Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

25mm Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Here is another striking example of the gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal pendants, this 25mm pendant has a rectangular silver frame and catches the light beautifully. The 25mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant is a one-off piece making it a fantastic gift for a special occasion.

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