Meteorite Samples Make Incredible Talking Points

How incredible it would be to display meteorite samples from outer space in your home, that once soared the skies at around 18 miles per second, well now you can do just this. There are two different meteorite samples available, both with incredible form and out of this world alien formation. Surprisingly you can buy meteorite samples incredibly cheaply, making them a perfect gift for any sci-fi fan, scientific or geology enthusiast.

Nantan Meteorite Sample

Nantan Meteorite

This wondrous Nantan Meteorite fell in the early summer of 1516, in Guangxi, China. These falling stars resemble winding dragons and snakes, considered magical in many parts are a wonderful item to display in the home or conservatory area. The Nantan Meteorite is thought to be a fragment of a large iron-nickel asteroid core, which melted and re-formed.

Campo del Cielo Meteorite Samples

Campo del Cieio Meteorite Sample

The Campo del Cielo Meteorite occurred near Chaco, Argentina back in 1572 and pieces are still being found to this day. This new find is a fantastic specimen, found on a mountainside, several miles from the original craters. There is no rust and the sample is in excellent condition, allowing you to keep it in safe hands for years to come.

Trilobite Fossils

We’ve various new trilobite fossils for you to enjoy, each of which are between 540 and 250 million years old. Trilobite Fossils were once marine arthropods, they were one of the most successful creatures of their era and were once found in every ocean. Anybody who is interested in trilobite fossils will love this range of fantastic examples, from individual fossils to fossil plates, you will find excellent trilobite fossil gifts, suitable for any occasion.

Trilobite Fossils 50mm Walliserops Trifurcatus Fossil

50mm Walliserops Trifurcatus Trilobite Fossil

This ‘short trident’ is a type of trilobite Walliserops Trifurcatus, attractively presented against a pale limestone matrix. You can see the superb preservation of this trilobite specimen, right down to the detail of the horns, which have had little restoration. Considering this trilobite fossil is around 150-180 million years old, the 10% restoration it has roughly had is very impressive indeed, considering the quality of the fossil.

50mm Zlichovaspis Rugosa Trilobite Fossil

50mm Zlichovaspis Rugosa Trilobite Fossil

This nifty looking fellow is a fantastic fossil to have around, you can put him out on occasions such as Halloween to frighten guests, or simply keep it behind locked glass cabinet doors to show off all year round. The 50mm zlichovaspis rugosa fossil has been set on a pale contrasting limestone matrix and is a genuine, detailed example. This one-off zlichovaspis rugosa trilobite fossil is a one-off specimen, which happens to be a particularly desirable piece. Moroccan trilobite fossils of such high quality are quickly becoming more difficult to source and prices are very high due to this, meaning that they are a good investment to add to any fossil collection.

Charoite Crystal

If you are looking for a crystal with transformation powers then you might like to try Charoite Crystal, these are considered by crystal healers to be soul stones, often used to overcome fear. Inner vision, spiritual insight and large spiritual level changes are said to be influenced when using charoite crystal. Many people use charoite crystal to help them overcome bad experiences, it is believed to help acceptance of the present moment being perfect. Some use charoite crystal to overcome stress and worries, whilst others find it useful when fighting compulsions and obsessions. Those people who find themselves driven by other people’s thoughts and programs rather than their own could also find charoite crystal help them to better become their own person.

Charoite Crystal Healing

Negative energy can be transmuted into healing when using charoite, as it is believed that charoite can convert disease into wellness. Those suffering from exhaustion can use charoite crystal to heal and regulate blood pressure as well as to treat eyes, heart, liver and pancreas. Liver damage caused by alcohol is said to be reversed by using charoite crystal, as well as cramps, aches and pains being alleviated.

Charoite Crystal Products

You can enjoy the beautiful charoite crystal in many forms such as tumble stones, massage wands, jewellery and beads.

Charoite Tumble Stones
31mm Chariote and Silver Pendant
Round Charoite Beads

A Cross Pendant Smartens the Appearance

People like to wear a cross pendant for many reasons, some see them as religious symbols, others simply think that they look cool as fashion accessories. Whatever reason you wear a cross pendant for, there are many beautiful designs that should not be missed. Featuring shiny silver bases, each and every cross pendant on offer combines great style with high quality and delicate detail.

42mm Opal and Silver Celtic Cross Pendant

42mm Opal and Silver Celtic Cross Pendant

This lovely 42mm opal and silver cross pendant is an eye-catching example of cross pendants at their best. The woven effect Celtic design of the cross adds interest and shows off the talent of the silversmith who made this. Opals are uplifting pretty crystals, said to increase confidence and aid self-expression. As the 42mm opal and silver cross pendant is a one-off piece, buying it as a gift for somebody special will always go down a treat.

41mm Quartz and Silver Cross Pendant

41mm Quartz and Silver Cross Pendant

Here is a charming cross pendant, filled with gleaming quartz crystals, which look great against all skin tones. The 41mm quartz and silver cross pendant can be worn for special occasions, or simply as a daily favourite accessory. The natural quartz looks fantastic in the silver setting and is considered one of the most important crystals in healing that there are.

Ankh Pendants Add Sophisticated Style

There are some great new ankh pendants available, which add elegance and sophisticated style to any outfit you wear them with. Many ankh pendants have gemstones within them, these shine beautifully in the light and brighten your overall look effortlessly. Each ankh pendant is a one-off piece, so buying them as gifts for people, always make recipients feel extra special.

Gemstone Ankh Pendants

Here are some of the gorgeous gemstone ankh pendants available, each gemstone has different attributes associated with it, some offer healing and protection, whilst others are said to bring optimism and strength to those who wear them. Moonstone is believed to relieve pain, soothe tension and help with PMS, whereas amethyst is thought to be great for those with busy lives. Some wear garnet ankh pendants, these are said to bring hope and courage to people during difficult times.

Moonstone and Silver Ankh Pendant
Amethyst and Silver Ankh Pendant

Garnet Ankh Pendant

Plain Ankh Pendant

For those who do not like wearing gemstones, they can try out this plain ankh pendant, the beauty of the silver will brighten clothing and compliment other accessories, without ever looking over the top.

Plain Ankh Pendant

Pearl Freeform Cross Pendants

Pearl freeform cross pendants are fantastic pieces of jewellery to wear no matter what skin tone you have. The wonderful shimmering finish that the pearl freeform cross pendants have look amazing under the light. There are various styles of pearl freeform cross pendants available, each of them has an abstract design. All of the pearl freeform cross pendants are one-off pieces, therefore they make excellent gift items.

40mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendants

40mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

These wonderful 40mm pearl freeform cross pendants have a lovely glow to them and really add angelic style to any outfit you wear them with. This particular style of 40mm pearl freeform cross pendant is a one-off piece so nobody else will have one like it.

35mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

35mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

This lovely 35mm pearl freeform cross pendant has a simple yet elegant design, making any outfit look extra special. The one-off piece catches the light in a fantastic manner and the sturdy silver fittings suit silver chains perfectly. There is a two-tone colour effect to the 35mm pearl freedom cross pendant, which compliments all skin tones and stands out fantastically against black clothing.

Kyanite Crystal Jewellery

A beautiful crystal to use for attunement and meditations is kyanite crystal, due to the tranquil colours of kyanite you often find it in the form of kyanite crystal jewellery. Some believe that wearing kyanite crystal jewellery can stimulate psychic abilities and intuition, whilst others wear it to manifest in thought and connect to spiritual guides. One of the nicest aspects of kyanite crystal jewellery is that it is not said to hold any form of negativity as some crystals do, this means that cleaning the crystal is not required.

There are a wonderful range of kyanite crystal jewellery pieces which make excellent additions to any jewellery collection. Here are some of our favourites:

25mm Multi Gemstone Drop Pendant
16-19cm Blue Kyanite and Silver Bracelet

20mm Silver and Kyanite Oval Pendant

Kyanite Crystal Psychological Effects

You can use kyanite crystal to help in speaking one’s truth, without fears and blockages getting in the way, the crystal encourages self-expression and communication. Ignorance can often be cut through using kyanite, allowing the spiritual and psychological truth to reveal itself. Kyanite is also believed to be great at slicing through confusion, whilst dispelling blockages, illusion, anger, stress and frustration.

Kyanite Crystal Healing

Crystal healers use kyanite for many illnesses, it is said to help muscular disorders, thyroid, urogenital system, fevers and the throat as well as other areas. Kyanite is considered by healers to be a natural pain reliever, capable of lowering blood pressure and healing infection. In addition to kyanite crystal jewellery, there are also healing and tumble stones available.

Sunstone Jewellery Brightens Your Appearance

To improve your mood and enjoy approachable style you can try out the gorgeous range of sunstone jewellery. The gleaming orange colour of sunstone jewellery compliments many other colours and stands out fantastically against black. It is said that sunstone jewellery and other forms of the crystal provide anti-depressant qualities and improve sense of self-worth, allowing us to move on from feelings of failure. Many people wear sunstone jewellery to increase their luck and happiness, as well as to see the past in a better light.

Sunstone Jewellery 50mm Large Sunburst Pendant

50mm Sunstone Sunburst Pendant

The simple yet artistic style of this pretty 50mm large sunburst pendant, beautifully displays a circular piece of sunstone set in solid silver. People of all skin tones can wear the 50mm large sunburst pendant to brighten up their style and hopefully make them feel better about themselves. This 50mm large sunburst pendant is a one-off piece, making it a stunning gift for a friend or family member.

Sunstone Jewellery 20mm Motif Oval & Silver Pendant

20mm Oval Sunstone and Silver Pendant

You will never find a 20mm motif oval sunstone and silver pendant quite like this one again, the one-off piece has an unusual design featuring a stylish curly silver motif. The natural sunstone crystal clasped inside the motif looks brilliant against the silver setting and is said to combat negative feelings, replacing them with optimism and confidence.

Other Sunstone Jewellery

12mm Sunstone Oval Pendant
40mm Sunstone and Silver Pendant

Ajoite Crystal

A beautiful crystal to use in the home is ajoite crystal, this is a very open and nurturing crystal, believed to have a deep connection to the Earth. Ajoite Crystal was first discovered in Ajo, Arizona and consists of copper silicate, often found as an inclusion in quartz. Many crystal healers associate ajoite crystal with female energy and soothing. Using ajoite crystal is said to help transmute negative energy into positive, whilst transforming your fortune in a gentle manner. Although ajoite crystal has a feminine identification with Mother Earth and female empowerment, it is very beneficial for men too. Some use ajoite crystal to harmonise hormonal imbalances and to alleviate depression and PMS.

3.5cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

Ajoite in Quartz Crystal

You can discover the unique healing powers that ajoite is said to have wonderfully with this lovely 3.5cm ajoite crystal in quartz. These healing crystals are very rare and feature a substantial ajoite inclusion in clear quartz, ideal for healing and meditation work. Ajoite is a very scarce crystal and believed to balance emotions, open the chakras (energy points) and enhance meditation. As this 3.5cm ajoite crystal is a one-off piece, nobody else will have one quite like it.

4cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

4cm Ajoite in Quartz

This beautifully presented 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz is great for healing and meditation work, the flat quartz displays turquoise ajoite inclusions beautifully. The 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz makes an excellent gift item for any friend or family member and a great addition to the home.

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

There are multiple ajoite inclusions in this unusual ajoite in quartz healing crystal, making it great to meditate with and for healing work. This 2.5cm ajoite in quartz crystal is also a one-off piece, making it an extra special gift or treat.


If you are looking for a crystal, which is believed to have a powerful filtering action then amazonite is the one to go for. Amazonite is said to block geopathic stress on a physical level, whilst absorbing microwaves and cell phone emanations. If you place a piece of amazonite between you and the source of pollution, or even tape it to your cell phone, this should protect you. Mentally it is said that amazonite filters the information, which passes through the brain and then combines it with intuition.

As all of the turquoise coloured crystals are, amazonite is a very soothing and tranquil crystal to have around, calming the brain and nervous system.

Amazonite Healing

People use amazonite to heal and open the heart and throat chakras, this enhances loving communication. Crystal healers use amazonite for healing osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and for balancing the metabolism.

Amazonite Jewellery

There are many gorgeous amazonite pendants that you can buy, each displaying the beautiful and rich green and blue tones. Wearing an amazonite pendant could lift sadness, aid self-confidence and protect you from electromagnetic stress. Many of the amazonite pendants are one-off pieces, making them perfect for buying as a gift for someone special.

32mm Thick Oval Amazonite and Silver Pendant
35mm Rounded Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

30mm Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

Amazonite Products

20-25mm Amazonite Tumble Stone
Amazonite Crystal Heart